Be okay. Be okay. Be okay. - Tonks repeated those wordsover and over again in her head as she hurried to Remus.

As soon as she had arrived at Remus, she fell to her knees and bends over him.

When she saw that his chest rose and fell a stone fell from her heart. But only for a short time because then she realized the wound on his temple.

Great. What do I do now? Think Tonks. I learned a healing spell in my training. Pretty clear that I can't remember when I need it. Damn.

While she thought frantically how she could help her husband, she noticed someone approaching. Without really thinking she conjured a shield so she hadn't to deal with that now.

Fortunately soon afterwards she remembered the spell and was able to heal Remus' wound.

As Tonks noticed how quiet it was she looked up. She could not really estimate if she liked what she saw.

All people who had fought a duel recently, were gone.

But before she could think about it, she noticed Neville, who came up to her and she let the shield disappear.

As soon as Neville knelt beside her, he asked: "What happened to him?"

"He is unconscious and I cannot help him. I have no idea what to do. "

"I would suggest bringing him into the castle to the other wounded."

"You're good. How do I do that in your opinion? "Tonks said as she wondered what had happened actually and how much time had passed.

"Well, I thought you're a witch. Why don't you just conjure a stretcher and carry him to the castle."

Oh Merlin. When was the last time I was so confused? Not even the most logical things come to mind.

Tonks conjured a stretcher and with Neville's help, she placed her husband on it. Thankfully, she smiled at Neville before she made her way into the castle.

The first thing Remus saw, as he opened his eyes, was the worried face of his wife.

"Hey," he said wearily.

"Hi," Tonks smiled.

"Why are you here?"

"I was worried. Where should I be? "

"No. I mean, why are you here? I've asked you to stay home. And you've decided not to listen to me. As so often. "

Tonks looked down and kneaded her hands in her lap as she replied: "I couldn't bear to stay at home. Mum couldn't bear me any longer at some point. And no one was there to distract me."

"Teddy was there"

"Teddy was asleep."

"That means if he had been awake you had stayed a home?"

"I don't know. Maybe. Probably." And then I would have never seen you again. She added in her mind.

"Alright. Can you tell me then, perhaps, why I have this feeling that my head will explode right away?"

"You were distracted and Dolohov has used it and somehow thrown you against a stone. And I have learned in my training how to heal bleeding wounds, but not how to make pain disappear. "

"And what became of Dolohov?"

"My beloved aunt killed him."


"Because I was quick enough to get out of the way." Tonks took a breath. "The good thing is that she did not expect that what has given me the opportunity to put her out of action -."

"You have killed your aunt?" Remus interrupted his wife.

"No. I've only used a body bind curse. But someone must have removed it. I just do not know who, as I have kept away of duels after that. I would have been not able to concentrate anyway, because I did not know how you're doing and when you wake up again." Before Remus could have reacted somehow she continued.

"Molly has killed Bellatrix -" Tonks looked up and saw the puzzled expression of Remus, "Do not ask me. I end up somehow losing track. As I wasn't fully present in my thoughts, I would've probably not noticed anything, even if it would have been less confusing. Anyway-"



"I have a headache. Be so kind and don't tell me every unimportant detail. Please."

Even if I don't think they're unimportant? You asked what happened to Bellatrix. Tonks thought.

"Harry has destroyed Voldemort."


"Yes. But that was such a confusing thing, because-"

"Dora. Please. You can tell me all the unimportant details, after Poppy managed to come over here so I can focus on something without having the feeling that my head will explode immediately," pleaded Remus, "Or better yet, when we are home so you can tell your Mum without having to tell it twice", he added with a smile.

"Okay. I think we should really get home. I bet mum already went crazy because she has no idea how we are."

Remus grinned.

And as soon as Madame Pomfrey arrived and gave him a pain-relieving potion, Remus and Tonks apparated home.