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The sudden ringing of the phone cut though the air, it broke though the silence of the office since Eppes had gone down to the lab, of course Abby was down there but McGee was also down there. Ziva and Tony were going though what they could of Eppes back round which seem to make Eppes seem like a saint or the perfect person to be a double agent.


"Jethro I am entering the building and well I have to talk to you."

"All right."

The whole group was sitting at the airport, there was Don, Colby, David and Megan from the FBI. Then there was Amita and Larry, even Alan was sitting there with Marshall Penfield however these last two were the only two staying behind.

"You will let us know what is going on right?" Alan asked his son for what seemed to be the hundredth time.

"Yes," Don knew that he father was worried while Marshell wanted to know how many classes would need to be covered. Don was thankful for his father but still couldn't help but be grateful when they could board the plane. Yes the whole time was going to make sure that Charlie was alright and to keep him safe.

"Hey can this stuff wait for a little bit?" Abby asked, of course they were playing with her babies but Abby asked since it looked like they would be stopping for a while.

"We are on a roll," Charlie said from in front of the board that had been brought down for him to use.

McGee was about to agree that they could get a little more done when he saw her give that pouting look that made Gibbs give up. "What time is it?"

"Noon, I mean we should get lunch since if we don't eat we won't be thinking clearly and think about what would happen if we couldn't think clearly." Abby did her famous taking a deep breathe to go on a rant but before she could McGee was agreeing that they could come back after lunch.

Fornell was standing in the elevanter with someone that Gibbs had never seen before but there was no mistaking that this man was a sniper. "I really don't want to be in here all day." The man looked at Fornell confused but didn't say anything when Gibbs walked in and Fornell hit a button then the kill switch.

"Good news for me," Fornell started

"Which means bad for me." Gibbs finshed.

"This is Agent Ian Edgerton he will be helping you with this Eppes problem."

"So the higher ups told you about this and you don't want anything to do with it?"

Edgerton gave a little laugh at this before Fornell went on, "No I got a call from the kids brother." Gibbs smiled at this, "he is on his way here with his team." Seeing the look on Gibbs face, Fornell added "they want to help not take anything over."

"So where are they coming from since this kid is from L.A."

"L.A." Edgerton said, "Don't worry about them stepping out of line, they are on vacation. In fact I am too," was the last thing he added before Fornell started talking again.

"It seems the higher ups said no so the team said they wanted their vacation so their not really here." Fornell said "So you get to deal with them since they won't go away, trust me on that. Donald Eppes is the team leader and he reminds me of you."

"So what are you guys doing up here?" Tony asked trying to get his mind off the fact that Gibbs got a call from someone and hasn't been back for a while.

"Well I am going to get lunch but Abby wanted to see what you guys wanted so we could get it in one go." McGee said.

"Eppes better be staying here when you go for that food run McGee."

"Yes boss he is," McGee couldn't help but be a little nervous as he said "hello Edgerton how are you?"


"I better get going myself," Fornell said before anyone could ask how McGee knew him. "Don't forget you get more friends in a little bit." Leaving the rest of the group confused while Eppes groaned.

"First thing is a team is coming from L.A. they are going to be helping us out however they are on vacation to be here."

"That doesn't make any..." Tony stopped when there were two people glaring at him instead of one.

"Tony you will pick them up check what time they are coming in, Edgerton the desk behind Ziva for now."

"Willing the plane to go faster is not going to work." Megan said from besides Don.

"Much like the saying a watched pot never boils, although I would like to find out who sat there for a long time to see if it was true." Larry added from behind.

"I just want to be there," Don pointed ahead everyone knew that he was just worried about his brother.

"Don," Larry said suddenly "You should be pointing more to the right since..." Larry stopped. "You said that Edgerton was there to right? I hope Charlie doesn't steal his muffin again."

This got everyone to laugh and a few people around them to look confused.

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