title: We Were In Love
character[s]: Sakura
dedication: I am very tired of the kunoichi having almost no screen time. It's not correct, in my opinion (though I know this is a shonen manga). Plus, I have always wanted to see what would happen if things played out much more dramatically and much more ironically. In a sense, this is what popped into my mind after piecing things together and seeing a sort of pattern. Oh, and to Bellatrix Lestrange, my favorite character from Harry Potter!
notes: I was very pleased how The People Who Love Her And The People She Loves turned out. I also am liking how The Reason I Became a Witch is coming along. This one will probably be somewhat similiar to those to fanfics. However, unlike the former, there will be no quotes incorporated into this fanfic and, unlike the latter, this fanfic will be in chronologic order, so hopefully this story will be as well-liked as those two. Enjoy please!
notes 2: Though the title is named after T-ara's and Davichi's collaboration, I have not decided with I am going to make this a true SakuShizu fanfic in the sense of lovers or anything close to that. I might if it'll make the story much more touching/dramatic, but I'm not sure as of now.

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We Were In Love

It has been a week now. A week since Tsunade's death. A week since Shizune's deflection—only a deflection because Sakura still can't call it a betrayal (and she can't call it a betrayal because she refuses to have her heart broken again). It has been days since Tsunade's funeral. Days since Sakura last cried. Days since everything fell apart. It has been days—a week and three days in total—now, but the thought still hasn't made its way to Sakura's brain. To the pinkette, it still feels like only yesterday. Only yesterday…

Her hand jerks to wipe away her tears but, as she feels the dryness of her face, she realizes that again her wails were only heard in her imagination. She is still Tsunade's apprentice—she still is because only Tsunade herself was the past now—and Shizune is still Tsunade's assistant (no matter what has happened, no matter what, Sakura keeps telling herself, no matter what). But Sakura is alone now. So terribly alone. Not even Naruto can understand her pain, no matter where the fuck he is in this goddamn war. She is alone now, so desperately and horribly alone even though the ANBU are tailing her. (In fact, she can see, from the corner of her now dull emerald eyes, one of her "guards", standing right outside of her tent.)

She lets out a dry laugh—she's sure her wry chuckle (almost like that insane laugh of her ex-teammate's whom she refuses to name in her time of grief and definitely not this close—oh-so close—to a mental breakdown) is not her imagination now. She doesn't care if her out-of-character persona (not really out-of-character now, she supposes, if what the council believes is true) has spooken the ANBU. She doesn't care. She doesn't care about these dogs the council has sent. Those ANBU aren't there to protect her. No. They are there to watch her. To make sure she is truly loyal to Konoha and to the Shinobi Alliance. They are there to make sure she doesn't follow her senior co-apprentice (because Shizune was once that) down the dark path she has chosen. They are there to take her down if that is truly needed for the safety of the rest of the shinobi fighting in this war on their side. They do not care about her. No, they don't. They are just there to report back to those Elders, Konoha's supposedly wise council.

Elders? Council? Sakura scoffs and lashes out at the mere thought. It is them who has driven Shizune off the edge. It is them who has driven both Shizune and Sasuke out of her reach. Sakura would care less now about what those old geezers thought. She would care less if they thought her a threat because if she is labelled a threat (or even a loose cannon) then she knows she has clearance to just assassinate—or maybe massacre and even mutilate (oh, that would be nice after all they've ruined in her life)—those two disgraces to all of society (and disgraces to any Hokage's reign that they've been alive and well in).

But she doesn't care anymore about what they thought, or even what her fellow Konoha shinobi thought now. Her (icy. cold. lethal. deadly.) demeanor at Tsunade's funeral was evidence enough (-evidence or just an act for everyone to believe?-) of her deteriorating mental state, and it is enough for everyone to know that she was not to be trifled with, especially not now. Not now when she's cursing and cussing and blaming all those who have caused her this pain, all those who have led and let events like these to happen and unfold. She doesn't hate any of them. No. She doesn't because hatred would divert her from her goal. Her goal… Can she even call it a goal, this double-edged sword she wants to wield?

She stabs the syringe into her shoulder—it doesn't hurt her (because she hasn't felt any pain since Tsunade's life disappeared right in front of her eyes on that faithful day)—before letting the smoke bomb drop to the ground. A purple miasma fills her tent, and the ANBU rush in, probably in an attempt to try and save her from what looks like a suicide. But before they can do anything, they drop to the ground like flies. But not her because she has given herself the antidote before she let this quick-acting poison into the air. She doesn't care enough to try and contain the gas. She doesn't care if passersby die, too. She'll need a rap sheet if she is to accomplish what she is setting out to do.

And as she watches the ANBU die at her feet, a cruel smirk makes its way onto her stone face. Killing really does have its benefits. For once, since Tsunade's death, she actually feels again. And as she walks out of the tent and out of the alliance, she relishes the high and rush of adrenaline she feels. She hasn't felt more alive than she does now.

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afterthought: It's much more darker than what I had originally planned. In fact, Sakura seems much more unstable than I wanted her to be. Hm . . . I think it's going along nicely. Don't you guys agree? Well, that's what happens when I read too much fanfics about Bellatrix Lestrange.
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