Even though I lost my inspiration to finish this story. I already have the last few chapters planned out, so I am going to provide all of my readers with a what would have happened.

A Life Changing Moment

1994 - November

They are informed of who their respective mentors are and when they where scheduled to meet with them.

Beginning of political lessons with Draco and Regina which turns into traditional wizarding customs as well.

First Task held on November 24th:

- Viktor in first place, Cedric in second place, and Fleur in third place.

- Harry watching from the crowd who was grateful that he did not have to be a champion beside Sirius and his friends.

The search for the other horcruxes continue as Moody scouts locations that they think could be used as hide out.

1995 - December

Dumbledore announces that the Yule Ball will be held on Christmas night for those in fourth year to seventh year.

During that December Hogsmeade visit that same weekend, Sirius arranges for the group to meet with Narcissa and Annabelle to take them shopping for appropriate dress robes for the boys and gowns for the girls for the Yule Ball. Alongside the shopping trip, Sirius arranges with Narcissa and Annabelle for them to teach them how to dance properly.

Dane lessons forced by McGonagall for the entire Gryffindor house that are able to attend the Ball.

- Fred, George, Ron, and Harry were all extremely happy at that point in time because they have already been given dace lessons already.

Once the Christmas break arrives, Sirius escorts Harry to Regulus and his own childhood home.

- Kreacher arrives in the front hallway by the portrait of his beloved Mistress Walburga yelling at her wayward son.

- Harry who watches this portrait yelling at Sirius as he tries to shut the curtains. He blurts out that he's not Sirius son nor a bastard. As he says that he's the son of Regulus Black and Elisabeth Potter-Black.

- Walburga in her portrait orders Kreacher to treat Harry like his true master as he's the true Lord Black. Then orders Sirius to close the curtains.

- Kreacher informs Harry and by extension that he shall make sure the house to the standard of the House of Black by their next visit. Then mutters to himself about how the son of his beloved Master Regulus and Mistress Elisabeth has returned.

- Sirius is showing Harry the Black family tree, when Kreacher returns with a locket in hand saying Master Regulus told me to destroy this and hands it to Harry.

- Kreacher informs them that Regulus died for this locket belonging to the Dark Lord and it must be destroyed.

- Sirius informs Kreacher that it will be destroyed as Regulus wished for it to be.

Sirius and Harry take the locket to Dumbledore when they returned to Hogwarts. At that time, Dumbledore recognizes it was Salazar Slytherin's Locket and gives Harry the honour to destroy the horcrux that costed his father is life with Gryffindor's sword.

Now they know that Regulus was a true hero and not just some other Death Eater.

The winter session of the Wizengamot was held on December 21 where Sirius (claimed the Black Seat), Harry (claimed the Potter Seat), and Hermione (claimed the Dagworth-Granger Seat)

- This is to the shock of many as they assumed that Hermione was just another muggle-born witch.

Yule Ball arrived on December 25th

- Dates: Fred/Hermione, Harry/Daphne, Ron/Susan, George/Angelina, Neville/GInny, Draco/Astoria.

- Sirius was a chaperone during the dance but escorted Emmeline Vance who he recently reconnected with.

1995 - January

The Horcrux hunting group meets once more to go after other possible locations for the hidden horcruxes remaining but they never came up with a promising lead.

They were also talking about the plans to technically kill Harry to destroy the horcrux within his scar.

Dumbledore and Sirius speak with Hermione's uncle Dr. Jacob Granger about the process. After speaking with his niece, Dr. Granger agrees to help.

Regina receives word on January 21st that her grandfather has died and she became Lady Lestrange with Nacrissa acting as her guardian until she turns seventeen later that year. Also she cancels any talks with the Flint family about her marriage to Marcus.

- Knowing that her parents were the truest of loyal servants to Voldemort, she grants her cousin Sirius permission to search through the Lestrange Vaults with her for the following weekend.

- Sirius and Regina go through the Lestrange Vaults where they find another horcrux: Helga Hegglepuff's Cup sitting on a shelf amongst other family heirlooms.

- Regina destroys the horcrux once they return to Hogwarts and in particular Dumbledore's office to get the Gryffindor Sword.

After her grandfather's death, Regina agrees to spend more time with George at first as his tutor and later as his friend.

1995 - February

The original plan was to go to Dr. Granger's office on January 28th but plans changed as either Dumbledore nor Sirius wished to give Regina the time to change her mind.

- Sirius along with Hermione and Harry travel to Dr. Granger's London office with the newly recruited Bill Weasley. As Bill is trained in cleansing rituals as a curse-breaker.

- Dr. Granger stops Harry's heart with a drug while Bill performs the cleaning ritual on the scar. They all see the horcrux leaving his body and then Dr. Granger quickly shocks his heart to re-start it.

Dumbledore informs the Horcrux hunting group that after searching all other leads that young Tom Riddle consider Hogwarts to be his true home.

- Sirius along with Barty and Alastor begins searching the castle at night for any hiding places that they remember from their time at Hogwarts

Second Task held on February 25th

- First Place = Cedric, Second Place = Viktor, and Third Place = Fleur

1995 - May/June

Barty finds the final horcrux (Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem in the Room of Requirement by accident as he needed a place to hide.

They destroyed the final horcrux knowing that they know that seven is a powerful magically number (6 horcruxes and a piece of soul remaining in his destroyed body)

Before the third task, Voldemort calls for Barty to arrange the way that Harry was suppose to be taken to the graveyard since he was no longer able to make the goblet of fire into the portkey.

The horcrux hunting group planned that Barty as Moody would take kidnap Harry during the celebrations for the winner of the Tri-wizard Tournament. At the same time another portkey would take Amelia, Alastor, and Dumbledore to the graveyard to witness this battle between Harry and Voldemort.

Final Task: Cedric (Winner), Viktor (Second Place), Fleur (Third Place)

Celebrations = Minister Fudge presents Cedric with his gold and goblet of fire and a party held in the great hall afterwards.


- Barty/Harry first portkey and Amelia/Dumbledore/Alastor second portkey

-Harry and Voldemort begin to duel when Harry explains to Voldemort that he's mortal once more as his horcruxes were all destroyed.

-Voldemort looks shock for a moment not believing that all of his carefully hidden treasures were destroyed.

-That's when Dumbledore distracts Voldemort from Harry as he opens a bag that Alastor brought with them to show Voldemort each of the horcrux: the diary, locket, ring, cup, and diadem.

- Barty then tells his former master that his loyalty was with his godson as Voldemort's rebounded off of Harry and hit him instead.

At that moment, Amelia alerts her aurors on standby to arrest those Death eaters present at the graveyard.

Minister Fudge announces that Voldemort was defeated once and for all through the memories of those present.

Order of Merlins second class were given to everyone involved expect for Harry who received the Order of Merlin first class.

Barty's trial is held and with the evidence provided that he help defeat Voldemort. He was punishment after Augusta, Amelia, and Dumbeldore spoke on his behalf was forced into community service.

Epilogue (Nine Years Later at the Anniversary of Voldemort's Defeat)

Barty (and Hestia Jones)

Forms a relationship with Harry but he sees him as another uncle instead of father figure.

Due to his community service punishment, he open an orphanage for wizarding children

Eventual has a team going into muggle orphanages to search for magician children no matter their blood-status) after realizing that everything might have been avoided if Voldemort did not live in a muggle orphanage as he was considered to be a freak with no friends.

He became the Head of the Crouch family who eventual marries Hestia Jones who works on the board of directors at the wizarding orphange.

Married in 1998

Children are Brandon Richard Crouch (b. September 1 1999) and Alison Jane Crouch (b. August 25 2001).

Remus (and Dora Tonks)

Became the DADA professor in the trio's fifth year. Before/During/After the full moon his classes are taught by Sirius.

Remus begins a relationship with Tonks after meeting at Sirius wedding (did not see himself as poor or dangerous since he had regular income as a professor along with access to wolfsbane potion)

Married in 1997.

Children are Teddy Lyall Lupin (b. April 21 1998), Cassandra Andromeda Lupin (b. November 13 1999), and Edward Remus Lupin (b, August 31 2001).

Sirius (and Emmeline Vance)

Remains the Head of the Black family until his death at the request of Harry who remains his heir apparent.

Equal partners with Fred and George in their joke shop WWW but they had to graduate from Hogwarts with their NEWTs in all subjects taken. Creates new products for the joke shop as well.

Reconnects with a old friend from Hogwarts (Emmeline Vance) who he eventual marries in 1996.

Leo James Black-Vance (b. July 28 1998) heir to his mother's family estate.

Adeline (Addie) Selene Black and Emimeline (Emmy) Ruby Black (b. May 21 2000)

Bill & Fleur

Bill remains working as a curse-breaker after the defeat of Voldemort and meets Fleur who comes to England to work at Gringotts as a curse-breaker (French Branch was not hiring at this time for non-filed curse-breakers)

Married on August 1 1997 at the Burrow.

Victorie Isabelle Weasley (b. May 2 1999) and Dominque Ginvera Weasley (b. October 1 2003)


Still works in Romina with Dragons as a bachelor.

Returns to England more often then before. Wanting to be present to welcome each new addition to the family as well as family weddings.

Percy & Audrey Spencer

Percy still works for the Ministry of Magic (Amelia Bones who came to power after Fudge was removed from office in 1995 = after the Death Eater trials) as the undersectary

Audrey happens to be the goddaughter of Amelia (pedantic healer)

Married after three years of dating on June 25 2002 and is expecting their first child in months.

Fred & Hermione

Fred co-owns WWW with George and Sirius. They are also looking at buying a third location (Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade Branches are already exists).

Hermione works in the Creatures Department but also is Lady Hermione Granger-Weasley (went to Gringotts to have the House of Dawgorth-Granger changed to Granger-Weasley after her marriage) .

Married on October 22 2002 and only child is Rose Jean Granger-Weasley (b. May 31 2004).

George & Regina

George co-owns WWW with Fred and Sirius. They are also looking at buying a third location (Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade Branches are already exists

Regina works part-time as potions creator and being Lady Lestrange the Head of the Lestrange family.

After years of attempts, Regina final created a potion to counteract the effects of the crucio curse in 2005.

Married on August 1 2000 and their children will take the surname of Lestrange.

Gracelyn (Gracie) Olivia Lestrange and Finnigan (Finn) Arthur Lestrange (April 2 2004)

Ron & Susan

Ron is the former keeper for this favourite team and later assistant coach after being injured during a game.

Susan works as a auror like her aunt before her.

They are engaged and will be married later this year.

Ginny & Theodore Nott

Theodore is the Head of the Nott family after father being convicted of being a Death Eater. Theodore becomes a part of the group in their fifth year and eventual starts to date Ginny in his sixth year and her fifth year.

Ginny is a qudditch player for the Harpies until she resigned when she became pregnant with their first child. But now is a scout for the English National Team. Theodore is also a part-time warder.

Married on June 21 2002 and have one child: Jennifer Serena Nott.

Harry & Daphne

Harry is an auror along with being the Head of the Potter family and being heir apparent to Lordship Black.

Daphne is a researcher but still is the heiress to the Greengrass family.

Married on August 31 2001. One child Regulus James {RJ} Potter-Black the heir apparent to Lordship Potter and they are expecting their second child.

Draco & Astoria

Draco along with Theodore becomes actually friends with the trio in their fifth year.

Draco works for his family company while Astoria is a upcoming fashion designer.

Plan to marry early next year.