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-Story begins-Story begins-

"Thank, God. I am finally home," you gave off a tired smile as you stood in front of your loud sorority home, "I can't wait to take a shower and get into bed." You started to make your way up the freshy cut lawn of the cozy, old fashioned home. After entering the noisy residence, you were greeted by a couple of your housemates sitting down on the wide staircase arguing yet again.

"Dammit, Saane! Are you fucking blind?" One girl yelled at her best friend of the house.

"No, Kitoku! But I am starting think you clearly are! If you seriously think that that pasty ass Edward looks better than my Jacob." She rolled her eyes for emphasis.

You've known Kitoku and Saane for going on three years now, since you started your freshmen year at KSU. Those two were practically stuck at the hip, but always bickering and arguing about any and everything. Most of the time they always ended up letting you decide who was wrong and who was right in these disagreements. Like you, they are also natives of the Lightning Nation. Both coming here to get a different view of the world, meet new people, while recieving a good education at one of the best universities the Fire Nation. Your family moved from Cloud City and has been living in Konoha since your Sophmore year of high school.

"There you are!" Kitoku called out as she stood up from the staircase. "I need you to set this girl straight, Y/N." (Your Name)

"Uhhh, sure...and hello to you, too. Hey, Saane," you laughed lightly, as you dropped your retro-style paper boy bag from your shoulder to let it hang in your hands.

"Hey," She greeted quickly before continuing, "So anyways, get ready to be told, Kitoku," Saane followed her friends previous actions, now standing along side her, too. "Who is hotter..."

"Edward or Jacob?" Kitoku finished the sentence as she stared you down, hand on her hip.

You started laughing at the silly question, but it quickly died out. After looking at your friend's deadpanned expressions, you figured they weren't joking. It was a serious question.

Unlike other young, raging hormonal females you weren't involved in the long-lived epic battle of whose better vampires or werewolves. And you definitely weren't on Team Edward or Team Jacob. Fuck them both, and their idiotic love triangle involving a less-than, mildy attractive girl, is what you often thought most of the time, when it came to that topic. The Chick was hardly worth fighting over...and if there was a hot chick worth fighting for, you would know since you are, infact, a proud and open lesbian. Trust and believe, Bella wasn't worth going through the trouble for.

"Uhhhh...Jacob?" You finally answered.

"Boom! In your face!" Saane started laughing out loud, in her victory.

You sported a playful frown at your other friend. "Sorry, Kit."

The girl folded her arms obviously hurt by your betrayal. "You're obviously blind, too."

You laughed at her remark and shrugged, all while smiling.

"No, Kit, you're obviously the only one here with bad taste." Saane added.

"Like Y/N would know anything about hot guys. She is clearly into eating the box."

"Hey!" You said in a mock offcence, then laughed. "Anyway, yall. I am going to bed. Talk to yall in the morning."

"See ya!" The two nearly shouted as you made your way up the stairs.

Dragging your feet tiredly down the hall you spotted the last person you wanted to see. Sakura Haruno. There she was giggling and gossiping outside her room with some of the other roommates of the house and you caught her attention.

Just look forward and ignore her.

Those words you repeated over and over in your head as your feet continue to descend. The two of you had it out for eachother since you started at KSU. You don't know what the pink heifer had against you, but she was always fucking with you and causing a senseless confrontation. You were never the one to stand down and let someone walk all over you. Oh, no, no, no...when you were feeling pushed, you'd always push back. If not, harder.

As of late, things have been getting a little carried away since the beef between you two had started. In the past it had been a painless rolling of the eyes and sassy remarks back and forth. But as of late, it had escalated to physical contact like a flicking of the forehead or shoving. The number one rule set by the head of the sorority is absolutely no fighting or doing bodily harm to another housemate. By doing so would result automatic termination of your residency there. Being kicked out of your 'home' was the last thing you needed or wanted. So you tried your hardest to ignore the pink demon.

"Ahh, look at what the cat dragged in." Sakura smirked.

"Bitch, not tonight. I'm tired." Your responce complimented by flipping the girl off as you walked past her room.

"Yeah, whatever, carpetmuncher." Her friends giggled at her remark.

Choosing to ignore the rude responce along with the constant snickers behind your back, you entered your room and closed the door.

"That thing is going to be the death of me one day, I swear."

Dropping your things in the middle of your room. You grabbed your hygiene basket, filled with everything you needed for your shower, along with a towel. "Only one more year here and I am gone from this nightmare."

Exiting your room, passing the pack of grinning hyenas once again, you finally made it to a unoccupied bathroom to freshen up before going to bed.

After taking a couple moments to brush your teeth, you turned the hot water on causing the room to steam instantly. Stripping yourself naked and immersed yourself under the water. Once assuring that your wild yet beautiful, tightly curled, lime green tresses were drenched, you reached over to grabbed your shampoo. Blindly, you start pouring it on your hair and massaging the cleansing agent throughout it. A couple mins past before washing the suds out and continuing by applying your conditioner.

Soon after getting cleaned up, you rinsed your hair out, hopped out of the shower and wiped the water out of your eyes with your towel before wrapping it around yourself.

"Damn, that felt good," Using the palm of your hand, you wiped a the steamy mirror down and paused. "What the hell?" Disbelieve shrouded in your tone. Wiping the mirror to get a clearer view of yourself, you screamed bloody murder.

Thrashing the door open you looked out into an now empty hall. You stalked your way over, only in your small towel, and barged into Sakura's room. It was empty. The quest continued into other people's room. Where is she?

"Sakura, where are you? You stupid ass bitch!" You shouted out loud throughout the house as you went downstairs and peaked into the living room that were occuppied by bodies. But none were of the person you were looking for. The kitchen.

Pushing the swingflex door and entering the kitchen, you found her standing by the counter reading the latest People magazine. "What have you done to me?" you screeched!

Sakura turned around and smiled innocently, "Oh, what do you mean by th-", she then gave a mock gasp, "What happen to your hair?"

Those bright lime green wild curls of yours were now a blotchy, dull stained blue hue. It reminded her of a fucking mermaid.

You walked up and invaded Sakura's personal space, "Don't try to act stupid, slut. You know what you did." you hissed.

Not bothering to hide her shit eating grin, Sakura shrugged, "Yeah, I may or may not have put some food coloring in your shampoo," She inched her face closer to yours, "What the hell are you going to do about it?"

You sucked your teeth and closed your eyes. Trying to will yourself to count to ten and not snatch this girl up her hair and proceed to whoop her ass.

"That's it, you stringy, pink haired bitch!"

Deciding against being a bigger person for once, you grabbed her up by her hair and used all your strength to swing that girl across the kitchen floor. She slid into the legs of the dining room table, the force causing the table shift and decorations to fall off of it.

"I am gonna make you wished you never laid eyes on me, hoe." You yelled in anger, feeling your fist connect with her eye, the back of her head bounced against the wood flooring. Fuck hair pulling and cat scratching like most pseudo-fights between girls were. You had a mission and that was to make sure Sakura got through her head to never mess with you again.

You started punching and stomping on any open area on Sakura's body, that her hands were failing to protect. Sakura screamed as the onslaught continued on her. Another punch landing clean across mouth, she knew you busted her lip. For what felt like hours to her, were only mere seconds of you beating on the shady girl.

Sensing the ruckus in the house, the kitchen flooded with the fellow roommates of the house. Some of the girls were laughing at the scene, while others yelled out amongst themselves about a way to seperate you two.

"Y/N! Stop, calm down," you felt someone wrap their arms around your waist and pull, "She's not worth it!" It was Saane.

Trying to grab ahold of your hands, Kitoku aided in pulling you away from Sakura,"She's right, you've done enough. You clearly made a point!"

Breathing hard, you let your friends pull you away from that pile of dun on the floor. Sometime when this issue is resolved, you are sure that in the back of your mind you will be thanking them. Because if they didn't jump in, you were seriously going to hurt that girl.

"Sakura, are you okay?" One of her friends crouched down and help her sit up. All she got in reply was a hysterical cry from the beaten girl, that was trying to form words while crying.

"You lucky they stopped me before I really decided to tear your ass up!" you shouted in rage towards Sakura. Not thinking clearly at all in the heat of the moment. The girl finally drove you to snap and attack her. Common sense was far thrown out the window.

"What is going on here?" Everyone stopped, the room grew quiet. Only noise that echoed the room was of Sakura's pathetic sobs. The head of the house was staring back and forth between you two. Disappointment written clear as day on her face. The expression was pointingly made towards you. "I don't even want to hear it right now. But one thing that will be done is you cleaning up this mess up now, and us meeting in the common room tomorrow morning, Y/N."

There was no room for argument. She made that very clear, all you could do was quietly nod your head. Your tan hands holding up your loosen towel.

The head left the kitchen alongside a few girls helping Sakura up to her room, by her command. Slowly, the rest of the kitchen became less and less crowded. Bodies were leaving til it ended up only being you and your two friends.

Kitoku and Saane watched, silently, as you grabbed a broom and begin to sweep up broking pieces of glass with caution. In fear that your bare feet won't step on a piece.

Without saying a word, they started moving the table back in place together, helping you out in the clean up. They knew it wasn't the time to try and question you about what happen.

The sight of your tense naked back and slight tremor of your arms said it all. Not now, guys. What they didn't see was the light tears falling from your eyes.

Tears of anger...maybe? Regret...? It was uncertain at the moment. All you knew was that tomorrow would bring a certain change in your life. That you were sure of.


"So let me get this straight? You lose your housing over a fight that was clearly Sakura's fault?" A self-proclaimed blonde bombshell questioned in disbelief.

"Yes, Ino." You respondly bitterly towards one of your best friends, who handed you another brown box, filled with your possessions, to put into the back of the Nissan Murano.

"That is a bunch of horse shit. She is the one that should be getting kicked out. She started it!" She yelled.

"Ino, for the hundred time, I put my hands on her first, which is against the rules. Strictly forbidden in the house." You responded back in a annoyed tone, not because of the girl, but for having to repeat yourself over in over.

"Well, I hope you got some hits in for me. That bitch deserved everything she got to her plus more. I have been wanting to kick her ass since second year." Ino growled out, expression no sympathy towards her old friend.

Ino and Sakura met first year at K.U. and totally hit it off. Whereas upon you meeting Sakura, things went down hill quickly. But you never stopped Ino from being friends with the girl. That was selfish and childish. Traits Ino sometimes expresses towards you. Before sophmore year begun, the two friends suddenly stopped talking. Reasons Ino would never tell you, even when asked of her.

You laughed out loud at your friend's attempt to soften lighten the situation, "You already know I whooped her ass...she lucky I only had a towel on, or she really would of been in trouble."

"That's my girl!" Ino said, approvingly.

"Y/N! I expect that potty talk from Ino, but not you." Your other best friend, who was a senior at K.U., closed the door to his grey vehicle and put his hands on his hips and pouted.

"Relax, Lee. Let her live." Ino stuck her tongue out and grinned.

You gave a faux frown and pouted. "I am sorry, Lee."

The man with the thick eyebrows and glossy black hair smiled. "Fine, I forgive you, but no more trash talk around Neji and me when we get home, missy."

"Roger that, captain." You laughed out.

It's been three days since your fight with Sakura. Which ended up in you being kicked out of the sorority. Did it surprise you-no. Nor did it anyone else really. Saane and Kitoku were crushed when you broke the news of moving out. The girls grown close to you. You haven't seen Sakura since the incident...which was a good thing because you might've hauled off and hit her again for getting you kicked. In a way, Sakura won the battle...she made you finally lose your cool and got you out of the house, permanately. But you knew the war sure in hell wasn't over. Revenge was never the route you chose to take towards people, but in this case when it comes to Sakura; the gloves are off and you vow to have it.

Lee, whom you met at K.U. and grown extremely close with, allowed to let you stay with him and his boyfriend Neji, til you get back up on your feet and find a new place to stay at. Lee insisted it was okay to move in with them, but you didn't want to intrude on the happy couple's living arrangement. In the back of your mind you felt the only reason Neji agreed to let you stay with them was because of Lee. He would do anything for Lee. It wasn't that the man didn't like you-quite the opposite. He rather enjoyed your company, it was just that the Hyuga was a private person and liked his space.

Closing the trunk, Ino looked at you,"You know you don't have to waste your money on spending rent every month at some brokedown place, when you can move in with Chouji and Me," she opened the a backseat door and got in the car.

Lee and you followed her actions, "Aww, that is very sweet of you, Ino." he said as he started the ignition up and pulled off.

"No, Ino...I don't think that would be a good idea either," you said distantly, as you looked out of the passenger window, avoiding the thought. That would be a whole new can of worms opening up by doing that. You knew it and Ino did too. She can be so selfish at times. "But thanks anyways."

"Fine, I was only trying to help my best friend, geez."

You didn't respond, only gave her a knowing look in the rear view mirror. She gave you a twisted smirked and winked back towards you. You shook her head.

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