This has been bothering me for quite a while and since I'm placing my OP stories on Hiatus for the moment, this one will take its update place. This story will be based on Wheeljack and Ratchet, the prologue is just a taste of what's it about. It'll focus on the entirety of their past together. From Sparklings to the current prologue. Their past story will circumference the first 6 -7 chapters and will include a lot of angst. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoy writing it.

The warning and story notes will be listed below:

Pairing: Wheeljack x Ratchet

Rating: NC 17

Warnings: mech/mech smut, spark sex, sticky sex and EM play violence, sparkling abuse, mechpreg, incest and sparklings. Some OC's but they are never explored in detail.


Astrosecond - 0.05 seconds

Nanoklik - 1 second

Klik - 1 minute

Breem - 8 minutes

Joor - 1 Hour

Cycle 18 Hours

Orn - Day

Metacycle - 6 years

Vorn - 83 years

Stellar Cycle - 83 Vorns

Chapter notes:

"..." Talking

"..." Comm. line

Thoughts or Emphasis on a word/ memory recall or disjointed thoughts

~...~ Medical Hardline

::Lovers:: Spark Bond/Twin bond

'...' Private comm.

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"All available medical staff please report to the Emergency Ward. I repeat all available medical staff please report to―"Ratchet: CMO of the current skeleton staff of the Iconian Hospital jerked from his light recharge, several datapads and medical reports crashing to the ground in a harsh noise in Ratchet's hurry to get up. His silver chevron scraping against the desk and sending a mixed signal of pleasure and pain across his intensely tuned sensor net. Shaking his helm to clear his processor before he rushed towards the emergency call. His pedesteps harsh as he hurried through the corridors to the get to the Emergency Ward. His spark fluttering in his chest frantically; seeking out the bond he shared with his split spark twin ― Wheeljack. Whenever the Emergency ward was activated in the time of instability Ratchet always checked his bond to see if his beloved brother was on the other end of that bonded link. If he was alright...

::'Jack! 'Jack! Please answer me! WHEELJACK!:: Panic slammed into Ratchet an astrosecond later when Wheeljack didn't answer his frantic cries. His pedesteps faltered as his left servo curled above his spark chamber. Cherry red servos trembling slightly whilst the Medic fought with his over fraught emotions. Servos' trembling when he realized the connection was slammed shut purposely and he couldn't even feel a touch of Wheeljack's familiar and overwhelming presence.

::'Jack! Please! ANSWER ME!:: Skidding to halt outside the doors Ratchet barely had enough patience to wait for the doors to hiss open and allow him inside.

"What the frag is going on here?" Ratchet shouted, his booming voice stilling most of the medical staff that were scurrying about and prepping several berths for the injured. A frown marred his faceplates as over bright optics struggled to focus on what he supposed to focus on.

"CMO Ratchet, sir! Aren't you off this cycle?" Ratchet's optics narrowed. He was hiding his own panic well from the others.

"It doesn't matter. Now someone please tell what is going on here?" This time there was a minute tremble in his vocalizer and he cut himself off before it could be noticed. His perfect composure of a CMO should never falter he reminded himself softly. He was the highest authority in this medical facility and it wouldn't help his subordinates if he lost it himself.

"We've just received a report of another attack deeper into Iacon; the Science and Engineering buildings have been almost completely demolished. We're waiting for the survivors, two are in critical condition and five others escaped with severe injuries but not spark threatening." Ratchet nearly collapsed, his spark was busy threatening to tear itself apart at the news.

Wheeljack? Could Wheeljack be dying? His anxiety peeked as Ratchet's pedes nearly collapsed from under him. He had warned his brother not to go back to the Science sector, he had been afraid this would happen and now that it had he was more than afraid. Earlier that orn before they had departed ways, Ratchet had a feeling of foreboding in his spark and he had warned Wheeljack that he shouldn't leave for that side of the city. Iacon was almost always under attack these last few orns, the only buildings that were never bombed was the hospital and the science sectors because of the patients and the explosive quality of the science sectors. Ratchet had always thanked Primus for that small mercy but now, even with his hospital overflowing with the injured and dead from the constant aerial assaults and Decepticon revolutionary attacks; that small hope had been shattered. But now―.

"ETA?" Ratchet barked suddenly, he was already moving through the scrambling medics and nurses to check their progress. Sharp and focused optics was hiding the fact that he busy falling apart on the inside.

"One and a half breems." Ratchet nodded stiffly, his optics supervising the scrambling in the Emergency Ward. His internal bond was still reaching out to his brother frantically. Stiff shoulder plates and straight back struts betraying his growing internal panic. When the doors finally hissed open from the outside Ratchet felt his spark freeze completely. His bond flooded with pain and frantic terror. On one of the movable berths laid his brother's mangled form. His chevron of light blue was crushed in, audial indicators a dull grey were dead and non responsive to his frantic calls. This time he was about to sink to the floor in distress, the pain in his spark was bruising him beyond anything he had ever felt before. He was almost completely crippled the more his optics took in.

His brother was covered in processed and unprocessed Energon, his entire chest armour plates were almost completely bent in and covered in soot, blackened metal and Energon. Dark, shuttered optics were unresponsive to any sort of treatment the field medics tried in order to stabilize him. Ratchet's panic stalled when he saw the light glow of his brother's slowing spark pulse from a gap in the armour. There was a pull on his bond, a small plea for help and at that small tug made him fly to his brother. Cherry red servos ran across a dented helm to offer physical comfort for the both of them. Fingers trailed gently over the bent chevron lightly, he would fix it later. He would fix this. Fix everything just like Wheeljack had for him many, many vorn ago in their unhappy, violent past.

"'Jack please, please stay with me." Ratchet pleaded desperately, finally giving into his screaming medical programming. It needed to take over before Ratchet lost it completely and followed his brother and they both died.

"Wheeljack." He murmured softly in comfort again. He didn't think, he just acted. Shoving the rest of the medical team away and taking his brother away from the din of the Emergency Ward. His pedes hurried down the corridor to a prepped operating room. Slamming the door with a burst of data behind him before he scrambled the lock so that his assistants and other medical staff couldn't enter. He needed to do this alone if he was going to save his slit spark twin. Even with his spark breaking and pulsing wildly within his spark chamber. When optics finally settled on the wounds in more detail Ratchet reeled with the information his medical programming alerted him to. Wheeljack was in severe critical condition.

Cherry red servos worked frantically to stabilize Wheeljack's condition; all the while his bond was sending comforting signals and desperate pleas for his brother to stay with him and not go to the Well of Sparks. He knew it was selfish but he couldn't help it.

Leaking Energon lines were clamped, soldered and sealed as efficiently and speedily as possible. A broken fuel pump was mended with skilled and careful movements. Red servos worked frantically to clear the now stuttering intakes of debris and broken components. Dampening sensors as far as he went Ratchet was desperate to lessen the suffering he knew Wheeljack was no likely in at that moment in time even when his systems were in a forced stasis.

When he sort of stabilized the Energon flow and stuttering intakes Ratchet worked on the bent in and almost completely crushed spark chamber. This was the most difficult part as well, Ratchet was well aware that the moment he opened that spark chamber, the spark inside was going to want to extinguish and leave Wheeljack's body because of the pain and desperate injuries he had sustained. He always needed to stabilize a mech's systems first before he could conduct a successful spark transfer to a containment cube.

::I know this is going to feel very weird 'Jack but I need you to stay with me and keep yourself calm.:: Ratchet pushed over their clamped bond enough to shatter the wall Wheeljack had no likely built to keep him from experiencing the pain the engineer was in. Reeling with the sudden pain that slammed over their bond Ratchet pushed himself so that he could finish the most dangerous part of this operation. Even if he was bearing the brunt of Wheeljack's pain right now.

Preparing charged rods and a proper containment chamber; Ratchet set the charges of the containment chamber to his own spark's familiar configurations and pulse, knowing that Wheeljack's was just like his ― they were spark split twins after all. There was no time for a in-depth scan to prepare the stasis chamber for Wheeljack's spark so Ratchet's used his own spark resonance to prepare the last of the settings. It would be better that way as well, it would be like how a spark merge would feel and help in keeping Wheeljack calm and not panicking in his induced spark stasis.

Extracting the last reserves of his strength, Ratchet charged a containment field whilst working on prying open the last crushed part of Wheeljack's spark chamber. His servos never once stopping in offering a gentle and comforting touch. Cherry red servos dived into the chamber the moment it opened; fingers curling around the bouncing spark possessively to keep it from escaping and fading into nothingness. The moment the containment field wrapped over the spark it pressed against his hand experimentally, almost in a nuzzling fashion. Keeping his servo's ready, Ratchet waited for the spark to settle and get accustomed to the familiar warmth of its split spark twin's touch. It stilled in its fighting and almost purred against Ratchet's servo.

"That's it Wheeljack, stay with me." Ratchet cooed gently, fingers brushing against the jittering spark before he placed it into the containment chamber. Numerous cables and wires running from the engineer on the operating berth to the containment chamber. Processors connected to the spark chamber so that memories and experiences would not be lost and a transfer line directly linked to newly repaired Energon lines to feed the spark until Wheeljack was completely repaired and ready for another transfer.

Exhaustion hit the CMO the moment he stepped back, the doors to the operating room opening at his data burst before he fell against the berth; curling protectively against the containment cube now resting against his servos. Several fully trained medics stormed in, frantically flitting about the patient on the operating berth. Their attention snapping to the CMO now sitting on another clean berth not far away with a spark stasis chamber in his hands protectively.

"R-repair the d-damage. I-I'll monitor his s-spark condition." Ratchet forced from his glitching vocalizer. His brother's white and grey form glinting in the overly bright lights of the operating ward. The sight making his tank roil at the sight of all the damage he had not fixed.

He was floating, a pleasant but slightly frightening sensation travelled through his essence. Despite the warm, familiar and gentle caress of a presence across his entire spark Wheeljack keened slightly in distress when a disjointed feeling rushed through him. He was cold, but strangely warm and the feeling of Ratchet so close to him was keeping him from his outright panicking.

::R-Ratch? Sweetspark? W-where?:: Confusion was the main emotion that now plagued his processors. He felt his bond with his twin and bondmate spark with immense relief and pure exhaustion. He couldn't feel his body and it felt like he was completely enraptured with; his brother being the only one to balance his sudden influx of panic. He reached out for the bond, stroking across it just to make sure it was real and wrapped so completely around him.

::'Jack? Oh thank Primus! I t-t-thought I l-lost you!:: Pain, terror and desperation ― he could feel them all crashing through the bond.

::I promised never to leave since Sire; I promised Sweetspark. Would you tell me what's going on Ratchet? I feel very weird...:: Wheeljack asked with a slight shudder but nuzzled his brother's presence to try and calm him completely. He knew his little brother tended to panic and withdraw into himself when Wheeljack was injured. In a show of Wheeljack's extreme protective side he cooed in return, offering comfort and acceptance. At his own question he asked he stilled and searched his memory files for an answer to his own question. Only...his entire body felt so despondent to his requests and he could barely manage to make a connection to his memory banks.

::You were caught in a Decepticon Air Raid.:: Ratchet's subdued voice began and Wheeljack could swear he felt those gentle servos brush over his spark directly. ::I had to do a spark transfer 'Jack. I-I-I a-almost l-lost you.:: At Ratchet's panicked wail and pain through their bond Wheeljack opened their connection fully and allowed calm pulses to flow through the link. When Ratchet started to calm Wheeljack tried to come to terms with what was happening. That's why everything felt so strange. His spark was in stasis.

::My Sweetspark you probably worked until you couldn't think anymore. Thank you Ratch for saving my life. I'll always love you, remember that.:: He allowed his own concern to cloud his brother's side of the link as he saturated his spark in that emotion and clung to his twin's presence behind him.

::How long Ratch?::

::Cycle and a half.:: Wheeljack expressed his love with as minimal communication he had available before pushing his gratitude into his brother's spark.

::You need to recharge Ratch. Your systems are under strain, I can feel your pain. Please my Sweetspark, rest for a bit. I'm sure your team will be able to do the rest of the work from now on.:: Wheeljack pleaded with his younger brother. But he almost knew already that Ratchet wouldn't listen to him; he could feel the pulse of distinctive defiance.

Optics barely able to keep powered observed assistants and apprentices warily, servos trembling with exhaustion and shortage of fuel. Nestled inside his trembling palms in a containment field was Wheeljack's now calm spark, giving one last check that Wheeljack's systems were repaired correctly and his armour plating was fixed and painted to the colours his twin was known for; he took a deep breath and prepared himself for the delicate transfer. Stepping forward, spark beating erratically in his own spark chamber, Ratchet leaned over the repaired spark chamber; his chevron brushing against his brother's neck cabling in a show in intimate comfort for a moment.

Not one of the other's attending the transfer said anything at the display; they all knew that Wheeljack was Ratchet's twin and bonded, having met the pair enough to know. They shared Ratchet's quarters after all and it wasn't soundproof. Ignoring the intense scrutiny he was under Ratchet placed a kiss on Wheeljack's repaired light blue chevron and dipped his cupped servos into the spark chamber. Deactivating the energy field, Ratchet let the spark in his grasp go. Optics watching patiently for several nanokliks as it glowed brightly before the spark pulsed contentedly and settled back into its casing without fighting. The plates were closing of their own accord that indicated all Wheeljack's systems had synchronized and were working correctly.

The moment Ratchet stepped back his HUD filled with so many warnings that he stumbled back. Pain rippling through his processor at his first release of tension, his pedes gave out from under him and he crashed to the floor harshly. Slamming shut the bond connection to stop Wheeljack from feeling his own pain; Ratchet tried to pull himself up with his servos but was pushed back down by an insistent white and blue servo.

"Ratchet, sir, please lay still for a few kliks. You've been on your pedes for two orns now not even taking a single break. You're systems are shutting down from Energon depletion and pure emotional and physical exhaustion. Please just stay like that until you stabilize, I'll get you some Energon before I get you back to your quarters." Staring at his apprentice with widened optics, Ratchet was about to protest when another sting of pain tore through his processor. Sometimes he wondered if the glitch he had worked so hard to ignore was still flitting through his systems from time to time. It was rearing its helm again now and the sudden pain wasn't something he was used to.

"Thank you Cobalt." Ratchet said softly, his vocalizer hitching when another sting of pain raced through his spinal struts. A charge of current was fritzzing across his optics and whiting them out for a few astroseconds as the glitch attacked his circuits. Luckily Cobalt wasn't paying attention to him anymore. Forcing his trembling servos to take his weight, he pushed himself into a sitting position despite the immense spinning of his processor. Shakily walking over to the free Medical berth in the Recovery Ward, Ratchet sat down, and his almost blind optics resting on his brother's still form where he was in stasis.

"Finnish the whole cube." Cobalt's annoyed voice snapped and Ratchet narrowed his optics at his apprentice but obeyed. The roll of sweet High Grade glided over his glossa pleasantly, heating his systems and stilling the fuel deprivation tremors. After finishing the cube of Energon another one was immediately shoved into his servos. This one was a dull pink colour and the intense smell of silver and ion. Raising an optic ridge at his student in query the CMO didn't drink a drop of it until he got an explanation. He wasn't usually given medical grade.

"Your systems are strained, sir. Drink it. It'll help you get better and then you can come visit your brother." Ratchet gave a reluctant nod. Drinking the bitter tasting Energon with a grimace: immediately his roiling fuel pump settled, his spinning processor ceased and his erratically spluttering spark stilled to a steady, controlled pulse. When Ratchet was sure he would be stable on his pedes again, he stood from where he had been seated and headed over to Wheeljack. The gentle hum of his brother's systems a soothing touch to his processor as he pressed his audial receiver to his brother's spark chamber. The thrum of a steady spark brought the curl to his lips in joy.

::Love ya 'Jack.:: He purred; their helms resting together chevron to chevron, optic to optic just like when they were younglings seeking comfort from each other. Rubbing their shared chevrons together in a small good bye, Ratchet didn't protest when Cobalt dragged him away from his twin ― he was by now too tired to even put up a fight. The moment tired and tensed back struts hit the berth in his quarters, Ratchet's optics shuttered and he fell into a deep recharge.

'I'll wake you when Wheeljack is out of stasis, sir.' Cobalt left a small message over Ratchet's comm. line before he flitted out of the spacious quarter's ― not knowing if his superior had gotten the message before he fell into recharge.

864.4 Stellar Cycles Ago:

Small servos twined together, rare split spark twins curled together on the small recharge berth ― a grey chevron rested against a light blue one in a show of comfort. Freshly into their third youngling frames the two had shown remarkable aptitude in picking up things most younglings their age had trouble with. Ratchet ― the youngest ― could already read books on the level of an adult Cybertronian, his little olfactory sensor always buried in a medical journal from the local Kaon Library. His red servos knowingly worked through the procedure of intense repairs and programming whenever he finished a datapad. With his brother already a little inventor, explosions were common in the family home but barely did any harm. The light blue chevron had been bent in and dented more than Ratchet cared to count and it had always been him to work out the dents of a painful injury. That's when Wheeljack had invented a blast mask for himself and audial indicators for when he spoke behind the mask.

The youngest keened in his recharge and Wheeljack curled his slightly larger and more bulky body around his brother protectively. A grey chevron pressing into delicate neck cables for a more soothing touch and seeking more intimate contact...

"I told you Redcross! I told you to get rid of them! I won't come back if they are still here!" A whimper, much more subtle and one not from the twins drifted through the household. The artificial lights flickered on in the home except the twins' room.

"They're my sparklings Wiper! I carried them, I cannot just give abandon them for your convenience. I love them, something you won't understand." A softer, gentler voice hissed venomously. A slew of curses echoed into the night and Ratchet made a terrified sound in the back of his vocalizer.

::Ratchy? Don't listen ok? Just be quiet.:: A tiny head nodded but didn't listen to his brother's heeded warning. His tiny body started trembling violently with the shock and memory recall of this particular mech and how it would end up. He needed to be able to hear in case his Carrier got hurt again. The soothing hand brushed across his helm to calm him was slightly helping him but Ratchet and Wheeljack were still very afraid of their Sire.

"For Primus sake Wiper get out now before I call the Enforcers. You've been banned from this home!" Redcross' voice rose in volume and Ratchet ― who was listening intently― suddenly flinched when there was a screech of metal against metal; Wheeljack's arms tightening around his brother instinctively and instantly. Energon tears sprung to clenched optics, the feeling of panic spreading through systems they were not yet used to. A pained whimper and more sounds of metal being bent and scratched rang loudly through the air. The twins flinched at the sound and Ratchet began to cry instantly. He could tell his Carrier was hurt and he couldn't go to him to help, he couldn't. His sire would come after him and Wheeljack if they did anything to attract attention to themselves.

A servo closed over Ratchet's mouth just before his vocalizer started screaming with his carrier's. The bond they shared with Redcross was flooded with pain and a deep shame and humiliation.

"NO! Don't Wiper! Stop it! Please! My Sparklings are just there! Please don't do this!" Redcross' terrified cries made both Wheeljack and Ratchet tremble.

::'Jack! Please 'Jack. Have to do something! Carrier's hurt. Please 'Jack! 'JACK!:: Ratchet shouted, clearly afraid now that Redcross' noises were sobs of pain; the obscene sounds that they didn't understand drifted through the half cracked door to their berthroom and increased their terror.

::What can we do Ratchy? We're not strong enough...:: Wheeljack sounded just as helpless as Ratchet. But when those sounds stopped and heavy footsteps headed their way, Wheeljack pulled Ratchet off of the berth and they crawled underneath it. Ratchet's whimpers quieted because he switched off his vocalizer and fought with his programming.

::Enforcers 'Jack! Like Red Siren said, they're here to help. Comm. them please! Please! 'Jack. Carrier's hurt. Sire's angry at us again.:: Ratchet's panicked babbling had Wheeljack reeling as he quickly tried to open a comm. line for the very first time. When he blurted through his comm. in a panicked state both he and Ratchet curled together as tightly as possible. Their Sire's steps were deafening through the small house, the smell of Energon was heavy in the air and both Ratchet and Wheeljack cried because they felt their bond with their Carrier snap. This time Ratchet's wailing keen couldn't be stopped and he cried through the servo clamped over his mouth.

::Ratchy please, please be quiet! Sire hadn't left yet.:: Ratchet whimpered but his cries quieted drastically. His trembling frame however never stilled even when his tears were kissed away by 'Jack and his chevron was rubbed with a comforting servo.

'Healer Ratchet? Cobalt to Healer Ratchet.' Ratchet jerked violently from a memory flux, his entire body trembling at the remembered terror and pain of that night. His intakes were stuttering with the effort to stabilize his systems again. Even he knew he had gotten precious little rest, the trauma from his past was pushing into his processors again and made him more unstable than before.

'This is Ratchet; what is it Cobalt?' Ratchet asked irritated. His optics coming online as he stumbled towards his private wash racks. His chronometer told him that he had been in recharge for the better part of an entire cycle. That fact told him that Cobalt had spiked his Energon the orn before. Choosing to ignore it for the time being, Ratchet slipped beneath the warming spray and allowed the solvent to wash over his white and red plating.

'Sir, Wheeljack has been showing signs of coming out of stasis. He'll be awake in a few breems.'

'I'll be there in a two breems, Cobalt and do me a favour. Don't ever spike my Energon again.' He growled before cutting the comm. before Cobalt could respond. He scrubbed at his armour to get it to its pristine white shimmer in hopes of restoring his reputation as the CMO of the largest hospital in Iacon. It was a prestigious position and he was proud to be in that position just as he knew Wheeljack was the head of the Engineering department. Sighing as he pressed an absorbent towel across his armour, another of his twin's inventions, to dry off the excess solvent.

When he finally got out of his quarters he politely greeted some of the staff that passed him, his pedesteps hurried as he headed for a private ward that his brother had been taken to after his systems had stabilized. Closing the door behind him with a burst of data and locking it from curious mech's, Ratchet headed over to his beloved brother. His cherry red servos tracing over the dips and planes of his twin's face. Triggering the hidden release for that infernal blast mask before curious fingers dipped against smooth and pliable lip plates. He marvelled at the contours of Wheeljack's faceplates. They were almost identical to his, it was the only time mechs would wonder if they were related but Wheeljack kept his features so well hidden that many didn't know of their origins. Many suspected their sparkbond but never that they were split spark twins.

"Ratchet? Are you alright?" Ratchet jumped, his fingers about to be pulled away in his fright but Wheeljack's servo caught his and squeezed their fingers together before twining their fingers in a show of comforted intimacy. Wheeljack smiled at his beloved, audial fins flashing a bright blue in contentment.

"You're asking me you fragger! You nearly died Wheeljack! I almost died with you!" Ratchet yelled suddenly, his fear pushing through their bond but before he could protest his smaller frame was jerked forward and with amazing strength for someone who nearly died a few cycles ago. Ratchet's frame was pulled onto the berth and up onto Wheeljack so that their chassis were resting together side by side, their faceplates precariously close to sharing a kiss before Ratchet realized just what had happened.

An almost silent mewl escaped his vocalizer at the touch, his spark was pulsing wildly in his chamber.

"'Jack! Please you're injured, almost died. Don't do something so reckless!" Ratchet cried frantically but was silenced by a kiss to his lip plates. A sly glossa pressed into his mouth in a brief but intimate kiss. Ratchet couldn't resist and melted against his brother's form, strong arms rested against his back struts in a gesture meant to calm and reassure that he was alright.

"I'll rest if you stay, Sweetspark but we you need rest as well. I can feel your straining systems." Ratchet sighed, his spark finally relaxing a bit now that his brother was alright and out of the danger of being almost dead. The gentle thrum of Wheeljack's spark chamber against his own soon had Ratchet a strutless mass of contentment, his engine was even purring lightly.

"Recharge Sweetspark." Ratchet nodded and despite his earlier recharge he slipped away, comforted that his memories wouldn't be as traumatizing as the last memory flux. A kiss to his grey chevron encouraged the last of his consciousness to fade from his processor.

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