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1. Kittykat's having Kittens

Friday, July 25

11:04 am, Mine and Dave's Bedroom

Ohmygiddygod. I'm preggers.

What do I do? A second test?

10 minute later

Second preggers test. Positive.

5-6 Weeks

Why am I blubbering?

The Hornmeister is my husband.

I'm allowed to be preggers.

But what if... what if the Hornmeister doesn't want a baby?

Am I even ready to be a Mutti?

1 minute later

I have to be ready. I can't have an abortion.

11:21 am

Chundering in our ensuite toilet.

I don't feel vair fabbity.

5 minutes later

I can't turn up to work like this.

Phoned the office.

11:35 am

Heard the front door open a second ago.

Dave had been to meet with his props department.

I'm not supposed to be here.

3 minute later

The Hornmeister walked into our bedroom.

'Georgia!' He was surprised to see moi.

I started blubbering. Again.

Dave's face fell. 'Hey. What's wrong?'

I looked away and squeezed my mincers shut.

1 minute later

Felt Dave's arms wrap around moi.

Leaned into the Hornmeister.

I needed this hug. 'Kittykat?'

Dave sounded worried.

3 minutes later

The Hornmeister is stroking moi's hair.

'Didn't think we had anymore secrets, Sex Kitten?'

Dave was right. We don't have secrets.

I have to tell the Hornmeister that I'm pregnant.

Hmmm... I could always pretend that I don't know.

NO! That's a fule-ish fandango.

1 minute later

Why couldn't I tell Dave about the baby?

11:48 am

Showed Dave the preggers test.

The Hornmeister's mincers widened.

'Kittykat's having kittens?' I nodded.

'I did a second test. It's the same.'

The Hornmeister fell quiet. I frowned.

'I'm sorry.' A gorgey smile spread across Dave's face.

'We're having a baby?'

I watched Dave, smiling like a loon, at the preggers test.

1 minute later

I'm blubbering. Again.

The Hornmeister wrapped his arms around moi. Again.

'Awww... Kittykat's scared.'

'Am not.' Dave laughed. 'Fine. Maybe a little.'

'The Biscuit will take care of Kittykat.'

'Didn't think the Biscuit would be vair happy?'

Dave was rubbing circles on moi's back.

Under moi's jimjams may I add. It's vair marvy.

'Why shouldn't the Biscuit be happy?'

'Nrrrghh...' Hmmm.

2 minutes later

Watching Dave cook lunch.

'The Biscuit will take Kittykat shopping tomorrow.'

I raised my eyebrows. 'Really?'

The Hornmeister hated shopping in London.

Part of moi's job was window shopping.

London has fab fabbity shops. I luuurve moi's job.

Cosmo give moi a wardrobe allowance, because I have to look gorgey.

Working alongside lots of designers is marvy too, because it means free samples.

'Kittykat isn't listening to the Biscuit.' Oopsie.

Major case of red loon-osity. 'Sorry Hornmeister.'

Dave forgave moi. 'We're going to get Kittykat some new clothes.'

Wow... I may tell the Hornmeister that I'm preggers more often.

12:03 pm

Dave placed lunch in front of moi. 'Eat up, Kittykat.'

'Yummy. Looks uber scrummy.' Dave smiled.

The Hornmeister sat down opposite moi with his own lunch.

'Shall Kittykat be telling her elderly loons about baby.'

Hmmm. I hadn't thought about that.

How would Mutti and Vati react?

How are Jane and Richard going to react?

'It could just be our little secret.' Hmmm.

'Kittykat likes that idea. Our little secret.'

Dave laughed.

12:24 pm

The Hornmeister carried moi back to bed.

I was rather sleep. Must keep aw... Zzzzz.

3:12 pm, Living Room

Found Dave scribbling away in a note pad.

Must be writing comedy material.

I stood watching the Hornmeister work.

'You're vair distracting Kittykat.'

3 minutes later

Snuggled up with Davey on the sofa.

'Is Kittykat feeling better?'

I nodded. 'Yep.'

Dave stroked moi's cheek.

'Well enough for a snog.'

I giggled. 'Try and stop me.'

1 minute later

Snogging Dave. Number 6.

10:02 pm

Rest of the arvie was marvy.

The Hornmeister watched movies with moi.

We had many many snog fests.

Ate Ben 'n' Jerry's ice cream... so vair yummy.

Didn't really talk about baby much.

It was in the back of moi's mind though.

Would the Hornmeister love a portly Kittykat?

Saturday, July 26

2:04 am

Being sick. Don't like being preggers.

The Hornmeister had tied my hair back.

He's now rubbing moi's back.

'Kittykat poorly.' Hmmm.

Glared at Dave. Dave laughed.

'Ooo... Kitty is hormonal. I sorry.'

What am I going to do with the Biscuit?

10 minutes later

Finished throwing up.

Sat in the Hornmeister's arms on the ensuite floor.

'Better?' I nodded. Dave kissed moi on the forehead.

'Thanks for sitting with moi.'

'Anytime Kittykat.' Dave lifted me off the floor.

2:19 am, Under the Duvet

Dave snogged me. Number 3.

'Sweet dreams, Kittykat.'

10:12 am

Hmmm... I'm rather peckish.

1 minute later

Poking the Hornmeister. 'Wakey, wakey Dave. Kittykat's hungry.'

Dave just groaned and rolled over... Charming.

2 minutes later, The Kitchen

There isn't much in the fridge.

We haven't been shopping recently.

Hmmm... What does moi fancy?

9 minutes later

The Hornmeister found moi sat at the breakfast bar.

'What is Kittykat eating?'

'Cheese and jam sandwich.' Dave laughed.

'Leave Kittykat alone. She is preggers remember.'

'Oh Georgia. You're such a loon.'

I suck moi's tongue out at the Hornmeister.

'It's your baby's fault.' Dave sat next to moi.

'Arr... Must take after his loony mother.' Cheeky sod.

Biffed Dave in the stomach.

Hang on... 'his'. 'You want a boy?'

Dave shrugged his shoulders.

'The Biscuit isn't fussed. Baby just has to be healthy.'

I smiled. 'Don't even mind if baby has Kittykat's huge conk.'

1 minute later

Biffed the Hornmeister in the stomach. Again.

'Hey. Stop hitting the Biscuit. He don't like it.'

'The Biscuit's hurting Kittykat's feelings.'

Dave frowned. 'I'm sorry.' I smiled.

12:03 pm, Our bedroom

Getting ready to go shopping.

The weather is vair marvy.

What to wear? Hmmm.

Dark denim short with moi's favourite floral wedges and a cute top... Or moi's Christian Louboutin black leather ankle boots with a gorgey black lace dress.

The shorts are rather playful and totally Kittykat.

The lace dress is more formal and full of glamosity.

I would usually wear the dress to go shopping.

... But I'm with the Hornmeister today.

The shorts are more suited to a shopping trip with hubby.

2 minutes later

Moi's favourite floral wedges swayed moi decision.

Makeup uber o'natural: mascara, eyeliner, bit of foundation, bit of lippy and blusher.

Hair: curly with a few strands pinned back.

20 minutes later

Dave is sat on the bed waiting for moi.

He's wearing a groovy pair of skinny jeans.

I fetched a tshirt for the Hornmeister.

'Sex Kitten is beautiful.' I smiled.

Dave placed the tshirt over his head.

This shopping trip is going to be uber marvy.

6:02 pm

Fabbity fab shopping trip with the Hornmeister.

Davey brought moi lots of new 'maternity' appropriate clothes.

We also brought a little woolly hat and mittens for baby...

... And totally cute all-in-one. Baby's clothes are all cream, so unisex.

The woolly hat, and hood to the all-in-one, have little teddy bear ears and a teddy bear face.

5 minutes later, Snuggled Up in Bed

The Hornmeister has sent moi to have a cat nap.

I can't sleep. I'm tres tres excited.

1 minute later

Baby's little clothes are so tiny.

Dave was watching moi. 'Georgia! Go to sleep!'

'Hornmeister! We're having a baby!' Dave laughed.

Ohmygollygiddygod... I'm having a baby.

A.N. One of my little side projects. I felt that there should be a story where Gee and Dave have a baby under the right conditions. It happens just after 'I Now Pronounce You... Biscuit and Wife'. I'm going to write this story a little differently so to covers the whole of Gee's pregnancy. Each chapter will be a few days from each week of Gee's pregnancy. The last chapter being the birth and I'm thinking about writing a couple of chapters about the first month with baby. I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter and any reviews will be most appreciated. Love RoxannetheLaugh

Just to reassure my readers. I'm still writing ' ... And so Kittykat is the only loon in my cosmic bowl'. I just tend to wonder back and forth between stories as I write. I thought I should at least give you all something to read :)