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Ch. 11 Powerless

"NANI!?" Sailor Universe screamed. Not only had she missed yet another fight, but yet another one of her friends is a Sailor Senshi too. Sailor Mercury jumped when she heard her friends voice.

"We missed another one." Sailor Earth said looking at her younger friend.

"That's twice now." Moonlight Knight said. He looked at the brown haired girl and saw shock on her face.

"We need to leave now." Sailor Mercury said taking the initiative. They all nodded and got out of the building.

"That's twice in a row it's happened to me mama! Not spread out, but in a row! What if I miss another battle? And if I do, then what if something bad happens to someone? I don't think I can take it." Temari said confiding in the woman that bore her. She was so afraid, she hatted that feeling. The feeling of powerlessness. She had never wanted to feel that ever again after what Yoshi did to her.

"Musume, it's alright. You're friends were strong enough to handle the threat that they faced. If they had trouble then you could've seeped in and saved them. You have too much of your papa in you. You're such a worrywart." Konan smiled.

"I have every right to be." Temari began. "That last youma my friends fought here in this universe was here in West City. They tried to kill you mama. I almost didn't make it in time." she said shacking in fear.

"I think its because you're trying to be perfect, and the universe is telling you to stop trying." her mother said.

"That has nothing to do with this conversation mama!" Temari exclaimed doing everything she could not to shout at her.

"Kaiya, you have too high of exceptions for yourself. You need to lower the bar for the time being to something you can reach. You'll catch up as time goes on." Konan knew she had won the argument when her daughter's face was downcast.

"Hai, mama."

A few days later, Sailor Universe, Moonlight Knight, and Sailor Earth was stuck battling a very tricky youma. He kept absorbing all their attacks, and bouncing them back. They were worn out. What's worse they were planning to find the missing girls that went on the Phantom bus over the last few days in the Sister Universe. If this kept up they would miss another battle, and Sailor Universe was not going to let that happen. She was not going to let her friends go into dangerous situations without her again.

"How can we beat this thing? We've tried everything." Sailor Earth said on her knees.

"I think I know something we can do." Moonlight said. He then powered up to his max and fired a ki blast at the youma.

"Ha! You fool! I'll just absorb it like the rest!" the youma declared.

"That's what I'm counting on!"

Soon the youma realized what was going on. He was going to give him so much energy that he was going to explode. "NO! STOP!" it was too late. He blew up and was nothing more then dust.

"We have to go now. It's time for the bus to be at the temple." Sailor Earth said to her comrades. They were in such a rush, they did not notice the figure that watched them from a distance.

"Why do I feel like I know them?" the figure asked quietly.


They finally made it via vortex to see Usagi, enter the portal from the back of the outside of the bus.

"USAGI-CHAN!" Sailor Universe screamed. She strained to scene her location, but nothing was coming up. She couldn't find her anywhere. She fell to her knees in despair. "Nazi... Why do I have to be so powerless? I can't even sense her! Where is she!?"

"Universe-chan, calm down!" Moonlight ordered. He was scared for Usagi too, but being worried about her would do nothing to help.

"You have too much stress in your body and mind Universe-san." said the voice of Mamoru. He was in his Tuxedo, and he too looked worried. He got down on one knee in front of her, "Clear your mind and don't worry. Stop trying and just let the universe guide you to her."

"I think its because you're trying to be perfect, and the universe is telling you to stop trying. Kaiya, you have too high of exceptions for yourself. You need to lower the bar for the time being to something you can reach. You'll catch up as time goes on." her mother's voice rang in her head.

"I'm sorry everyone. I really messed up. I'm not perfect. No one is. But I still have to find them." she cleared her mind as she was told, and found them. She couldn't believe it. "I found them! Let's go!" she then took them to an odd place, it looked like ruins in some sort of pocket dimension. And there they saw a guy with short blond hair and blue eyes, he was some kind of uniform. And he looked familiar for some reason. "OIE! We'll just skip the intro, and kick your sorry butt in the name of the Universe, it's Sister, Earth, Mercury, and the Moon!" she shouted taking account of those that were there.

"Take another step and she dies." The man said holding Rei in a position that could kill her in one swift motion.

"Another step and who dies?" Sailor Universe asked holding Rei in her arms thanks to the power of the vortex she used to save her.

"Temari-chan?" Rei mumbled coming to.

"Hai, stay back, I don't want you getting... You have got to be kidding me!" Sailor Universe shouted seeing the Mars symbol on her forehead. Which only meant one thing... "You're Sailor Mars!"

"Sailor Mars?" the Miko echoed. It was at that moment. Phobos and Deimos arrived and while Jadeite was swiping at the birds, Luna gave her a pen.

"I did not see this coming." Moonlight Knight said seeing this happening.

"Mars Power Makeup!" she shouted. Her change was fast and they all went after the blond man.

"We need him alive. He has information." Sailor Universe said. While she wanted to kill the guy. The Universe was telling her otherwise.

"Alright, but he is not going to stay here in my universe." Sailor Moon said using the Moon Frisbee to hold him, Tuxedo Kaman brought him to his knees, and Sailor Earth knocked him out.

"Let's get these girls out of here." Sailor Mercury said picking up one of the girls.

"I have a better idea." Sailor Universe said feeling the place beginning to come down.

"DIE SAILOR UNIVERSE!" They heard a woman shout, as a ki blast went straight toward her. She deflected it easily. The voice of the attacker was female, and Sailor Universe knew who it was.

"Narissa! Next time we meet, I'll make you pay for your crimes!" With nothing more to say, she took her friends, the girls, and Jadeite, and got them all out of that place.

"Queen Berral-samma will not like this." Narissa hissed leaving the area as it fell apart around her.

"Let's get him somewhere he can't escape to, shall we?" Moonlight asked reminding Sailor Universe of their task. They were all in front of the bus stop at the temple.

"Girls, go home." Sailor Universe said to them as they came to, and left in a vortex that her friends followed her into closing behind them.


"So this is one of them?" Zorn asked looking at the boy.

"Hai papa, and I could about swear I've seen him before. I just can't remember where." Temari said.

"I've never seen him before, and even I feel like I should know him as well." Vegeta said walking in to the room.

"Memories of another life." Konan said.

"Reincarnation?" asked Ami.

"It makes since doesn't it? I mean, there was that small spark of familiarity when we all met, and yet we could not put our fingers on it. And it's getting stronger as whatever is holding our memories of that life back gets weaker." Gohan said to everyone.

'Of course. It all makes since now. Every time I saw one of them. Every time I was near them, or even thinking about them. I had this nagging feeling in the back of my head that I knew them somehow. Perhaps that's why Kaiya looked familiar when I first saw her as well. And her friends. I felt like I knew them. I still do. And... Kakarot... I just knew I had seen him before we had seen each other on the battlefield that day. I just somehow knew. Even his brat, and some of their friends. Was it my past life trying to show itself to me? I need answers.' Vegeta was thinking it over long and hard. Now it all made since. And while some of Kakarots friends didn't give him the same feeling as others. The ones that did however helped confirm his latest theory. He himself was reborn, but who was he last time? And did Kakarot know that answer? He was determined to find out.

Konan put a spell on Sailor Moon's tiara to hold him right there. It was the only thing powerful enough to hold him, and Usagi was not too happy about that. She'd have to fight without her weapon/accessory.

Bulma gave Mamoru a wrist watch to hold his tuxedo and Vegeta left to do his own thing. What ever that was they didn't know. He did that a lot lately. It started shortly after Zorn and Konan came to live with them. And Temari was going to train all of the Sailor Senshi of Tokyo, and Satin City, even if it killed her. She was not going to let them fight by themselves. Not without the proper training that would keep them alive, and beat their enemy with ease.

"I have some questions for you and I want answers." Vegeta said. Goku looked up at Vegeta in surprise. What would he want to know that he knew. Then it hit him.

"I'll do my best to tell you what I remember. I can even teach you what I learned on awakening memories from past lives. Learned them from the Old Kai." Goku replied looking back at his campfire. He had visited him a few times to see his progress. That was it mostly. He didn't expect this from his sovereign. At least not yet.

"Good, how do we begin?"

"Alexandrite!" came the voice of a young woman around his age. She sounded familiar to him. Her face was fuzzy but he could make out some of her features. She looked familiar to him, but he couldn't make her out.

"Victoria!" he heard himself say. It was almost as if he was watching a movie. He couldn't describe it in any other way.

It was then that they heard another voice in the distance. This one was male. "I need your help to defend the Moon Kingdom!"

He shot up from his bead in a cold sweat. He got up from his bead and walked over to the bathroom and splashed cold water in his face.

"It was just a dream man. Pull yourself together." he said to his reflection. "But still... The Moon Kingdom?"

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