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A Life Changing Moment

Chapter One

Fourteen year old Harry Potter's name was just be drawn from the Goblet of Fire. This means that he is now the fourth champion in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. In a back room just off of the Great Hall, there was a great commotion.

"Harry, did you enter your name or have an older student do it for you?" asks Dumbledore stun himself on how this could have happen.

Harry states passionately "No since I never wanted to be in this stupid tournament aways. As I don't need anymore fame then I already have or adventure in my life"

Within seconds an owl appears in the room, dropping an envelope into Harry's hands.

Dumbledore looks at the symbol on the envelope and recognizes the letter must have came from Gringotts. So the man nods knowing that it would be safe to open.

Harry opens the package to reveal three different letters in a pile, so he quickly and carefully opens the first letter that reads:

Mr Harry J. Potter,

Your parents Lord James C. Potter and Lady Lily M. Potter nee Evans have left these two letters in our possession until your seventeenth birthday or when you are recognize as an adult by the law.

Also your parents Last Will & Testament shall be read tomorrow at eleven in the morning in Conference Room A.

May Your Gold Flow,

Ranglock the Account Manager of the Most Ancient & Noble House of Potter.

Harry hands the letter to Dumbledore to read while everyone sat at the table in the room.

"We shall arrange an escort to Gringotts tomorrow" says Dumbledore a few seconds later, when Harry was already opening one of the letters from his parents.

"Professor, is it possible for you to read the letters to us" asks Harry knowing that he could not do so without crying.

"Of course" says Dumbledore taking the letters from Harry's hands.


Dumbledore opens the first letter only to recognize Lily's neat handwriting and with a clear voice starts to read:

October 31st of 1981

My Dear Sweet Harry,

If you are reading this letter I am no longer alive to tell you this in person.

Both James and I have been keeping a family secret from everyone including your godfather but we know that you are old enough to know now. Our family secret is about you my dear Harry as you are not our biological son but our nephew. However, your true paternity James will reveal that to you in his letter.

We are writing these letters as today since we change our secret keeper to Peter Pettigrew earlier this morning.

With All My Love,

Lily Marie Potter nee Evans.

Everyone present was in shock but Dumbledore knew that Sirius could now receive a trial and Harry might not have to compete in the dangerous tasks of the Tri-Wizard Tournament.