title: We Were In Love
character[s]: Sakura and Shizune with minor appearances by the Uchiha brothers at the very end
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We Were In Love

It is strange, Sakura muses (hums and almost sings in her head). It is strange that, in only a matter of three days, she has found her senior co-apprentice. Out in the open, and Sakura has even managed to surprise her too! ("Oh, no, no, no, this won't do at all. And you call yourself a shinobi, Shizune-neechan?") She throws in the honorific—the innocent and sweet honorific—only to get some sort of response—any response would do really because Sakura is only trying to get onto Shizune's good side, and if that doesn't work then she would have successfully pissed the woman off. It is win-win situation for Sakura, anyhow. Oh, how Sakura loved to win almost as she loved to gamble. Kind of like Tsunade, in that odd way.

("What are you doing here?")

Sakura laughs—cackles, chortles, chuckles—at how guarded her sweet and dear Shizune has gotten. (Well, it doesn't really help one's confidence when she has killed one of the leaders of the Allied Forces, after all.) The thought pops into her mind, and so Sakura supposes she can forgive Shizune this once. ("I'm here to help you, Neechan. I left the Allied Forces just for you! I've even killed all the ANBU guards stationed to watch me!") She almost has to laugh again when Shizune raises her eyebrow. (Yes, yes, see what you turned me into. See what kind of monster I've become just for you!)

("You . . . you've killed…?")

Sakura bites back her tongue, bites it back so hard that she's almost bleeding (bleeding metallic red), to stop herself from screaming out at the black-haired woman. The ANBU, the death of those measley—little—creeps, were nothing in comparison to Lady Tsunade, the death of the Hokage and the death of a mother! (Sakura knows "motherly" is a better word as to not cause confusion—any more than she already has—but that was what Tsunade was to her: a mother! And that, she can never forgive Shizune for.)

("Why?" Shizune is not fazed at all at the mention of her former comrades dying, only fazed that their deaths were at the fragile cherry blossom's will. "You were always loyal to the Allied Forces. Why change your mind?")

(("Because! I was never loyal to them, didn't you know, Shizune-neechan?") Oh, yes, didn't you know? You who was always there teaching me? You who I had so blindly modeled myself on? You who I've always looked up to? ("I was only loyal because of Tsunade-shisou and Naruto! But Naruto's abandoned me, left me to fend for myself!") Naruto is nothing more than a attention-hogging BASTARD! He is no more better than that STUPID Sasuke and that IGNORANT Kakashi-sensei! ("And Tsunade isn't here anymore to anchor me anymore! There's nothing to hold me back!") No one left to tell me what to do! Nobody left to keep drilling me over and over again not to betray those who stepped on my love! ("That horrid place where people would kill each other, whose leaders would turn their backs on large families that had remained loyal to their village, and whose citizens fight only for themselves! That place is more disgusting than even Hell itself!") Yes, yes, what a horrible place! Such a terrible place—can it even be called a place? ("That's why I've come to help you, Shizune-neechan!") That's why . . . that's why . . . that's why you won't hate me, right, Shizune? You won't hate me, no matter what I do? You won't call me annoying, you won't leave me, you won't laugh at me, right? Right, Shizune? ("You are the only one I can trust, no matter what! That's what we were both taught, wasn't it? That the only ones in the whole world worthy of our trust were ourselves and nobody else!") Wasn't that what we were taught? You can't leave me, Neechan! You can't! You can't, and you won't! You won't leave me and throw me aside like everyone else, right? You won't do that, right? You won't! I know you won't, Shizune!)

Sakura knows, and senses the fear, that Shizune doesn't believe her. (Well, why not? I haven't attacked her, even though I'm so, so, so very close! If I just reach out, I can just snap her neck!) And so, she reaches into her pocket and hands Shizune a scroll.

(("I won't betray you, Neechan. I'll tell you everything you want to know. This scroll carries all of the Allied Force's plans.") The fools left it right out in the open. Didn't they know someone could steal it? Did they want somebody to steal it? ("They're idiots. Without us and Tsunade, they're nothing. In fact, the upper-ups don't want anyone to know of our deflection.") Those pitiful old baffoons! Do they really think that hiding would help their cause? Soon, everyone will know… ("It's perfect for us, Shizune. Perfect because now we're completely invisible, to both the Allied Forces and Madara. We can do whatever we want! And—"))

Sakura shuts her mouth then—it wouldn't do her any good, now would it, for passersby to hear her—and turns around to greet their guests. Her eyes, at times dull and at times bright, are now wide when she realizes who's there. The shock is almost as bad as the brunt force she felt at Tsunade's funeral.

There, standing before her, was Uchiha Itachi. And besides him, helping him, working with him, was his younger brother.

Sakura could not believe it. (Well . . . shit.)

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