Author's note: This is a sequel to Into the Light (which was a sequel to Into the Dark). This is going to be a slow, relatively fluffy, romance between Kurt and Dave. If you've read my stuff you know I try and update as regularly as possible. Also you need to have read the other two stories for this to make any sort of sense.

WARNING/S: There's nothing explicit at all in this story, but it will obviously make reference to what happened in "Into the Dark". There may be potential smut in much later chapters if this story goes that way. I don't know at this stage. I'm not having Kurt jump into anything given his current fragile state.


"He's going to kill him!" Rachel exclaims, eyes wide and out of breath from running in, disrupting their practice. He knows Rachel has a flair for the dramatic, one he recognizes because it mirrors his own, but this is more than just that, she is genuinely freaking out. The girls have all stopped singing, staring at the pair of them and Mercedes and Santana have crowded close.

"Who?" Mercedes asks.


"Who's killing Puck?"


"Pfft. Blaine could never take on Puck," Santana mutters, flicking her hair and Rachel looks murderous.

"NO! Puck is going to kill Blaine."

"Oh shit…"

He's running then, barely hears Santana say how that scenario is actually far more likely. He has no idea why Puck would want to kill Blaine, but beat him to a pulp? That he can believe. All of Puck's glances the last few days, and he knows Puck considers himself some sort of weird avenging-angel-of-the-dark or something equally stupid, trying to recant all his misdeeds.

He skitters into the choir room and his eyes widen in horror. There's blood. A lot of it and Blaine is covered in it. Sam and Mike are holding back a struggling Puck, while Finn and Mr Schue are on the ground beside Blaine, looking completely lost. Mr Schue is trying, and failing, to maintain some semblance of order, yelling at Puck to calm down while trying to stop a struggling Blaine from getting up. Mercedes and Santana are beside him, and they both look pleased, which he finds annoying for some reason.

"Puck! What have you done?"

"I figured out what he did. And no one has done anything about it!"

Kurt stares at him in horror.


"He drugged you! And…" his eyes shift around the room, taking in everyone who is watching their exchange intently and Kurt feels sick. This is the last thing he wanted.

"I don't know where you got that idea from Noah, but I have never been drugged. Blaine however…was."

He refuses to say more than that, but Noah's eyes have gone wide and he's looking between him and Blaine, confused.

"Then… what happened? Cause I heard what you yelled at him…and…"

"You jumped to conclusions. The wrong conclusion. How did you hear about the drugs anyway?" Kurt asks, and everyone's watching them like a tennis match, eyes growing wider every time they say the word drug.

"Rachel. Talking to him…" Puck mutters, gesturing behind Kurt with his chin and he turns to find Rachel standing in the doorway, eyes watery, surrounded by the entire TroubleTones constituency.

"Of course," Kurt mutters, eyes rolling and glaring at her. She looks repentant, but he's pretty sure that's almost one of her default states now.

"So you dumped him because he took drugs?" Sam asks.

"Wait, you and Blaine broke up?"

"Oh my god Finn! Look. Everyone. Pay attention, I am not going to repeat this. Blaine and I are no longer together. Because I don't want the whole world knowing what is meant to be private business that's all you need to know," he shoots a glare at Puck then, who just frowns. "All the people who I want to know, who need to know, already do. This is not open to discussion or debate," he stares them all down and gets imperceptible nods from everyone except Puck who is now glaring at him. "Has anyone gone to get the nurse? That's a lot of blood."

It's as if a summoning has taken place and she appears in the doorway, followed by Miss Pillsbury and Artie. He waits for her to kneel beside Blaine before stalking back into the hallway. He doesn't want to care, can't care about him, but he takes no satisfaction in seeing him lying there covered in blood. Which annoys him a bit, because he'd like to be a little bit perverse and like someone else's pain. When a hand grabs his arm he freezes, turning slowly, eyes glacial. He has to get used to people touching him again, but there's nothing telling him he has to start today.

"Let me go."

Puck's hand drops instantly but he doesn't let him walk away, stepping in front of him and blocking him each time he tries to step past.

"I know he did something. He did deserve it… Did he rape you?"

"God Noah! This is none of your business!" He tries to get past him again, feels a little panicky that he can't, but tamps it down. He's at school, and despite Puck's somewhat illustrious history, he's confident he wouldn't hurt him.

"I'm making it my business."

"You're impossible!" He stomps his foot and ignores the fact he probably looks like a toddler about to throw a tantrum. "No. He didn't. Too close for my liking, but he didn't. And we are each dealing with things in our own way because he was drugged. By Sebastian. So if anyone deserves a smack in the face, it's him. Not that I'm giving you free reign to go and do that either!"


"Yes! Oh! I think you owe Blaine an apology!"

He pushes past him and this time Puck lets him and he gets maybe three steps before he hears Rachel crying, and he stops and turns. He really doesn't need all this drama in his life right now.

"Oh Kurt! I'm so sorry, I didn't even think of what could happen if anyone overheard and took it the wrong way."

"It's not me you have to apologize to Rachel. It's Blaine. But if you're apologizing about talking about my private life when it's none of your business, then apology not accepted."

Her mouth gapes open and he stomps down the hallway, back to the others. He grabs his bag and excuses himself. He's had it with school for the day, and it's after school practice for a club he doesn't actually officially belong to, and he sure as hell isn't going back into the choir room. He hops into his car, wondering what the hell has happened to his life and bumps his head against the staring wheel in frustration. When he sits all the way back up Finn is staring at him through the window and he jumps before turning the car on and winding down the window.

"What?" He snaps, because he's had it up to the eyeballs right now, and Finn is looking all sorts of hurt and angry, and he really can't deal with this right now.

"So, I guess I don't count as one of the important people huh?" Finn says and Kurt sees red. He will not feel bad about not sharing what is meant to be private with all and sundry!

"Don't you dare get all self righteous on me Finn Hudson! You could barely stand to see me and Blaine kiss let alone hear details of some type of sexual assault. And the fact that your head has been ever further up in the clouds than usual that you didn't even think to ask why I wasn't coming to Glee practice, or notice that Blaine and I were no longer joined at the hip."

"Wait, what Puck said was right?"

"I can't do this right now Finn. I'll talk to you later if I have to, but stop acting like I've hurt you someway by deliberately keeping this from you. I'll see you at home."

He winds up the window and reverses the car, leaving Finn standing there looking worried and confused. He drives around aimlessly for a while, wondering if he could maybe fast forward through the rest of senior year. He's gone from wanting a magical unforgettable year to just wanting to survive it and get out. He stops the car eventually, hating the idea of just wasting gas and looks out in surprise. He's stopped outside Dave's house.