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Astrosecond - 0.05 seconds

Nanoklik - 1 second

Klik - 1 minute

Breem - 8 minutes

Joor - 1 Hour

Cycle 18 Hours

Orn - Day

Metacycle - 6 years

Vorn - 83 years

Stellar Cycle - 83 Vorns

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"..." Comm. line

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823 Stellar Cycles into the Past:

Newly born sparkling twins clung to their Carrier's blue and red frame in search of comfort and strengthening their Carrier-Sparkling bond. There was no Sire present and the few Medics still fluttering around in the graveyard shift wondered if it one of those cases where the Carrier had been violated and sparked or if the Sire had simply left. Leaving the responsibility of raising two sparklings whilst rarely being out of his own mechling frame as well; their sparks went out for the junior medic Redcross ― one of their own in a situation such as that was one they would never wish upon one so young. Yet, his spark was gentle and caring in nature and that was all that mattered, no matter the life that was ahead for the twins, they all knew that Redcross would look after them and love them with his entire spark.

In Kaon seeing such things as single creators weren't as uncommon and morally inept as they were in cities like Praxus and Iacon; sometimes those little sparklings were the result of rape as well...

The Medic, Lightgash, made a quick check over the recharging forms. A sense of awe gripping his processor and spark at the sight of the twins nestled against their Carrier's spark chamber. He had been online for many ceaseless stellar cycles, been a Medic for even longer ― he thought wryly. This was only the second time he had ever come across split spark twins. It was a very rare phenomenon that a single sparklet would split into two several orns before the separating process and protoform transfer. And the Carrier having carried two protoforms was even more astounding. Those two were the little miracles that the Kaon Hospital had needed to lift their spirits after vorns of depression and gang related injuries, gladiator pit left-overs and outright assaults on potential theft victims. Their morgue was filled to capacity and it was rare to see a Primus given miracle like this in a place that was worse than the Pit itself.

A small smile tugged at Lightgash's lip components; a little display of the relief he felt that there was still something so beautiful in this life. Those two forms, one nearly completely white with the markings of red already displayed the innocence, intelligence and gentle demeanour that would one orn end up as a brilliant Medic. That was little Ratchet as he remembered. The other, the aged medic was sure, would be just as brilliant as his brother. A light blue chevron ― matching the blue on his carrier's frame ― was strong and proud. The grey, red and green made for a colourful sparkling that would most likely have the optimism to rival his paint scheme and the intense will to protect and never give up. The little bit of grey and green was most likely a tinge from the Sire but the colours did not give the medic any clue as to who could have sired these two little miracles. Either way both Ratchet and Wheeljack were beautiful and their sparks were so pure that Lightgash knew not even Kaon could corrupt their innocence and purity.

Folding his black servos in front of him; he continued to look onto the scene with intense optics. Managing to completely ignore the rush of the hospital behind him was an easy task with those two spread before him. Dark blue, almost purple, optics took in the scene with hidden amusement and complete awe.

The youngest twin began shifting in his recharge, tiny red servos seeking out something to hold onto before the soft wailing began. Large coolant tears of blue poured from light blue optics ― they were so light they were almost completely white as Primus' had rumoured to be in the Holy Relics. The little vocalizer was now spitting a bit of static and little clicks and warbles of distress, a sound that was often associated with new sparklings. The sounds echoed pleasantly into the empty Maternity Ward. Tiny fingers scrabbling across his Carrier's frame for purchase until the little sparkling managed to clamber onto the softly rising and falling chest of his Carrier. Little audios pressed against the spark chamber but even then the wailing didn't stop.

Another pair of blue optics, these ones a bit darker than his brother's, cycled on several astroseconds after his twin's ― danced around the room curiously. Taking as much as his tiny processor would allow. Tiny audial receivers picked up the distressed sound of his twin's crying. Blue optics sought out where the sound was coming from with confusion before he clumsily reached forward. A delicate grey servo grasping a cherry red one that was even smaller than his own. Little Wheeljack was already a very curious little mech. Lightgash felt his spark stutter in his spark chamber when he saw the oldest pull his brother towards him. The youngest slid off of his Carrier's spark chamber dangerously and for a moment the old Medic was worried Ratchet was going to fall on top of his brother before they both crashed to the ground. Cursing that he hadn't placed them in railed berths ― Lightgash breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Wheeljack scoot backwards to make space for his twin right next to him before the inevitable could happen.

Two pairs of sparkling optics stared at one another for a moment in fear before Ratchet's crying subsided; he was in his brother's arms now and felt safe.

The Medic cooed at the sight; his spark melting in his chest. The grey sparkling clung to his brother possessively, two pairs of optics both shuttering as their systems calmed from the induced stress and forced them into recharge. A few kliks later the twins were deep in recharge, little Ratchet scooting closer to the warmth of his brother. Tiny lip plates parted to take the tip of a light blue chevron into a small mouth before the white and red twin suckled at the proud point happily. The Medic chuckled when Wheeljack's tiny engine rumbled to life in an enjoyed purr. Unconsciously the older twin pressed into the touch, his helm nuzzling the mouth curled around his sensitive chevron.

Smiling indulgently at the adorable sparklings; he saved a recording of the moment for when he was really old and dying. He wouldn't want to forget the happy little scene he had just witnessed. A call of his name over the internal comm. system had him turning his back on the small family reluctantly. Allowing the door to hiss closed behind him with disappointment as he was informed the Emergency Ward was already overflowing with the victims of the newest gang war.

The small happiness of seeing split spark twins interact barely an orn after their birth was a treasure he would never forget. Even when the weariness of the world sagged his shoulder plates once more. The image of little Ratchet sucking on his brother's chevron would forever be burned into his optics...


The twins sat on the floor of the small home that belonged to their Carrier; the soft, pliable memory metal on the floor was their play surface since they were out of their first sparkling frames. They were still young, just over 5 stellar cycles old. Their third and last sparkling frames had settled only a vorn ago and now the twins were playing with the Cybertronian toys their Carrier had bought for them. Soon they would be entering their youngling upgrades.

Ratchet was sitting in the middle of their play mat with Wheeljack babbling loudly next to him, his curious light blue optics taking in the blocks nestled in his brother's hand. Ratchet's servo was clutched tightly around an Energon cube toy made from a soft, fluffy like metal that was pliable in his servos ― it was almost like the material of their berth coverings. His processor wandered as his jumbled thoughts wracked through his tiny body, as a distraction he sucked on the corner of the soft toy, his sudden hunger brought to the forefront of his processor. He wanted to taste some of the sweet Energon that his Carrier always made for them. A shiver swept across his tiny frame. Walking forward unsteadily as a distraction from his grinding fuel tanks, a series of clicks, whines, warbles and bursts of static left his yet to be calibrated vocalizer in a rush as he tried to talk to his brother. Sparkling talk was plentiful between them as their smaller processors sorted rapidly through new information they received everyday but it wasn't the only ways of communication between them. Still suckling on the Energon cube plush he started chewing it in earnest to his exploding hunger, his brother's servos we're sweeping across the room in search of a block he was using to build a tower as he stumbled over to the spotted piece.

::Hungry, 'Jack.:: Their internal spark bond flared with his whine ― coolant tears started pooling in his optics as he could no longer keep that terrible feeling from spreading across his internal systems. Ratchet reached out for his brother desperately, his red servo not holding onto his favourite toy reached out to grasp at his brother's pede when he prowled past him. Wheeljack stilled in his frantic search and understood. His servo reaching down to grab at Ratchet's in a show of understanding and comfort. Abandoning his search for his last needed part to finish his tower, he rested their helms together. Pulling Ratchet with him when he opted to lie down on the soft metal of the play area. Wheeljack pulled his brother as close to him as possible in order to soothe both their building distress. They hadn't eaten anything since their first cube and that was joors ago.

::I too, Ratch. Carrier be back soon?:: He sent a query, gratefully accepting the other end of his brother's plush toy as it was offered to him. Wheeljack knew that Ratchet didn't like sharing his favourite toy and when Carrier or one of Carrier's friend's asked for the toy or to hold Ratchet the youngest of the two would get shy, optics fixed on his pedes before stowing away his favourite toy in subspace where no one would get it. Ratchet only shared his toy with Wheeljack and when they were in distress from lack of Energon or going for long joors without their Carrier, Wheeljack found himself taking as much comfort as Ratchet in suckling the other end of the toy. It made him forget his roiling tanks and terror of their Carrier being away so long.

::Carrier hurt?:: Came Ratchet's timid voice and Wheeljack frowned, his glossa swiping across the end of the fake Energon cube as his denta began nibbling in earnest. He squeezed Ratchet's servo in comfort, both of them simultaneously searching for the bond that connected them to the only mech they loved unconditionally besides each other. There was flicker of response to their query with a soothing touch and great concern.

::Carrier come now.:: Wheeljack assured, he was babbling around the end of the toy merrily to cheer up Ratchet. Ratchet soon began talking to him too; only they knew what they were saying. Only they understood what the other meant with those scrambled warbles and clicks. Two breems later when the door to the house hissed open, small sparks danced happily at the presence that entered. The smell of the building electrical storm outside was a new scent for their processors to discern and separate before filing away as new knowledge. Two pairs of light blue optics looking up pleadingly at their Carrier when he hurried into the room where they played. They were both scooped up against a warm chassis. Their only known creator crooning over them softly and they relaxed into the offered comfort. Ratchet began clicking and pressing further into his Carrier. His apparent hunger didn't want to be satisfied with love as a substitute.

Wheeljack tugged at his Carrier's arm to gather his attention.

~Ratchet be hungry;~ he babbled to his Carrier; his own coolant tears pooling in his optics in concern and frustration. His grey servo had yet to let go of Ratchet's cherry red one. He was afraid that if he let go then Ratchet would start crying and wailing more and Wheeljack hated it when Ratchet cried. He loved his little brother with his entire spark and seeing him in so much distress caused Wheeljack's spark to feel his brother's pain and fear as well.

"Hush my little Sparklings, my precious Sparklings." Redcross crooned softly, his pedes quickly taking him into the small sectioned off kitchen to gather the Sparkling sized cubes of Energon before filling them with Sparkling grade Energon from the dispenser. Balancing Ratchet on his hip struts to keep the more vocal of the two from falling, he placed Wheeljack on the counter so that he wasn't far away. Pressing the smoothed edge of the cube into small mouth plates Redcross began feeding his youngest, arranging Ratchet's servos over the small cube to encourage him to hold it himself. Redcross then set through the motions of prepping Wheeljack's cube as well. Praising his sparklings as they managed to hold the Energon cubes themselves and drank most of their fill whilst not spilling too much.

Soothing fingers rubbed across identical chevrons, only different colours, to reassure the two of them that their Carrier was back now and they hadn't been abandoned.

"Wash racks my lovelies! You've made quite the mess of yourselves."

::Carrier talking 'bout something 'Jack?:: Ratchet mumbled through their link lazily now that his fuel tanks had settled again he was content and ready to fall into recharge. Wheeljack nodded to his brother's question, his chevron scraping against his creator's platting in search of a better spot to fall into recharge.

::It be washing time Ratchet...::

19 Stellar Cycles Later:

"Ratchet? You really don't like solvent do you?" Ratchet's carrier mumbled to the white and red youngling and Ratchet frowned up at Redcross. A pout pulling at his lip components. He didn't like the wash racks at all. The feeling of solvent sliding beneath his plating and armour to tease wires and sensitive cables that shouldn't be touched made him squirm at every drop. It felt strange and now matter how he tried to ignore the feeling it just never stopped feeling as if the solvent was violating his inner parts. A whine spilled from his vocalizer as a polishing cloth swept over his frame. His newly upgraded second youngling frame now shining an iridescent white just as his red accents sparkled in a metallic sheen from all the wax on his plating. He gave one last shudder as a droplet of solvent trickled down his plating before being swiped away by his Carrier with a waxing cloth.

"Don't like it, feel's funny." Ratchet whined, ignoring Wheeljack's laughter in the background with a loud 'humph'. He forgot the uncomfortable sensations when a kiss was pressed to his glimmering chevron. His Carrier's chuckle carried into the morning air at his admission.

"Well, my lovely Ratch one orn you'll learn to enjoy it though. " Ratchet scoffed at the admittance but didn't argue anymore. "Now let's get you two to Youngling Care. Carrier has to work today." Ratchet nodded and hopped from the raised dais in the wash racks to the ground. His pedes hit the ground with a muffled thud. He smiled at Wheeljack, their servos twining together as they walked side by side ― their carrier not far behind them. The ten klik drive towards their school was spent playing in the back of their Carrier's transformed form. Their Carrier's interior was soft and pliable under their fingers as they played, they hardly got admonished for that as they were always gentle. His Alt mode was a small medical transport vehicle but even then there was a lot of space for both of them to play around in for long trips.

"Hey you two, settle down. We're almost there." Both Ratchet and Wheeljack stilled their playful fighting and sat still, servos twining together as smiled adorned their faceplates. They were happy to get back to their studies after the six orn break, Ratchet hoped that the Medic Red Siren would visit their class again - the younger of the two enjoyed talking to the Medic but he didn't always come by. When they got out of the back they both waited for their Carrier to transform, each of his servos taking one of their own before they were tugged towards the large building. The Youngling and Sparkling Care Centre of Kaon was in the upper parts of town and right next to the Enforcer's building too, it was a good place for Younglings and Sparklings to be safe from harm.

"Promise me you'll stay out of trouble?" Redcross warned and when both of them nodded he placed a kiss on each of their chevrons, the chevrons they had inherited from their Sire, and waved a final goodbye before disappearing towards the hospital for his shift.

Ratchet and Wheeljack waved at their Carrier before rushing into the large care centre. Their first class that day was with a large mech that was once in the Enforcers and both Ratchet and Wheeljack enjoyed staying together and out of trouble so they chose to sit in a corner, their datapads already out and their processors trained on the upcoming lesson. Several joors later and several breems into their lecture about Cybertronian culture and proper etiquette ― Ratchet felt Wheeljack become more restless. A strange blossoming in his spark erupting from within him. He frowned but pushed it aside, only to find that Wheeljack wasn't calming his restless movements.

::What is it 'Jack?:: Ratchet implored, his fingers curling tighter around a styllis. For all intense purposes it looked like he was still paying attention to the lecture but instead he was conversing with his twin secretly. The only indication that he was conversing with Wheeljack was his slightly dimmed optics glancing sideways at his brother's form.

::It feels weird Ratch, almost like Carrier...:: Wheeljack trailed off, but Ratchet understood. Both of their optics now trained on the mech standing at the doorway to the classroom. Ratchet, feeling the surprise and apprehension didn't turn away from that intense gaze that they now found themselves on the receiving end of. The figure was leaning against the doorframe casually and looked like he was just staring at the class but the twins caught the harsh blue optics; they were boring into them. Ratchet gave an involuntary shudder and immediately scooted closer to Wheeljack. Giving up the pretence of working, their free servos twined together in search of comfort from one another. However, before their teacher could see the mech; the large green and grey figure disappeared from view. Both of them felt the tug at their sparks but ignored it when Energon Break was called. It wouldn't do to dwell on it now.

Ratchet had to hold onto his brother's servo tightly when the older of the two took off to the playroom at great speed. Ratchet sighed, they did this everyday spent at the Youngling Centre, even when the other younglings knew by now that the building corner was theirs. Now that their lectures was over for the day they could enjoy themselves until their Carrier came to fetch them. Wheeljack almost immediately rushed over to the empty building area, his servo digging in the large box as he searched for parts. Ratchet stood aside awaiting instructions. His own servos curling around a wrench playfully, he liked this wrench it was his favourite. Ratchet was also aware that once Wheeljack was in a trance like state then he would end up helping anyways; there was no getting out of it.

Taking the parts that Wheeljack handed him, Ratchet sat in the middle of the play mat and did as his brother instructed. Fitting pieces together with care and gentle servos; his wench making his work easier and also kept Wheeljack's newest invention from falling apart or worse. Ratchet winced at the memory of his brother's first explosion. It have been two Stellar Cycles ago when Wheeljack had taken apart one of their Carrier's many holoprojectors and tried to build something else. The scorch marks on his chassis and chevron had taken orns to polish off. Luckily neither o f them had been injured. So when Wheeljack started inventing things then Ratchet tried to stay as far away as possible.

::Ratch? Who was that?:: Ratchet stilled in his work, his optics now trained on Wheeljack.

"Don't know 'Jack. Maybe we can ask Carrier later?" Ratchet replied calmly, his servos never stopping in its work. He had a nearly perfectly assembled a crude version of a working arm. His shrug showed his own confusion but nonchalant brush off. He didn't know exactly who and what that mech was but he didn't like him. They way they were glared at had made Ratchet very uncomfortable and made him feel very vulnerable; more so than what was normal. The sounds of the other younglings running around and getting into mischief was ignored by the split spark twins whilst they were engrossed in their building. They shared a secret smile and dismissed their concerns for the moment.

"Okay little ones, gather around! We're going to the library this orn to take out datapads for you to read!" Ratchet stilled at the caretaker's shout. His attention now solely focused on the caretaker that moved about the room and gathered those who were interested in going. Ratchet could barely keep his anticipation from spilling over into their twin bond. Wheeljack smiled at his brother, offering a servo as they followed behind the caretaker.

"Stay close lovelies! It's a few klik walk." Ratchet was bouncing on his pedes. He loved reading and maybe now he could get a few datapads on medical information. He wanted to learn more, to study and become the best Medic that ever graced Cybertron. It was strange but that was all the his spark wanted and eve Wheeljack had said that his spark was also like that when he invented things or studied how things were put together.

::Relax Ratch! I'm sure you can take out as many datapads as you want.:: Wheeljack purred over their bond and Ratchet glared at his twin but didn't protest. Their pedesteps quick as they followed their caretaker into the cityscape. Excited babbling being exchanged between him and Wheeljack as they rarely paid attention to the other's around them. They existed in their own little world.


Ratchet smiled happily at the librarian, his stack of six datapads resting in his left servo. He had to stand on the tip of his pedes to be able to place them on the desk. The librarian looked at him with a hidden smile.

"Hello there little one. You don't choose light reading do you?" The mech noted and Ratchet nodded. He was itching to start reading them. He had gotten four datapads from the Health section and the other two were youngling datapads on Medic. The raised optic ridge he got for his selection made the youngest of the split spark twins frown but when the librarian nodded to him and began scanning the datapads he smiled happily again.

"I can see we're going to have a good Medic on our servos in a few Stellar Cycles." Ratchet beamed at the praise, his happiness sent though his bond to his brother who answered with a brush of contentment on his own. "Tell you what little Ratchet; I'll let you keep them for twenty orns. Look after them and tell me if you enjoyed them when you bring them back." Ratchet nodded happily as he swept out of the library towards the Energon Goodie Stand that the rest of the class had gathered at. His datapads now in his subspace and out of the way of potential danger.

Ratchet immediately stopped next to Wheeljack, his brother's subspace also filled with datapads on engineering.

::Want some Ratch?:: Wheeljack's voice noted and Ratchet smiled at the sweet confectionary he was offered. There was no need for an answer as he leaned forward and took a bite out of the sweet his brother offered him. Blue optics alight with pleasure and happiness; for Ratchet and Wheeljack this felt like a very good day. Nothing had gone wrong, no older younglings picking on them for being strange, a visit to the library where they could further their interests and now good sweets for a change. That all changed though when one of the caretakers pulled them aside from the rest of the group before they reached the Care Centre.

"Wheeljack, Ratchet. I got a comm. from your Carrier earlier today and he said he will be very late in working and I'll be taking you home in his stead. Redcross was called in for a surgery and it won't be over for a long while still." Ratchet nodded, his servo unconsciously curling tighter around his brother's. They finished the last of their Energon goodie between them with joy and then only did they start fighting in concern. Carrier never really stayed long after work was over and they were usually afraid to be left alone for long periods of time. The walk back towards their home took twice as long as their morning drive did but neither Wheeljack nor Ratchet cared. They liked the sights and the sounds of the city, especially when it was still quiet and devoid of the dangerous night time mechs.

"There you go;" The Youngling Caretaker pressed the combination into the lock and the door to their home swished open. "You haven't learned about using your comm.'s yet but I know you two are smart. If you need anything please call me or anyone you know for help." They both nodded, suddenly solemn that they would be alone again. It was times like these that Ratchet and Wheeljack become closer than they were normally. Their outing to the library had taken most of the day and now it was early evening.

Wheeljack pulled a small chair over to the door panel and clambered on top to make sure the door was locked securely whilst Ratchet went into the kitchen to get their cubes of Energon. It wasn't the first time they had started the night without their Carrier but it would be the first time without being with their Carrier for such a long time. After their evening ration both Ratchet and Wheeljack headed towards their shared room. Settling on their berth the both of them pulled out their new collection of library datapads and set about reading to their contentment.

Wheeljack didn't protest when Ratchet curled into his side, he did squirm however when their chevrons were pressed together and rubbed enticingly every time Ratchet moved his head to read the next sentence. Yet, the elder of the twins didn't have the heart to tell his brother to stop. He liked the feeling of Ratchet's warm chassis purring against his own. In fact it made his audial fins flash a deep blue in contentment but the warring between embarrassment made them flicker pink as well. Luckily Ratchet was too engrossed in reading that he didn't even lift his head to look up.

The comfort that spread through them was welcoming and soon they drifted into recharge. Youthful faceplates illuminated in the soft blue glow of their datapads whilst their bodies sought out more comfort from each other. The nature of spark split twins was strange in the fact that the twins only ever found comfort in themselves and their creators; it was almost a given that all spark split twins would become bondmates in the end. Becoming both the siblings, lovers and eventually eternal brothers. No matter what society dictated, spark split twins were always each other's intendeds.

"Ratch? 'Jack?" A soft voice drifted through the home and both Wheeljack and Ratchet jerked awake, stumbling from their berths they blindly ran towards the sound of the voice.

"Carrier!" They shouted simultaneously. Their running pedesteps rang out against the thin walls of their home as both Wheeljack and Ratchet crashed into their Carrier. Their frames still small so that they only reached the top of his knee joints; it didn't matter though. They clung on for all that it was worth even when their internal chronometers told them that it was way past their recharge time. Both purred at the feeling of gentle fingers brushing against their helms in greeting. They were so absorbed in the presence of their Carrier that they never noticed the other presence just a few steps behind Redcross.

Redcross smiled at his beloveds and steered them towards the living room and pressed them onto the large couch. When he took a seat both of them curled into his side but before they could fall into recharge he pinched their chevrons to keep them awake.

"Carrier!" Ratchet whined at the tiny sting of pain, a put pulling at his lips but before he could voice his query he stilled at the presence now stalking closer to them. Fear lashed through their bond and both Wheeljack and Ratchet felt their tiny world tilt.

"Ratchet? Wheeljack? This is your Sire, Wiper." Both of them froze, their tiny spark dancing in their casings but whether it was from fear or excitement neither one of them could tell.

"Hello my little Creations."

Ratchet whimpered, his tiny servo rubbing at the slight dent in his chevron where his Sire had pinched him too hard when his Carrier hadn't been looking. It hurt, Primus it hurt! His chevron was the most sensitive part of his whole body except his spark and interface panels. He supposed they were lucky that they hadn't inherited their Sire's Praxian frame completely otherwise they would have had doorwings. According to the datapad on frame anatomy it was the most sensitive part of a Praxian and could easily be used as a weapon against one.

He couldn't understand it, coolant tears pooled in his optics, they had finally met their Sire. Now they had two Creators, a normal family but...Why did he feel so pained and so afraid when he looked into his Sire's optics? Another whimper passed his vocalizer without his knowledge. When arms wound around his waist and pulled him down onto their berth Ratchet didn't protest. He fell next to Wheeljack, only truly relaxing when gentle servos pulled his own servo from his chevron and showered the bruised area with gentle kisses and shushing noises.

::Hush Ratchy, you'll be fine. The pain will be gone tomorrow.:: Ratchet nodded against his brother's kisses, a hitch in his intakes when he felt Wheeljack's own fear sweep across their bond.

::Are we in trouble 'Jack?:: Ratchet asked tentatively; his frame had yet to stop shaking. They had been sent to their room when Redcross had started yelling at their Sire. It was now eerily quiet after the front door had hissed shut a few kliks ago.

::We've done nothing wrong Ratch. We just need to be careful around Sire.:: Both twins nodded; that night they had realized that not all Carriers and Sires were as nice as Redcross. It was a harsh reality they had yet to truly experience but Ratchet and Wheeljack knew when they were not wanted, knew when they were unwelcome. Strangely though they didn't protest when their Sire had expressed an interest in getting to know them as he had put it. They were just naturally weary and perhaps a bit too easy to trust.

::Sleep now Ratchet, tomorrow might be a long day.:: Once again neither protested, merely curled further together, Wheeljack's gentle touches on Ratchet's chevron never stopping as smooth lip plated pressed kisses there before suckling the tip into his mouth. Ratchet shuddered, the warm wet heat against his chevron felt warm and soothed the deep ache of the dent and he relaxed further. Dropping off into recharge not long after, Wheeljack not far behind him.

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