Okay people I'm back, let's get this show on the road. Now I want to say that I will NOT be using stories that people have written, these will all be made up stories. I'm not going to bash and criticized people's hard work. Besides I don't want a wall of flames.

Don't Judge A Fanfiction By Its Summary

Chapter 2: Our First Story

"Okay Ichigo you ready?" Rukia said. She had to be sure that Ichigo was in top condition. These stories were about them, so it was weird.

"Yeah." Ichigo reassured her before turning to Kon. "Are you ready Kon?"

"Of course, I can take on anything." Kon replied.

"Okay Rukia, go for it."

"Fine, I'll read." Rukia said.

The Story

By IAmTheBestWriterEver

Summary: oh jus freaking readed. Its da bestest story

"Hmm... a lot of errors." Rukia thought.

Ichigo scoffed. "What kind of lame title is that and can the author's name be anymore arrogant? Plus that summary is so stupid."

"Be quiet and let Nee-san read," Kon cut in.

Hi every1 I'm new to Fanfiction and this is my 1st story. I hopes u lik it, wat am I sayin of course u r gonna lik it otherwise u stink

"See what I mean by arrogant," Ichigo said.

"And what kind of author insults their readers, it makes no sense." Rukia added.

"Maybe it'll get more interesting in a moment." Kon said. "Keep reading."

Every1 was all at Ichgo's hoyse enjoying-

"Hey, my name is not Ichgo!" Ichigo angrily cut in. "It's Ichigo, Kurosaki Ichigo! Get it right."

"And who's everyone?" Kon added. "Can't this person go into detail more?"

"Oh pipe down." Rukia said.

Ichgo and his friends Orihine, Uyuru, and Chad were havin a rly fun time-

"Seriously does this author not know how to spell our names!"" Ichigo cut in again. "I mean at least they got Chad's name right."

"They must be pre~tty stupid if they were to misspell Chad's name." Kon said

Ichigo snickered. "That's for sure."

"Trying to read here." Rukia interjected.

Wen sudenly a halow appeared n started breaking things-

"A halow! Jeez it's a hollow." Ichigo snapped, already getting irritated. "And c'mon, 'breaking things' couldn't they have used a better phrase? That doesn't suck me into the story at all."

"It actually does the opposite." Rukia said.

"Not to mention the spelling sucks." Kon replied.

"Yeah, it's as if they have their heads rammed in their cellphones, use proper spelling." Ichigo added.

Ichgo took out cone and-

Ichigo burst out laughing. "Bwahaha! Cone, cone! That's what we use for ice creams."

"Oh shut up Ichgo!" Kon taunted.

"Trying to read here." Rukia angrily said, she was annoyed by the fact that she hadn't been mentioned. Although given the aspects of the story, her not being present wasn't exactly a bad thing.

Turned into a Soul Shinigami-

Rukia twitched. "What in the world is a Soul Shinigami?"

And began beatin up teh halow. He beat it up and it eventually died and went back to Hueco Mundo. (Dats where halows go once they lose in case u didnt kno) Then he went back inside da house to party.

"Hollows don't go into Hueco Mundo once they get exterminated." Rukia pointed out.

"That was it, where's the battle scene?" Ichigo said. "And how nice of my so called friends to not help me out when there's a rampaging hollow on the loose."

"I'm more surprised that they actually spelled Hueco Mundo right." Kon said. "And can't the author put some damn commas?"

"since when do I party after I beat a hollow?"

Rukia chuckled. "And what's with the 'when the hollows lose' part. We're not playing a game."

Ichgo that was super cool Orihine sed. Yeah it was awesome Uyuru sed afterwards.

Thanx I'm super cool lik dat. I'm the bestest Soul God out der Ichgo sed.

"Wow Ichigo, you sure are full of yourself." Rukia said.

Ichigo twitched. "I DO not talk like that! I would never say such kiddie things and I'm not full of myself alright."

"And how does it go from Soul Shinigami to Soul God?" Rukia added. "This story is preposterous and makes no sense."

"And where are the quotation marks?" Kon aaked. "Is this author serious?"

"I sure hope this author doesn't aspire to be a writer." Ichigo said.

Ichgo dat wuz totaly epic bro Chad sed

Ichigo frowned. "Are you kidding me? Chad doesn't talk like that." He was visibly annoyed by this author's lack of knowledge.

"Everyone is horrendously out of character." Rukia said.

"And I didn't even get a line." Kon said. "But I'm kinda glad. This author might screw up my reputation."

Ichigo snorted. "Yeah Kon wouldn't want to ruin your oh-so-heroic image."

"Why you, you'll pay for that." Kon retorted. He jumped onto Ichigo's head and began pouncing on him. "Eat that!"

"Get off me!"

Rukia sighed at their childish acts and continued reading.

Thanks Chad I rock Ichgo sed

Ichigo twitched.

Okay Ichgo since u beat that meanie halow lets throw a rly big party to celbrate Orihine sed

Dat sounds super awesome Ichgo sed

Am I invited cone sed

Like hell u r. Piss off Ichgo sed and he flung him out da window

Ichigo couldn't help but smirk. "Hehe gotta admit, the author nailed that reaction."

"Oh kiss my ass you bastard." Kon snapped.

"Man this writing is so stupid." Rukia murmured.

Ichgo dat wasn't nice of u Orihine sed

Yeah not awesome man Uyuru sed

Totaly not wicked dude Chad sed

"God damn it, the characterization is killing me slowly I swear." Ichigo grumbled.

"Imagine me who's reading this trash." Rukia said.

"Yeah Ichigo, it's Nee-san who should be suffering the most."

"Are you serious Kon, her character has had the mercy of not being in this piece of crap."

Rukia raised a finger. "Can't argue with you on that one."

I dont care if dat wasnt super cool dis is my house so my rules u r not my bosses okay so bite me i hate u all dont tell me wat to do I thought we were bst friends u big jerks dats wat u are big jerks Ichgo sed

His soul energy was gettin crazy

Rukia took a big inhale of breath. "Would of appreciated a comma or two."

This time it was Kon's turn to laugh. "Hahah! Talk about mood swings Ichigo."

Ichigo hid his face in his hands. "Man just make a hollow eat me already."

"What is soul energy, don't they mean spiritual pressure?" Rukia said.

Calm down dude Uyuru sed

Bro u gotta chill Chad sed

Yes Ichgo plz calm down Orihine sed. She was close to crying now

"Jerk, how can you make Inoue cry like that?" Rukia muttered in disgust.

Ichigo facepalmed. "It's not me idiot."

Suddenly another halow came. This one was the bst friend of the previous halow. You know the one from before

"Yeah because previous and before are two different things." Kon sarcastically said

Rukia crossed her arms. "Since when do hollows have best friends?"

Oh no a halow Orihine screamed

"Whoa they actually put screamed instead of 'said'." Kon joked.

Ichgo u gotta do something bro Chad sed

Yeh or else it wud be uncool Uyuru sed

"Guess it's back to said."

Oh now u wanna b friends wen a halow appears rite Ichgo sed

Ichgo its not lik dat n u kno it Orihine sed

Screw u guys Im not helpin none of u stupid people Ichgo sed

The halow picked up cone and ate him alive he was to scared to run away so he died

Ichigo and Rukia began laughing at how poorly they made Kon look.

Kon began stomping his feet. "Stupid author and their stupid lame story!"

Bro plz help us Chad sed and he almost began to cry

Yes plz Uyuru sed and he was close to crying to

"Since when did Chad and Ishida turn into some wussies?" Ichigo said.

"Geez Ichigo, they're begging for their lives and you don't even bat an eyelash." Rukia spat

Ichigo facepalmed again.

The halow broke da window n took Ichgos friends. He had 3 hands so he can carry all 3. He then ate Chad

Dude wtf man we're gonna die Uyuru screamed. save us now

Plz Ichgo we need u Orihine sed

Rukia grabbed Ichigo by his shirt. "Ichigo! Inoue and Ishida are about to die, help them."

For the third time Ichigo facepalmed

" man, is Ichigo seriously the only one guarding Karakura town or what " Kon said

No I wont help u at all u will all get eaten Ichgo sed. So long u monsters dats wat u get for bein bad friends

"Says the douchebag who's letting his friends become dinner for a hollow." Kon taunted.

"Mmhmm," Rukia nodded.

Oh no man Uyuru sed and da halow ripped his hed off wit his big teeth blood gushed out of his decapitated body

Ichgo just laughed like a maniac

Plz save me Ichgo Orihine sed and she was sobbing badly

Ichgo shook his hed no way Jose he sed

Kon began laughing. "Did you really say 'no way Jose'? Ahahaha man you're lame."

"And you're a horrible friend." Rukia added.

Ichigo facepalmed for the fourth time.

Finally the monster ate Orihine and went back into Hueco Mundo

Ichgo den realized wat happened He snapped out of his crazy mental condition

Every1 was dead his friends were dead

"Gee, I wonder what gave you that impression Ichigo," Kon said.

"Shut up already Kon!" Ichigo replied.

Ichgo den began crying like a baby

I killed my friends n my sister Ichgo sed

"Orihime isn't my sister!" Ichigo snapped " Yuzu and Karin are my sisters."

"This author is seriously wrecked." Kon mumbled.

Why did I kill dem Ichgo sed. I hate my life and I hate halows

Dont worry friends n sister I'm going to meet up with u. He den went into da living room and grabbed a knife

"Why are knives in the living room?" Kon asked.

Friends Im so sory but im going to u Ichgo sed He den took da knife and stabed his hed

Thats da end hope u Likes it Reviews r sooooooooo welcome!

Kon fell of the desk in laughter. "Ahaha! Oh man this story is too funny."

"And they expect reviews." Rukia added.

Ichigo just wanted to disappear at that moment. This story had ridiculed him in so many ways.

"And not one Soul Reaper came to assist you." Rukia said. She then clenched her fists. "I didn't even get a cameo appearance."

"I bet this author put this under humor, right?" Kon said in between laughs.

"The sad part is that it's under romance and adventure." Rukia replied.

"Those genres don't even mesh with the story." Kon complained.

Ichigo grumbled. "I think it's safe to say that this author is the stupidest person ever."

"No kidding," Rukia agreed.

"Man this is so humiliating." Ichigo groaned.

Rukia lightly jabbed his chest. "Don't worry Ichigo, I'm sure there's better ones out there. Stories that depict you in a better light.

"Yeah let's put a better one next time."

Suddenly something blew in from the window. Both Ichigo and Rukia immediately got ready to fight, but quickly stood down when they realized who it was.

"Rukia I came as fast as I could." The red head said.

"Renji! I'm glad you're here." Rukia said.

"So what's the emergency?" Renji asked.

Rukia pointed to the screen. "This Fanfiction dot net is the emergency."

Renji eyed the machine. "What you got there?"

Rukia smirked. "It's a computer." It felt good to know things before others.

"And what the hell is Fanfiction?"

Ichigo smirked deviously. "We'll show ya."

Author's Notes

That concludes our first story. It seems the trio landed on the bad Fanfiction stories. What will they encounter next and with Renji along too. More characters to come.