Here's the next part and the starting of the adventure!

Rocky POV

We're in the plane now waiting for the departure to Paris! Oh and strange how other planes have 3 seats on each row, but this plane has 4 seats on each row! Fit for a small family. I'm actually sitting on the 5th row of the plane on the left, with CeCe's head on my shoulder sitting at window seat. Lucky her. But the way she sleeps is so… oh cute! Only thing I fear is if she drools on my cause her mouth's open a little.

Wow, it's only been five minutes on the plane and she's already asleep. Well I guess I'll tolerate with that right? Not. " CeCe? CeeCe!" I said to her. Boy she's a sound sleeper. But I don't think I should wake her up just yet. After what happened this morning. I kissed her head, which smelled like strawberries, and said, " Sweet dreams… For now…" .

Then, two girls came up. They must be that Lemonade Mouth members! One with short, cool looking flop ( IDK) hair or something, and one with straight long hair. " Hey, I'm Stella. My friend.. Mo here wanted to hang out with you guys… somehow. can we sit?" the girl with the cool looking hair said. " Um.. sure! My best friend here's a fan of you guys!" I replied. They sat down as the girl Stella sat next to me. " Excuse me, everyone. We will be departing off to Paris right now so please fasten your seatbelts. Thank You…". I think that was the intercom from the cockpit. Oh look, we're off! I feel something strange in my stomach now.. Eh, no worries! Just enjoy the flight!

Stella POV

I stared at that hot brunette girl. " Hey, Brunette?". That Rocky girl replied, " Um yes?". I was going to tell her my secret. I don't know how or what I felt inside her, but she seems like a bit of a brainiac nerd and a more mature person. " Um, what do you do if you're like, gay?" I asked. " Well, just have fun with that person and maybe he' or she will gain more interest in you. Why're you asking this?" " Oh, well, can I let you in on a little secret?" . I looked at Mo. She was sleeping on that Redhead's shoulder. So I gestured her to lean in her head to my head. Then I whispered into my ear, " I'm in love with mo. A little.". The brunette girl didn't seem shocked but instead said back to me in a whisper, " Really? That's surprising! But no worries, I.. am actually in love with CeCe " . " Who, that redhead?" " Yeah!" . I was also a bit shocked " Wow! But I promise that I'll keep your secret. Trust me." " Ok! Thanks a lot! You seem like the nice person!". " Hey, I'm not actually the nice one you see now keep that in mind!". Rocky chuckled a little. " Ok".

12 hours later…

Hey look we arrived! Aaand still both Mo and CeCe are asleep. Lazy.. No offense. Me and Rocky were still the only ones who didn't fall asleep. We Just chatted about other stuff. " Your attention please! You may unfasten your seatbelts and leave now! Thank you for your attendance and have a good time in Paris, France!". Hmm. The intercom sounded a bit exhausted and angry. Both CeCe and Mo were awake. I grabbed Rocky's hand so we can go and Mo grabbed CeCe's. But just as me and Rocky stepped on the aisle, all the rest of the people came running outta their seats and pushing and running their way at the entrance. Unfortunately, Rocky and I were dragged along the rushing crowd and got carried away. " R-Rocky! Don't.. let go! Ahhh1 I see a cat wanting to kill me! Is cats even allowed on this freaking plane!" I muffled to her. " Stell-..A! I.. won't… let go.. of you!". Now we got in the airport finally with me still holding Rocky. Now we're freaked out and scared of what just happened and ran in a different direction screaming a little. As soon as we got to the outside we saw a rental car. I had no choice but to grab Rocky and get in that car and drive away. I ran towards the car. " Stella! What the heck are you doing/" " Jacking a car stupid!". " Oh no! Raquel Blue does not steal from a person! I will not accept that!" " What a goody two shoes!". " Hey!". I completely ignored her complaining and jumped into the car, still freaking out. But Rocky didn't budge and went into the car. " Rocky, get in the car for pete's sake!" " No! I will not steal a freaking Rental car!" she shouted back. And then I had no choice but to go out. I got outta the car and carried her bridal style. " Ahhh!" she shouted. Such a girl… I opened the shotgun door and placed her there, then strapped a tight seatbelt around her. I felt sorry for what I did, but there's a police walking in and he might catch us. So I left a twenty dollar bill on the floor and went into the car and drove away even though I don't know where I'm going.


Me and Mo just went out of the crowd and saw the bus that we were supposed to go into for the Paris tour. I held on to Mo's hand and rand to the bus just on time. Strange… " Ok, that crowd, is one heck of a rush! A rush hour!" Mo said. " I know!". I am so glad that I'm sitting here, safe from the plane1 I don't think I'm wanting to go back on that plane again!

Well we're relaxing.

20 minutes later…

We're here! Finally I get to tour the place! Paris looks awesome! " OMG OMG! We're at Paris!" I happily squealed. " I know! The city of love! Let's go and see the places!" " Ok!". So we went roaming around Paris having fun.

Rocky POV

Hey look we're at the Eiffel Tower! I don't know how Stella knew the directions but I'm happy! Although I think I'm a criminal now! Oh no my mom's gonna be mad at me! I'm still mad at Stella for making me jack a car. She looked at me for a little and said, " look, I'm sorry for making you steal a car. it's just that I was freaked out that a police was there and I had to do something quick! Will you forgive me please?". I thought about it. hey, she did say that she's not always the nice one, but I forgive her. " Ok. I forgive you. Now let's.. have fun roaming around Paris!" I said happily. And she grabbed my hand and we ran, having fun at a nearby fountain.

No One POV

As Rocky and Stella, and CeCe and Mo were having fun roaming in different parts of Paris, both Rocky and CeCe realized something at the same time. " Hey Stella I realized something." said Rocky. " What?". And CeCe said the same things to Mo. And at the same time they said, " We lost our friends at the airport!" and both Stella and Mo we're surprised. Both pairs lost their true love- I mean friends.

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