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Ch. 12 The D-Land Treasure

Usagi, Temari, and Naru had just finished hanging out for the first time in forever. The two were now at Capsule Corp for a Senshi meeting. Right before a training session, and Mamoru were there as well hanging in the back.

"I still don't get why you train us like crazy, and yet you don't drag Sailor V along." Usagi complained. Vegeta had just gotten into helping the girls. They didn't know why, and he raised the bar higher than Temari did. She saw them as humans that needed to build up their tolerance to gravity training. Vegeta was making it more difficult for them. They had yet to agree on where to put it for them.

"She can handle herself in a fight against Youma. Always has. Plus she saved my life once. I'm not worried about her. I'm worried about you though." Temari said.

"Why should you be? Ever since Vegeta-sensei starting getting involved I've actually started using my ki. I can use ki blasts now ya' know. And you know what they say, 'Every cloud has a silver lining'." Usagi pointed out. While she whined about the training, it did have it's benefits. And out of all of the humans. She was doing the best.

"That's still more than I can do." Videl pouted.

"But you still can't fly though. And that's got itoko stumped ((cousin)). Now can we please get to the reason why we're here for this meeting?" Temari asked.

"Arigato. Now I believe we have found our true princess since Temari-chan said that she is unsure about Sailor V. And we are not to assume that she is until we have proof." Luna said.

"Who do you think it is?" Usagi asked.

"The Princess of D-Land. And I believe that the treasure she will be showing is the Legendary Silver Crystal."

"Are you sure about that?" Temari asked. "Well, if your making this assumption, then we'll have to protect her. The enemy have most likely come to that conclusion."

"We need the other two Sailor Senshi in order to know for sure Luna-nee-chan." Cosmos said.

"How's that?" Ami asked.

"We need two more senshi in our team in order to find the Princess and the Crystal. I'm thinking that because Sailor V is a Senshi she's the leader. But we need to awaken enough before she comes back." Cosmos said.

"Are you mad? It's Usagi. She's the leader." Luna argued.

"Oie! Knock it off! Let's get to the point." Temari ordered.

"Maybe it's Temari-chan."


"It doesn't matter if the Princess of D-Land is our Princess or not. We've got to protect her." Videl voiced.

"I heard that they're going to have a party the Embassy near your shrine Rei-chan." Usagi said from her place at the table.

"That's true." Rei said with a smile on her face.

At that moment Vegeta walked into the meeting to let them know to wrap it up so they can start. "What's your plan? And why were you shouting at Luna?"

"To answer your second question, Luna-chan, and Cosmos-chan were about to argue about who's the leader of this team. And to the first I say we get ourselves in and make sure that if the enemy is to strike, we can strike back harder. Plus I think we can use our pens Usagi-chan. I was wondering if I'd have a chance to use it."

"Good, it's time for your training. And since that's tonight, I won't push you as hard. I don't want you whipped out when you have to fight the enemy." Vegeta said, and they could not be happier. And they found a balance during training which made everyone happier.

Meanwhile far away, Goku was getting to the final Dragon Ball. It wasn't easy since it was inside a dinosaur.

"Aw man. I'm gonna either wait for it to poop it out, or I kill it now, and have to dig it out. Either one's gonna be messy. Wait a minuet. I got it! I guess this is plan 'C' then." He began to chant something as the dinosaur's eyes widened.

"Kaiya you look like a princess." Her mother praised. Temari was wearing a beautiful black dress with a silver trim,white gloves, and a silver tiara in her hair which her mother smoothed out with a spell for show. "I know it's Senshi business, but I want you to have a good time. Make sure you have fun with Mamoru-kun. You're tousan approves of him by the way. All you have to do is ask."

"Mama!" Temari blushed. "I don't even know how he feels about me."

"I wouldn't be surprised if he felt the same way about you." She whispered in her daughter's ear.

"You ready yet Temari-chan?" Usagi asked opening the door. She was wearing a pink dress, gloves, and a golden tiara that made her look like a princess as well. "You look amazing! Mamoru-san! You've got to see this! She looks amazing!" Usagi called out to get his attention.

"Usagi-chan!" Temari blushed.

When he arrived he saw Temari and he blushed a little. She was very beautiful. Mamoru felt a hand on his shoulder. When he turned around he saw it was Zorn's.

"Now young man, I want my musume home no later than an hour after the threat is neutralized. Or eleven tonight. Your pick." He said with a smile on his face.

"It's a Friday night Zorn." Konan pointed out.

"I know, but the meeting is tomorrow with nii-san and the others. It's a big meet and greet. Otherwise I'd let them stay out on their date longer." He said casually.

"Papa!" Temari screamed in embarrassment with Mamoru being just as embarrassed. "Zorn-samma!"

"You guys ready?" Gohan asked walking into Temari's room. He saw Usagi and he felt that she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Gohan had a small blush on his cheeks.

"I would pick on you guys, but I already know how much it sucks. So we're going now." Temari said casually. That was when Videl walked into the room wearing a brown dress and her short pigtails were in golden bows.

"But that doesn't mean I won't." She said making them all blush.

"Kakarot, what the heck did you do to that dinosaur?" Vegeta asked. Piccolo was too shocked to say anything.

"It was either wait for it to poop, kill it and fish it out of most likely it's poop, or use the diarrhea spell, forcing it to poop it out, and not have to dig for it. I'll clean it off before I summon the dragon." Goku reasoned.

"That is disgusting Son." Piccolo said. He felt like he was gonna puke.

Goku found it and picked it up barehanded. "I'm gonna clean this now." Goku said walking to the stream that was a mile away. He stopped and turned around and said. "You know Vegeta, I only knew this spell from my past life in the first place because of you." The look on Vegeta's face was priceless.


They got through security fairly easy thought Luna and Cosmos were stuck with the guard at the front, and they got to work. Rei was in a crimson red dress, and Ami was wearing a deep ocean blue dress. Gohan and Mamoru were wearing their normal outfits for the Senshi battle ahead. All Gohan had to do was go Super Saiyan and he'd be in full costume.

The enemy was there but they still had to make their move. They split up into two groups. Usagi, Temari, Gohan, and Mamoru were in the ball room, while Rei, Ami, and Videl were searching to rest of the building. It was Bulma's idea to which all the adults agreed upon. They were playing their roles when Usagi bumped into someone and the woman accidentally spilled her drink on Usagi's dress.

"Oh no I'm soaked! I have to get this dried." she panicked. After drying it off she went outside and saw a couple walking out after a dance. 'I'm wearing a beautiful dress too. Even if I'm a princess it's boring to be left alone.'

That was when Gohan walked up to her and asked her to dance while keeping vigilant for the enemy. There was a lot of stuttering in his question, but Usagi liked that idea. It was multitasking, because she got to dance, and watch out for the enemy at the same time. No way would Luna complain about that.

'His touch is so warm.' She thought to herself as they danced on the floor.

"I see you two have gotten the same idea. But I don't think the enemy is in this room." Temari said dancing next to them with Mamoru as her partner.

"Do you know where they are?" She asked.

"Not sure, the enemy's using magic to hide from my ki senses." Temari replied with Gohan nodding in agreement.

"Then let the Universe guide you. It'll show you where the enemy is." Mamoru told her.

"It's not as easy as that. Their using magic to hide from me in that was as well."

"You can do it Temari-chan." Usagi said.

She focused on the universe letting it lead her to their target. "I found him. He's already made his move."

"Outside quickly, but we must not arouse suspicion." Gohan said. They met Luna and Cosmos outside at the balcony.

"Luna-chan, Cosmos-chan, how did you two get here?" Usagi asked.

"No time a darkness is possessing the Princess and is on it's way here." No sooner had Temari said that the possessed princess was about to jump off the balcony that they were at.

"Don't jump! Fight it Princess!" Usagi pleaded. But she shoved her off the balcony. Gohan was about to grab her when she stopped in midair. She was flying. "I did it! I know Vegeta-sensci was kidding when he said it, but pushing me off a building did the trick." She said offhandedly.

"Good work Usagi-chan, let's go."

"Right. MOON PRISIUM POWER! MAKE UP!" Usagi shouted transforming into Sailor Moon. Gohan was ahead of her and transformed into a Super Saiyan completing the Moonlight Knight outfit.

"UNIVERSE PRISM POWER! MAKE UP!" Temari shouted transforming into Sailor Universe.

"Oh no! My tiara! It's holding Jadeite right now. What am I going to do?" Sailor Moon panicked. Moonlight Knight went over to her and grabbed her hand.

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there." He said soothingly.

'His warmth, it's giving me strength.' She felt something on her forehead. It was a new tiara. "Looks like we just crossed it."

Sailor Mars, Earth, and Mercury reached the possessed Princess, and attempted to exercise the shadow. But it did not work.

"Not good. I can't use the Rose Storm, because that would hurt the girl." Sailor Earth said. "Sailor Moon, Sailor Universe we can't exercise it!" She called out when she saw them.

"The darkness from this thing is powerful." Sailor Universe said feeling somewhat woozy from the imbalance in the area.

"I thought that would be your weakness. You're so used to the good energies that the evil energies are making you feel sick." It said. Making Sailor Universe feeling worse. Tuxedo Kaman held her to keep her from falling to the ground.

"However, a light that is strong enough will defeat a powerful dark." Sailor Universe said in retort.

"Usagi-chan, use your new tiara to reflect the moonlight onto her." Luna called out.

"Right" She started to charge the new attack with not only moonlight, but with her ki as well. "MOON TWILIGHT FLASH!" She screamed blinding everyone in the battlefield.

"Eh?" Sailor Universe felt a slight pain at first, but after it passed, she felt a little stronger, thought still weak from the shadow. She felt something behind her, and it made it's way to her face. It was long black and fluffy.

"Universe-chan, is that what I think it is?" Cosmos asked.

The light from the moon hitting a Saiyan's eyes usually doesn't do anything to them if the moon is not full, or if said Saiyan doesn't have a tail. However, the blast of moonlight was so bright that it caused Sailor Universe and Moonlight Knight to grow their tails back.

"Our tails grew back." Moonlight Knight said.

"Well, what do you know? Everyone was right. My tail is black. Ain't I the weirdest Saiya-jin you've ever seen?"

"Eh? What happened? Where am I? Where are my glasses?" Princess D asked. She was a beautiful girl without her glasses.

After changing back they got the see the D-Land treasure. It was a diamond statue of the princess of D-Land. It made them laugh at the silliness of it all.

"Temari-chan, I think it's about time we got going." Mamoru said with Temari nodding in reply.

"You're right, we should get going." She said. She stood from the bench outside from the balcony. However her feet failed her, and she began to fall. Only to be caught in Mamoru's strong arms, she blushed furiously at this.

"Thank you for catching me. I guess I'm still a little weak from the shadow of that General."

"I will always be there if you need me to catch you." It made her blush deepen even more. And they shared their first kiss.

'Mama was right, he does share the same feelings for me. I can feel it.'

A small ways away Usagi and Gohan were watching the display of affection from behind a pillar at the same balcony.

"We called it." Usagi said with a smile on her face.

"Un, we did. Usagi-chan?"

"Hai, Gohan-kun?"

"How do you feel about me?" He asked as a deep blush formed on his face. He had wrapped his tail around his waist, but it was twitching with anticipation.

"I feel like we knew each other long ago. But now, I don't know what we were then. But I think I know what we can be in this life. If you love me too." She blushed. Gohan felt his heart leap for joy as he wrapped his arms around her in a loving embrace.

"Kiss her already Gohan-kun." Temari's voice came from behind him, Mamoru at her side. It made them both blush.

"Let's give them some private time so they can do that." Mamoru said with a smile.

"Right. I'll see you guys at ten-forty-five." Temari said walking off with Mamoru keeping her steady.

Meanwhile in the Sister Universe Goku was finally satisfied with how clean it smelled, because it no longer smelled like dino poo. Goku had collected all seven Dragon Balls and was now ready to summon the dragon.

"By your name I summon you fourth. Arise Shenron!" Goku called. It still amazed him that summoning the dragon looked so awesome.

"I am the Eternal Dragon. Speak now your wishes and I shall grant them to you." He said. His voice booming across the planes. Goku took a breath.

"Shenron, the time for the Sister Universes to reunite is nigh. I wish for the restoration of the moon in the faze it belongs in order to promote harmony and balance with it's sister." Goku wished.

"Your wish has been granted." He said as his eye glowed red and caused the moon to come back as it should be. "Speak now your second wish."

"I wish that for any Saiya-jin that does not have their tail at this moment, to grow back." Goku said Shenron's eyes glowed again and Goku felt that familiar pain that promised the return of his tail come and go with it's return.

"Your final wish has been granted. Good luck, and farewell." Shenron said as the Dragon Balls flew into the sky and flew into seven different directions.

"I think Vegeta will like what I did here. Well, it's time for me to go home. I wonder how Chi-Chi will react to me being alive? Hope she doesn't hit me with her frying pan."

It was ten-forty-five and the Sailor Senshi, and the boys were at the front lobby of Capsule Corp.

"Hey, everyone, how was it? Not you too." Bulma said. None of them knew what she was talking about until Vegeta walked in. He was wearing his normal clothing, but they knew something was different.

"Eh? Vegeta-sensci, you have a tail now too?" Usagi asked causing everyone to see a tail wrapped around his waist.

"When did that happen?" Temari asked.

"About five minuets ago. How long have you gotten yours back?" he asked.

"About a half an hour ago. Usagi-chan's new tiara can reflect the moonlight, she added ki to it and it grew back out tails. And on a darker note, I found out I have a weakness, and it's not just the tail. It's one I must fix before it is used against me again."

"What happened?" Vegeta asked, concern in his voice.

"I think it should wait until the meeting tomorrow. For now, I want to get Gohan-kun home." She said.

"See you tomorrow." Gohan said mostly to Usagi.

"Ja ne." She said waving goodbye. They walked through the vortex with smiles on their faces.

When they arrived at the Son home they expected peace and quiet. However, they heard yelling and crying. Fearing the worst, they burst through the door and saw Goku holding Chi-Chi in his arms.

"Goku-sensei?" She asked. Goku nodded in confirmation.

"Papa, but how?" Gohan asked.

"Of course. Porunga. You had Porunga bring you back to life." Temari said with tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

"Hai, and I also had your parents brought back as well." Goku said, causing Temari to tackle him in a hug getting so many thank yous in ten seconds that many believe it to be impossible.

"What's going on?" Goten asked. He was a very deep sleeper so it wasn't easy to wake him up. And when he saw his father was in the house and without his halo. Goten was so happy that he jumped up and hugged him tightly, his tail swaying in happiness.

"I have to get home and tell the others." Temari said, but Goku stopped her before she could.

"Hang on a minuet, I need to tell you something very important. You can't tell the others until I make myself known tomorrow okay? Please Temari."

"Alright, only for you sensei." She said rolling her eyes. "Itoko knows about this doesn't he?"

"How did you know?"

"Easy, he was smiling that morning. It explains a lot though. I also felt that the universe was safer as well. I'll see you tomorrow." Temari said leaving in a vortex.

A few minuets later Goku was in his room he shared with Chi-Chi. It had been so long, and he missed the place. He had already taken off his normal attire, and put on a white tank top and black shorts. His tail swaying happily behind him. That was until Chi-Chi grabbed his tail and began to stroke it. He felt wave after wave of intense pleasure hit him as if he was under a spell. One that he could not and did not want to fight.

"I missed you Goku." She whispered into his ear.

"I missed you too." He purred as he turned around and kissed her. That night would be one that neither would soon forget.

"You took the Kaka-brat home Kaiya?" Vegeta asked.

"Un, and I know why you kept vanishing all the time. You've been withholding information from me. You've been praying to the universe that I didn't find out about this, didn't you?"

"Find out what?" He asked. He knew but he wanted to see if she would drop it or not.

"That Goku-sensci is alive."

"How long ago did you find out?"

"A few minuets ago really. I'm impressed." she said walking away.

"Kaiya, I know you kissed him. And you're lucky that your tou-san's alive. I do not approve of him. He's not strong enough if you ask me."

"What about your tou-san, itoko? He's alive too you know, and he had seniority over you." Vegeta grunted in annoyance at that. He didn't know how his own father would react to Mamoru. He's never even met him.

"They told me you got ill in battle." He said changing the subject.

"The imbalance of Nephrite's shadow caused me to be temporally unable to battle. It's a weakness I plan to overcome. I'm fine now. And I'm heading to bed."

"Before you go. I decided to see if Jadeite had said something while you were gone. And he has not said a thing that's helpful. He only said one thing though. Something about someone known as Herodias killing you once before, and plans to do it again."

"Herodias?" 'That name. I know I've heard it before. But from where?'

Up on the Lookout, Jadeite was still restrained by the tiara that Sailor Moon once wore upon her brow. Using dark magic he was seeing someone he hadn't seen in a thousand years. He was resting for the day ahead of him. Completely oblivious to the fact that he was being watched. 'So Alexandrite, you're here on this side of things. I should've known. Once I free myself from this place I will awaken your memories, just as my own were. And the five Generals will destroy the Sailor Senshi.'

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