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"Good morning, Y/n."

"Morning, Neji..." Lee said sleepily rubbing your eyes as he walked towards the kitchen counter, where his boyfriend was making breakfast, and gave him a peck on the lips.

"Mmm, that's a good way to start the morning. Thank you, Lee. Breakfast will be done shortly."

You grinned quietly at the affectionate moment between the couple. Lee and Neji have the kind of relationship others would be envious about and strive for. They've been together since high school and seem to fall in love with each other more as the days go on. Lee sat down next to you and kissed your cheek and giggled like a small child would towards their parent. Lee has the affect on most people.

"Morning, Lee." You finally said, as you grabbed the streaming tea pot off the center of the table and poured Lee some tea.

"Thanks." He took a sip without adding any sweeteners to it.

It's been a little over a month since you moved in with the guys. Surprisingly, things have been moving along very well. No bumping heads or making them feel uncomfortable with them just being themselves. But still you felt like you were being a burden to them. You just didn't like the fact that you practically thrusted yourself into the couple's happy home and forced them to deal with it. Over the last week you have been out apartment hunting with Gaara. He's a very close friend of yours and Lee's other best friend.

"Breakfast is served." Neji put down plates that had spinach and mushroom frittata and some sausage on the side.

"Oh my god, this smells delicious!" You immediately picked up a fork and started eating with glee.

Lee and Neji laughed at you. You always had a healthy appetite. Seems like everything you took down went to your thighs and bottom.

"Yall have any plans tonight?" You asked before taking another bite. It was Saturday after all.

"Hmm, I think Lee and I are staying in and make it a couple's movie night. Haven't had one of those in a while since..."

Neji stopped his statement when he caught a glimpse of your eyes. You knew what he was going to say.

"Neji." Lee hissed as he hit his boyfriend in the arm. "He's just playing around. Neji didn't..."

You cut your bestie off. "No...its true. Since moving in, I have kinda been like the third wheel with yall. I am sorry. Seems you guys never have private time together...and when yall do, I seem to mess things up." Your cheeks reddened at a thought.

There was one time you came home late from mid-term studying with some fellow classmates after school and you walked into the apartment and right into the middle of Neji and Lee...coloring on the kitchen table. You would never forget the sight of Lee innocent face twisted with desire and pleasure as he was bent over the kitchen table, the very one you were eating at right now, with a lust filled Neji thrusting into the man. His neat, tamed and silky hair, that was always secured in a loose ponytail, was now a wild and free mess. You would be lying, if you weren't turned on just a bit by the sight of the two men.

"Y/n..." Lee whispered with a frown.

"But don't worry...tonight, I won't be in yall's hair. I am going out clubbing with Ino and the girls. Neji, you should know. Hinata is coming with us, too."

Neji knew about the outing alright. He had a small frown set in his face from it. "Ino..."

Lee snickered innocently. "Why don't you like Ino?" as he took a bite out of his sausage.

"Now is not the time to be playing dumb, Lee. You know why." He gave his boyfriend the side-eye.

"Because Ino is a hot mess and sooo extra." You answered as giving a heavy laugh. It may have sounded a bit mean..but it was true to say the least.

"Exactly." Neji confirmed. "I dunno if I want my cousin around her too much. She might rub off on her."

"Ino is a good person. Trust me. She has her faults...believe me, I know, but everyone does. She means well and has a good heart." You defended your best friend.

Lee nodded his head. "She's right. Plus, Ino has calm down tremendously since becoming engaged to Chouji, too. Not as wild as she used to be."

"She shouldn't be wild at all, since she is becoming somebody's wife soon." Neji sneered as he played around with what food was left on his plate.

Neji is such a old-fashioned dud. "You too hardly know each other. Maybe you two should hang out for once and get to know each other instead of talking behind each other's backs all the time. Might have something in common." You offered.

"She talks about me behind me back?" Neji's eye twtiched.

You gave a nervous laugh, "Errr...ummm-"


"Door!" Lee exclaimed a little too excitedly. He didn't want to hear Neji start spazzing out about someone as low as Ino talking negativitly about him.

Thank God. you thought.

"Gaara, what are you doing here? Come in."

In came a handsome redhead wearing all black. Black v-neck, fitted black jeans topped off with some black vans. His permanate solemn look on his face melt away a bit as Lee immediately gave the slightly smaller man and tight, big hug. The normally affection-lacking redhead wouldn't have responded. But he does give Lee a small pat on a back and smiled a bit. These rarities only happen with people that Gaara cared deeply for. Naruto and you being a couple more exceptions to this treatment.

"Hey, Lee. I came over to pick up, Y/n. Helping her apartment hunt."

"Awesome! I didn't know that. How kind of you, Gaara." Lee lead his best friend back into the kitchen. "Would you like some breakfast?"

Gaara put his hands in his pockets as he gave Neji a curt nod, out of respect for the man that held Lee's heart so deeply. The Hyuga returned it. "No, thanks. I ate already."

"Hey, Red. I didn't expect you to be here for another half hour." You grinned and tilted your head back in your seat to see Gaara standing above you.

He smiled softly at you and poked one of your dimpled cheeks. "I was, but Temari is driving me crazy. Waking up, yelling at me for no Earthly reason this morning...I think its her time of the month."

You and Lee gave mock frowns and cooed together. "Oooo, sorry."

Temari was already a natural bitch to begin with. So having to deal with her during her menstral cycle must of been pure hell.

He shook his head. "I know. Kankuro is blessed to have stayed out all night last night."

Lee chucked.

You got up from the table, washed off your dishes and put them away. "Thank you for the breakfast, Neji. I'll see you later, Kid." You said as gave Lee a kiss on the cheek and picked up your bag from the couch.

"Good-bye." Neji respsonded, not taking his eyes off his newpaper that covered his form at the table.

"Bye, take care and have fun you two." Lee chimed.

"We will!" You exclaimed as you pulled Gaara out of the apartment by the hand. He barely had enough time to wave bye to his friends.

Lee chuckled. "Those two are sure something." he said more to himself.

"Uh-huh..." Neji responded. Still reading his paper quietly.

"Gaara has really opened up since he met Y/n. I mean, Naruto and I got him to be social. But she really made him open with expressing his feelings. I guess he has a soft spot for her." He brought is cup up to his lips.

Neji revealed his face from behind the paper and looked at Lee, "Well, its quite obvious he is in love with the girl." Neji said matter-of-factly.

Lee spit his tea out and into Neji's face. Lee's eyes grew wide with shock. He grabbed a paper towel and started to wipe his boyfriend's face off. "Babe, I am so sorry."

Neji's set jaw and haughty glare broke out into a softened expression and let out a small laugh as he leaned into Lee's hands for comfort. "You idiot."

Lee blushed. "But do you really think that?"

"Believe me. I know. You've done the same for me." he said softly.

"But Y/n isn't straight."

"We weren't gay before...but some how we managed to work out. You can't really help who you love." he smiled.

"Oh my gosh, Ino. You're still not dressed?" you said as you shook your head.

"Shut up, Hoe. I'll be ready in a second. Hold your damn horses."

You laughed at her as you sat on her bed and looked at the blonde.

It was later that night and you and Ino were suppose to meet the girls at the club in a few minutes. And here the blonde was standing in front of her full body mirror half naked, red bottoms on her feet, face done but no dress on. The blonde had her hair down tonight. She was such an enticing site to take in. You forced yourself to look away from her. The blonde smirked at your reflection in the mirror.

Seems nothing has changed, eh? Ino thought.

"Where's Chouji at?" You laid back on their bed.

"Help me pick out which dress to wear?" She asked completely ignoring your question on her fiance.

You lifted your head up and looked over at her. She pulled a strapless black dress up to her body then pulled it away and replaced it with a single straped, tight purple dress.

"The purple one."

"I knew it." She tossed the black dress on the bed and stepped into her purple one and had you zip it up. "Thank you."

"Welcome, Love. Ready?"

She turned around and looked down at you. The five inch heels gave her some height over you. How she was going to dance in those. You had no idea. "You look cute tonight."

"Don't I always look cute, Ino?" You teased your friend as you stuck your tongue out playfully.

You had on a flowing cropped yellow and green Bob Marley tank top that exposed your midriff. Some black leggings that showed off your awesome curves and a pair of loosely tied black combat boots. Your wild, curly hair sported a fitted red baseball cap tilted back on your head to show more of your face. Your outfit complimented with a super thick eighties-styled gold rope chain around your neck, gold bangles, large gold hoops in your ears and a gold chain linked belt that hung around ya hips. The style between you two were so day and night. You were more of a girlish tomboy, while Ino's fashion sense was grown and sexy. But if one were to ask who was the more attractive female, it was you by a landslide, though Ino was a very beautiful girl.

"True. But I just thought I'd tell you." She smiled down at you. You felt your cheeks warm a bit.

"Thanks...can we go now? I don't want Hinata mad at us."

Ino rolled her eyes. "Fine, fine."

"Hey, ladies!" the two of you walked up to another duo standing in line outside the club.

"Finally! You guys are almost a hour late." A pretty brunette in a pair of black skinny jeans, red heels and matching strapless top said. She wore her classic twin buns on her head.

"Oh shut the hell up, Tenten. It wouldn't have made a difference if we came on time anyways. You'd still be outside of the club, just with two more people by your side, dumbass."

You laughed at your friends argue. "Sorry, we kept you waiting. Ya'll know how Ino can be when it comes to outings.

"Everything must be on point." You and TenTen said together.

"It's okay, Y/n. We're just glad you here." The other girl said along side of TenTen.

She looked beautiful as usual. Her long, silky blue-black hair was in a messy side bun and she was wearing a form fitting black strapless dress that stopped mid-thigh, similair to what Ino opted out of wearing, and a pair of black heels. It was no other than Hinata Hyuga.

The beauty that you've a had huge crush on since your sophmore year at K.U. Hinata was the very definition of the perfect woman for you. Beautiful, smart, gentle, classy, kind-hearted and a lady always. You blushed at the ebony haired woman. She had no idea how much you liked her except for Ino and TenTen. But you knew you would never had a chance with her. Why, you ask? Oh, only because everyone in the universe knows Hinata is in love with a certain kind but dimwitted blond named Naruto, except for Naruto himself. Though, you were incredibly jealous of him. You had to admit those two seemed made for each other, even if Naruto is too slow to see it yet. He was too busy chasing that pink ghoul at school to notice the perfect girl right in front of his face. But its not going to stop you from innocently flirting with Hinata as you always done. You would stop once those two get together...whatever century that may be. Til then, your free to lay it on her.

"Thanks, Hinata. Let's have some fun tonight, ladies." You said smiling.

It was couple hours later into the night and a group of older gentlemen were sitting outside of the bistro across the a bunch a loud night clubs in downtown Konoha. They decided on having a late dinner that night and just people watch a bit. Saturday night in downtown Konoha was crazy. The normally filled streets were now even more overly crowded with drunk college kids and other locals looking to have a good time.

"There are a lot of beauties out here tonight." A shoulder length brunette revealed a wolfish grin.

"Oh, please. Slow down, Grandpa. These little college girls don't want a old pervert chasing tail." A man with a ruggish scar across his face took in the aroma of his red wine.

Genma side-eyes his best friend. "Excuse me, Raidou. We are all basically the same age. So I am not the only Grandpa here." he huffed.

"Correction. Kakashi and you are in your thirties now. Raidou and I haven't made it over the hump yet." Another brunette grinned. He had big, expressive eyes.

"Thank you, Yamato." Raidou said, taking a gentle slip and grinned.

"Well, fuck you both. I still pull the young'ns. Why? Cause I am simply a handsome motherfucker," he smirked, confident in his boyish looks, "Right, Kakashi?"

"Don't bring me in this." Kakashi simply replied as he took a bite out of his pasta carbonara.

"What's wrong with you, grumpy?" Genma frowned.

"Nothing. Just not in the mood to be around some young, drunk idiots tonight. I wanna eat and go home." he focused on his dish as he spoke.

"Let me guess...rough night with a client?" Yamato said in comfort.

"New ones are always the worse. I didn't even stick around long enough to get any earnings." Kakashi grumpled.

"Ouch." Yamato said.

"It's true. They're so bossy-yet they're like children, when it comes to telling a man what she wants. Its like teaching a retard how to count by twos." Raidou explained as he swirled his wine around in his glass.

Genma laughed out loud. "You know you're wrong for that one, right?"

"Asuma really needs to set a higher standard for the type of women we see. Some of the shit we deal with is just out of line." Kakashi grumbled.

"You should have a talk with him, Kakashi." Yamato said offhandedly, as he watched a group of louds girls exiting the club across the street. They look like they were complaining about something that happen inside the place.

"Yeah...yeah. I know."

"So did you consider doing what I asked you two weeks ago?" Genma questioned.

"Oh, about Kakashi getting a roommate?" The scared man asked.

"Mhmm." Gemna answer as he leaned into the palm of his hand, that was balanced on the table top.

"If you must know...yes. I even put a couple ads in the paper. I am still not too keen on the this."

"It doesn't make since dropping a grand a month on that fancy apartment of yours and you're not even there half the time." Yamato said.

"If a certain friend of mines would lower the price for me, everything would be just fine."

Genma gave a fake cough, avoiding his friend. "Yo, my father owns the buildings. I just keep a couple of them in order for him. If I was calling the shots I would, bro."

"It may not be so bad having someone around to split the bill with. Not that I am saying you can't afford it. You make more than enough in one night. But saving a little cash isn't such a bad thing."

"Says the wise sage, Raidou." Yamato joked.

"What do you mean you're kicking us out, bro? I didn't do shit!"

The men looked across the street at the scene Yamato had been focusing on. A huge bouncer was holding a brunette in his arms.

"Let Tenten down now, you pig!" Ino demanded as she started smacking the guy in his arm.

The irritated bouncer dropped her outside the club with a rest of her friends.

"Go! We don't want anymore trouble here. Leave before I call the cops on you."

"Please don't. We're leaving, sir." You said as you were holding Ino back by her waist. Hinata was nursing Tenten hand to keep her from going off even more. "Come on ya'll before we make manners worse."

"What the fuck? We didn't even do nothing. Those hoes started that shit inside there first." Ino spazzed out.

"Yeah. I don't see yall them kicking out!" A equally mad Tenten said.

"I don't want to hear it. GO!"

You started to lead the girls down away from the club and were standing on the corner light. Hinata was trying her best to calm her hot headed friends. You just shook your head at the embarassment. Trouble ALWAYS seem to follow you. At least whenever Ino is around.

Ino had bumped into girl in the club and made her spill her drink. The blonde apologized and even offered to buy the woman another drink, but she wasn't having it. She try to lash out at Ino but she quickly evaded the girl and snatched her up by the hair and they started going at it in the club. That's when a couple of the troublemaker's friends try to jump Ino. You and Tenten weren't having it and the both jumped in to help your friend. The group of girls were going at it for a good minutbefore the bouncers got in and defused the situation.

" was fun while it lasted." you laughed deciding to make light out of the situation.

Hinata laughed along side you. It was a good thing Hinata didn't get caught up in the fight. Neji would of freaked out if anything would of happen to his precious cousin. And that would of been your ass. "Oh, Ino, your hair." She frowned and tried to smooth down the messy tangled hair.

"I know." The blonde grumbled. And ran her fingers through her tresses.

"Damn, one of them got me good." Tenten exclaimed as she felt the scratches on her neck from the girl's nails.

"Don't worry, that will fade away in a week or so." You tried to cheer your friend up."

You pushed the button on the crosswalk and waited. Once the little white man appeared on the light. You began walking across the street silently, the girls followed behnd without saying a word. "Are you guys hungry? I'm starving."

"Yeah, I am pretty hungry after beating some ass." Ino joked.

"How does Angelo's sound?" You asked refering the bistro you were making your way towards.

"Sounds good." Tenten said.

You all came to a stop in front of the restuarant. The Outside dining area that allowed people to endulge their meals and while enjoying the scenery. You noticed there were a few groups of diners occupying the outside. The closest group was a bunch of older men that were about seven feet away from you. You noticed they were looking at your group and you smiled at them, innocently. They probably saw that whole scene outside the club involving you. You looked away in embarassment.

"Why don't you all wait here catch some air while I go in and put the orders." Hinata calmed offered.

"You sure? Why don't I go in with you?" You asked the quiet young woman.

Hinata then grabbed your arm softly and pulled you towards her and she whispered in your ear. "I don't think that's a good idea. Someone has to watch those two. They're really riled up still."

You blushed at being so close to your crush and having her in such a intimate pose. "Okay, if you insist." You smiled at her.

Anything for you, Hinata.

Hinata then took your orders and went inside to place them, leaving you three out front still. You looked over and watched Ino and Tenten leaning against the metal railing. Tenten was unconciously biting her bottom lip, while looking down the street. Ino was huffing and puffing, still angry. You decided to try to cheer her up.

You walked over to her and leaned against her body and hugged her gentley. "Hey, its alright, wasn't your fault."

The tense body relaxed against yours and she wrapped her hands around you. She nuzzled her face into the crook of your neck. She breathed in your scent.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

"'re good?" you questioned.

Ino lips came in contact with your skin. This time your body stiffened. Her teeth sunk down softly on the area between your neck and shoulder and 'hmmed'. "Yes, I am fine now." She smack your butt for emphases.

That's when you back away out of Ino's reach and smacked her playfully in the arm. "You pervert."

"Owww, you bitch." She hissed. And the both of you laughed.

"Keep your hands to yourself. Hmph." You said and Ino just smiled back. Mischief in her eyes.

"How are you ladies doing tonight?" A man with brown shoulder length brown hair, hunching over leaned his elbows on the railing next to Ino.

She smirked at the equally mischievious looking man. "We're good. How about you?"

Oh, here we go...

"Nothing, eating dinner. My friends and I couldn't help but notice you girls from across the street. What happen?"

"We don't wanna talk about it." Tenten said in annoyance.

You scooted away from the talking couple and rolled your eyes playfully. Didn't care too much to stay around for the flirting. You unconsciously tug down on a piece of your curly hair and ran your fingers down the strands.

The man with the wildly styled silver hair stared at you. You looked at him and raised a brow in a playful, cute way.

"Problem, sir?"

"Your hair...its visually appealing to me." he said in an almost lazy tone.

The fuck?...Weirdo. You gave him a funny look and laughed slowly. "Uh, thanks." You focused on the cars passing by you.

"Don't call me sir...makes me feel...old." He added.

A car zipped pass you, the beat was banging loud as hell from it.

"You are old...mister." He gave you a imprudent glance and you laughed. "I am just kidding."

Just the the car that zoomed by came back in reverse and stopped in the middle of the street. Music still blasting.

Snap back with my city on it

Text back with your titties on it

Levis, put your kitty on it

Start grinding like the Clipse is on it

Drink until I get pissy - bitch

Smoke until I get dizzy - bitch

Lose control like Missy

But I'm a bad boy cause I'm with Diddy biiiitch

The all black '10 Ford Mustang GT500 rolled its window down and out poked Gaara's head. He nodded his head up saying 'sup' and the driver leaned forward so you could see his head. His sharp eyes landed on you and he gave you a toothy grin.

"Yooooooooooooooo, N/n!"

It was Kiba driving. You laughed out and and waved happily as you jumped up n' down. "Heyyy, what yall doing out?" You tried to yell over his music. Kiba didn't respond, deciding to parallel park and say what's up to you instead. Forgetting all about the handsome man you were making small talk with. You walked forward closer the the edge of the curb as he was positioning his car. You danced to the song as you waited for them. You loved to dance, expecially since you were so good at it. Out in the middle of public or not, that didn't stop you from grooving.

"Yeah bitch, yeah bitch, call me Steve-o. Yeah bitch, yeah bitch, call me Steve-o. I'm a wild boy, I'ma, I'ma wild boy." bobbing your head to the beat.

Gaara got out of the car and made his way towards you. He pulled down the brim of your hat, blinding you from seeing anything and pushed your forehead back a bit. "Hey." He gave you a ghost of a smile.

"Dang, stupid." You laughed as you fixed your hat again and rewarded Gaara with a smack in the arm.

"Y/n-baybay!" Kiba shouted as he held out his arms widely.

"Kiba-baybay!" You shouted back as you went to give him a hug but Kiba quickly maneuvered you into a gentle headlock.

"Ahh, you slipping, dawg. Always be prepared for a sneak attack. Trust no one!" He laughed.

"Traitor!" You laughed along with him as you struggled to break free. Once you finally did you noticed it wasn't just the two of them Naruto was with laughing at you two's antics. So was...Shikamaru?

Oh, this is going to be awkward as hell for a good number of reasons.

"Hey, guys." you greeted in a quiet, sincere tone.

"Yo. what's going on?" Naruto said and saw Tenten walking over towards the group. "Sup, Ten."

Shikamaru stood quietly next to Gaara, hands in his pocket. His body lauguage gave off no feeling of animosity, it was rather calm and collected. He gave you a rather bored hello.

"We're good, just getting something to eat. We got kicked out of the club." Tenten said.

Kiba laughed and gave a 'Are you serious' look. "What the fuck happen?"

"Ino got jumped in the club and we got involved too." You sighed.

"Not surprised by that." Shikamaru said expecting tone, rolling his eyes at the mention of Ino.

Yup, still hates her...

"I got the food - oh, hello everyone." Hinata said, blushing. when she saw the interest of her heart.

The guys all said hello to the beautiful Hyuga, Naruto and you offered to hold from the food bags in her hands.

"Alright, cool. Let me get Ino." You said.

"Where is Ino?" Gaara questioned you.

"Over there flirting...what she does best." Shikamaru gave a side glance at Ino interacting with all the men at Genma's table.

"Damn. What is she doing over there? I would be hella pissed if I caught my fiance over there with a group of dudes." Kiba gave a disapproving frown.

"She is talking to them. No harm, no foul." Tenten tried to defend her friend...even though she thought Ino knew better.

"Ooooo, imma tell Chouji." Naruto teased.

You frowned at Naruto, you knew he was playing but knew the couple's relationship was already strained as it is. Gaara immediately reading your thoughts nudged Naruto in the side.

"Ow, I was just kidding." He pouted and Hinata giggled.

You walked over to Ino and groups of men. "Hey, Ino. Its time to go, the girls are getting hungry." You said respectfully, smiling a bit.

"Ohh, okay. Well, I'll see you guys around. I'll be sure to give you a call." She winked at Genma, who in turn grinned back.

"I look forward to it."

"Hmmm, I am sure your fiance wouldn't approve of you talking to other men on the phone." Shikamaru said loud enough for them to hear over where you were. Damn, he had some good ears.

Genma gave Ino a funny look and backed away. Holding his hands up in defeat. His friends laughing while doing so.

"Ouch." Kakashi said.

Ino sucked her teeth and walked away without saying good-bye. You turned to follow but before doing so, you waved good-bye to the men, focusing on silver haired one a second too long before leaving.

"Did you really have to act an ass a few second ago?" Ino snapped at ponytailed, piercing-wearing young man.

"Ino, please calm down." Hinata tried to defuse the situation before it already began.

Shikamaru just stared at her in boredom.

"Its not like I am doing anything wrong, Shikamaru. Bet'cha gonna run back home and snitch on me to Chouji, huh?"

Ino's temper often leaped from one to ten in a matter of seconds.

He looked silently at the loud blonde, as if wondering should he even waste his breath on her or not. Shikamaru turned around and made his way back to the car. Guess he chose not.

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