She jerked out of the strangers grasp and saw a blue hedgehog standing over her, "Are you okay?"

She backed away, "W-why did you take me? I wanna go back," tears formed in her eyes.

"Why? Eggman's evil," the hedgehog looked confused.

"No he's not! Don't talk about my uncle like that!" she yelled, then shrank away.

"Okay, now I'm really confused."

"Look, just take me back! I wanna go back," she whimpered.

"Maybe you should go lie down. Here," he offered picking her up.

She flinched, but exhaustion was tugging at her and by the time he'd set her down in a bed, she was asleep.

"She's not dangerous!" she heard the hedgehog yell.

"I don't care," another voice growled, "She's for Eggman."

"She doesn't know any better," the hedgehog countered, "He convinced her he's her uncle."

"It doesn't matter, now move aside," the dark voice commanded.

She trembled as footsteps stopped in front of tthe door. The handle turned and she ducked under the covers. They were ripped from her hands and a red and black hedgehog threw her over this shoulder.

"W-what're you doing?" she asked fearfully.

He didn't answer and began walking down the stairs, "Hang on Shadow," the blue hedgehog said, "Where do you think you're taking her?"

"She can't stay," Shadow growled, "Now move aside, Sonic."

"Can you please put me down?" she begged quietly.

He put her down and crossed his arms, "Well?"

She surpressed a shudder, "I-I just want to know what's going on."

Shadow smirked, "You trust Eggman."

"Well, he's my uncle," she insisted.

"Eggman doesn't have any family," Shadow snorted.

She winced, "I'm one of the last ones."

"Isn't it odd that he'd be related to a hedgehog?" he asked.

"I-I guess, but why do you have to take me away? Can I just go back. I don't want to be here," she whimpered lowering her gaze.

"You're not in danger," Sonic assured her, "In fact, the only reason I brought you, was because I thought Eggman was holding you hostage."

"Why would he do that?" she asked cluelessly.

Sonic smiled, "Eggman's evil?"

"No he's not! He's really nice. He got me a laptop and he let me run around the base and hang out with his robots..."

"Trust me, he's evil. He tries to continuasly kill me and my friends, tries to manipulate people, so on so forth," Sonic said.

"B-b-but..." she struggled to find words.

"He's evil and anyone who believes him is too," Shadow said obviously wanting to close the conversation.

"But I'm not evil!" she protested.

He moved closer, "I don't care."

"Can I at least prove it?" she begged.


She stepped back and he raised his fist. She flinched away, but the hit never came.

She slowly opened her eyes, "Give her a chance," Sonic said.

"It's to risky," Shadow tensed and she backed up and tripped over the stair.

Someone caught her and she saw that Shadow was the one. She blushed, then yelped as he flung her over his shoulder again.

"Where would you take her anyways?" Sonic demanded.

Shadow scowled, "She doesn't need to know."

She began to tremble and tears sprung forth, "I'm not letting you hurt an innocent girl," Sonic said.

"Fine," she heard a shout and as Shadow moved forwarrd she saw that Sonic had been thrown into the wall.

"No! Let me go! He's hurt!" she yelled.

He set her down and tied her up, then dragged her outside. She jerked against him and screamed uselssly against a gag. It was pouring rain outside and soon she was drenched. She felt tears slide down her face and she hung her head in shame. He ungagged her and she remained quiet.
I just want to go home, she thought miserably, letting herself fall alseep.

Poor, Kayla. Where's Shadow taking her? WHAT THE FUDGE IS GONNA HAPPEN! Read the next chapter, review, and find out. ;) ~tfflv