Hello. I have had reviews stating that I am writing child porn for this story and that they have reported me. I have never thought of it as this way. I wrote it for the story more than anything else and could not be bothered changing the canon too much so just had Harry at fourteen. Of course, I know that the situations I wrote about in this fic should they occur in real life and horrific. I do not condone nor support child abuse. It is horrific and those who do should be locked up for the rest of their lives.

But it's scared me and hurts me that people would think that I condone child abuse through this story so I am going to adjust the story by aging Harry and his peers two years so that Harry is sixteen when this starts. Thus, first years are thirteen when they start Hogwarts and sixteen in fourth year.

I have also removed the majority of the sexual scenes from this story. If you want to read the original version where Harry is fourteen please go to Ao3:

archiveofourown works / 4140426 / chapters / 9338409

If anyone spots typos, grammar, spelling errors, Harry being referred to as the wrong age or scenes that they think should be on ao3. Please let me know and I'll try and correct it as much as possible.