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Charlie woke up confused at where he was then he remembered Don getting mad at him so he took a flight to Washington D.C. Well he took an red eye so he wouldn't have to talk to Don in the morning, it was eight here so it was five in L.A. Charlie decided to get ready then call Agent McGee and let him know that he was already in Washington D.C. so the agent wouldn't try to pick him up at the airport around lunch. Deciding not to think about what his brother would do when Charlie wasn't at the house, after all their father was there so he would be the one to tell Don.

Tim McGee was early to work, normally he was on time but today at lunch he was going to pick up a Dr. Eppes. Tim thought he heard of that name from somewhere and was going to find out where, that was if there wasn't a case.

"What are you doing McGee?" Ziva asked making Tim jump.

"Well um," Tim wasn't sure what he should say when Gibbs was walking in.

"It better not be a game McGee."

"No boss, I just know I have heard the name Eppes somewhere and I was trying to find out where." Tim said glad that he found his voice.

"Well," Abby came out from behind Gibbs, "There is the fact that Dr. Eppes is well known for his mathematics and that he applies to everything. And he has a lot of books out, I can't wait to meet him since well he is so cool." Abby added taking a slip of her cow pow.

"And he is already in Washington..." McGee said without realizing that he said that part out loud.

"You want to say that again McGee."

McGee gulped and looked up, "well I was trying to find out where I knew the name Eppes and when I went to pull up his history like where he went to school but I got his credit card instead and well he caught the red eye from L.A. to here last night."

"Pick him up then,"

Charlie had just finshed getting dressed when he heard someone knocking on the door, "In a minute." He opened the door without thinking to see a gun in his face.

It was a good thing that Ziva drove because as they got there they watched as a man knocked on the door of the hotel room that Dr. Eppes was in. Ziva acted right away when she saw the gun, shooting the man away from Eppes who stood there shocked for a minute before realizing the man that was there to kill him was dead at his feet.

"Are you Dr. Eppes?" Ziva asked as they walked up, she had not yet seen Eppes since he was still in the doorway.

Tim almost laughed at that, trust Ziva to shoot then asked questions.

"Uh, yes." Eppes was still shaking it seemed looking at the man.

"Well get everything and we will take you to NCIS Dr. Eppes." Ziva said while taking out her phone and passing it to Tim while she looked around to see if this guy was alone.

In the time it took Tony to get to work even though he was a little late, Gibbs had found out about the man trying to kill Eppes. "Not a good day to be late DiNozzo." Was the only thing Gibbs said.

"Sorry Boss had a flat," at Gibbs look Tony added "Nails were in the road boss but never mind about that what happened?"

By the time that Charlie Eppes finally got to the NCIS headquaters Ducky was there waiting for him to make sure the man was alright while Tony was trying to find out who would want to kill Eppes.

It was a short exam as Charlie as he wanted to be called had been talking to Tim about Tim's book.

"We really need to find out who would want to kill you Eppes." Gibbs said. "Tony?"

"Well boss this is hard since uh most of his backround is well its locked. I can only get the things that Eppes helped the FBI and LAPD along with other local police but there are some huge gaps."

"Ok," Gibbs said stopping Tony from saying anything else. "Now we need to know why you came here earlier then you were surposed to Eppes."

"Well I," Charlie was a bit red "I got in a fight with my brother and I didn't want to talk with him so I came here a little early so he would have time to cool down and I could finsh this faster and um on to the next thing I have to do."

"Which is?" Gibbs said

"I can't tell you that, sorry but well,"

"He can't," Charlie looked around the room to see Director Shepard walking up. "I can't even look up that information," Shepard let that sink in before adding "While he is here, we will have to find out if that person was going to kill Eppes or even if he was the target. So Gibbs you need to take David and Dinozzo to the crime scene." Shepard went on before Gibbs could say anything, "McGee take Eppes down to Sciuto so you guys can start working together."

"Lets roll." was the only thing Gibbs said, everyone getting to work.

"So Chunk," Don knew that his brother hated that name, "Why are you working for NCIS and the LAPD? And when were you going to say anything?" Before Charlie could say anything Don was yelling at him, getting their father to push Don out of the house saying Don would not be let in until he cooled down.

About Eight o'clock L.A. time

Which brings us to Don walking up to the house the following morning thinking about what he would say to Charlie, even though Don had the car ride over to think he couldn't see where he was in the wrong in wanting to know why Charlie kept him in the dark about every job that Charlie had. Don knew that he was wrong to yell at Charlie and couldn't hold it against his father for kicking him out. Sighing Don got out of the car for what he thought was going to be a long day and went up to the door to knock. It didn't shock Don when his father answered what shocked Don was when his father just openly said fuck.

"Hello to you to dad," Don said as Alan moved to let him in. "So where is Charlie?"

"Well about that..."

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