A few days later, when Tonks woke up, she was alone in their bedroom. Slightly confused she got up. For a few moments she was not able to explain herself why Remus wasn't there. But then, with a look at the clock, she realized, Teddy must have woken up again and Remus decided to not wake her up.

After changing from her pyjamas into normal clothes she walked downstairs. And when she stood in the doorframe to the living room a smile appeared on her face. Remus and Teddy were lying on a blanket on the floor and just looking at each other. Though Teddy looked away every few moments until Remus made a gesture or a noise to gain back his attention for another time.

Tonks leaned her head against the door frame and watched them without thinking about anything. Completely caught in the picture in front of her she didn't notice the arriving owl, nor her mum walking into the living room to get the letter.

"He looks younger."

Tonks nearly jumped, when she heard her mum. What Andromeda had said she couldn't tell so she just shook her head and looked at her in confusion.

"Maybe I am just imagining but it seems as if he's younger." Andromeda explained, and after looking at her daughter she gestured with her head towards Remus.

Tonks smiled and nodded, making an agreeing sound. She had noticed that as well. In the beginning she feared it might not last long but as the months went on Remus got a lot happier and she knew that was what made him look younger in the first place.


Tonks' eyes went back watching the two most important people in her live. But just as she decided to join them, her mum started talking again.

"By the way, you've got a letter."

Tonks looked back at her mother, a questioning look on her face.

"Just a few minutes ago. Apparently you ignored the owl. It's from Harry", Andromeda handed her daughter the letter.

Wondering, why Harry would send them a letter, when he could just drop by whenever he wanted, the pink-haired woman opened the letter and read it.

As her eyes travelled down a smile appeared on her lips. She looked up again, meeting the look of her mother, who was now the one with the questioning look.

"It's an invitation for his birthday", Dora told her but as she was going to tell her mum, that she was invited as well she got interrupted by Teddy's laugh and turned around to see what happened there. Remus had decided to poke his son's nose and obviously the little metamorphmagus enjoyed that very much.

Forgetting what she wanted to tell her mum, Tonks walked to Remus and Teddy and sat down on the blanket to tell Remus about the invitation.

"Remus, what's wrong?"

It has turned evening and Dora sat on the bed breastfeeding her son, while Remus was walking around the room seeming rather undetermined.

"I don't know" he admitted finally sitting down on the edge of the bed."it just feels weird to celebrate something right now, don't you think?"

Tonks raised her eyes to look at Remus, thinking about what would be the best answer to give right now.

"Not exactly I think we have every right to celebrate something." She said,"But it feels weird visiting the Weasleys and knowing that Fred won't be there"

At the end of her sentence she looked away and her eyes fell on her son in her arms. The one person that could make her happy simply by existing.

Remus turned around and climbed on the bed to sit next to his wife and took her in his arms, kissing her on the temple.


A single tear slipped and fell on Teddy's cheek, who was curiously watching his mum. Tonks put him on her shoulder to burp him, and nestled her face in his tiny body trying to take in his smell. And all Remus could do in this moment was watch helplessly, knowing that she didn't want him try to comfort her yet.

When they were done Remus took Teddy and put him in his cradle before coming back to his wife, who pulled her legs to her chest looking as fragile as never before.

"I was wondering if thinking about Fred is as bad for Molly as thinking about my dad is for me but I think it' worse" she said looking at her knees.

With one step Remus was at the bed and hugged his wife tightly. She clung on his shirt telling him something he couldn't understand completely but he knew it was about her dad.

They sat like that for half an hour until Tonks finally looked up from Remus's chest into his eyes. He kissed her forehead and a tiny smile appeared on her face when she took a deep breath.

When they arrived at the Weasley's a week later they were greeted rather happily by everyone. Yet no one was as happy as they used to be, what none of them surprised.

As Molly saw Teddy her face lightened up and Tonks put the baby in her arms. And the smile on her face grew even wider when Teddy's hair turned ginger, copying the ginger people around him.

They sat down at the table, that was set up in the garden, while everyone tried to have a better look at Teddy.

And as he was on Percy's arms his hair turned turquoise, making him look shocked at Remus and Tonks.

"He feels comfortable that's all" Remus told him with a smile.

"But it's Perce" interrupted George confused. "I don't understand how you can feel comfortable around him more than around mum."

"Oh ha ha very funny"

"But you have to admit I am right. Or can you name one child that felt comfortable around you?"

Percy shot George an unfriendly look

"So Percy, what's going on in the ministry?" Tonks asked him in an attempt to change the subject.

"I don't work at the Ministry anymore." he told her, causing a surprised look to appear on her face.

"Really? Why? When? What are you doing all day long?"

"Yes really" Percy smiled. "I quit a few months ago, after I realized how stupid I have been and I thought I needed space from the Ministry so now I am working in a Muggle shop in Ottery St. Catchpole."

"He fancies his co-worker" George told Tonks with a serious look on his face.

"First of all, her name is Audrey. And second of all: I do not fancy her" Percy shot back in annoyance just as if that was a subject they discussed not for the first time.

"Alright you do not fancy her. Do you want to tell me what you do there?" asked Tonks with a smile trying to prevent this scene to go horribly wrong.

And Percy started talking about his job. How boring it sometimes was but actually he kind of liked that it was completely different than at the Ministry. And then he changed the subject and told them about Audrey, more than Tonks actually wanted to know. But he didn't seem to notice this.

Tonks and George shared a look and she just couldn't help but grin. Right. You do not fancy her. Keep yourself telling that she thought knowing that George thought the same.


And the day ended far too fast, in the meantime Teddy became hungry and started to cry, making Percy wonder what he did wrong, whereupon Remus assured him that his son was just hungry and Dora went inside to feed him.

After that he slept in his Baby carriage while the adults continued chatting about the things that happened the past few months.

While Tonks listened to Ron and Hermione's experiences from Australia, Percy joined the conversation of Remus and Bill about Kingsley being Minister of Magic. On the other end of the table, Andromeda had a serious conversation with Molly and Fleur, while George changed his place to sit between his dad and Harry. Harry seemed rather unhappy about the subject of the conversation.