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Warning: Slight language, mentioning of sex

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"I feel it deep within, it's just beneath the skin

I must confess that I feel like a monster!"

Sebastian hummed along with the song that was playing on the radio while tapping his fingers to the beat on the steering wheel. He could hear the faint sound of rain drops on the roof of his car, but he didn't mind. He liked rain and loved the tapping sound it made on umbrellas and roofs.

"What are you doing Sebastian?" said the blue haired boy in the passenger seat. It was Ciel, Sebastian's younger brother. Unlike his older brother, he didn't like rain at all... Not that he liked the sun either.

"Why, I'm driving dear brother" Sebastian answered and smirked as he glanced sideways at Ciel.

"Stop it, you know I mean the humming and the tapping you're doing with your fingers"

"If you know, why did you ask?"

"Well... tsk" Ciel frowned and turned to look out the window. They were passing several houses that looked grey and dull in the rain. He was tempted to ask if there was much time left until they reached Sebastian's house, but he didn't want to act like a little kid, so he decided to leave it and ignore Sebastian's content behavior. He still could barely believe that they were siblings since they weren't much alike.

It's true that they were biological siblings, but only half. They had the same father but different mothers. Sebastian's mother and their father had divorced and after that, she had disappeared, leaving the two of them alone. Sebastian was 14 at the time. They lived alone for a couple of years, before Vincent finally told him the real reason they had had a divorce. He had fallen in love with somebody else and above that, he had made her was of course furious and didn't take it well when they moved in together with "the other woman" and his bastard brother.

The first period of living together had been a personal hell for the two children, but as time went by, they got accustomed to it. The tall snd mature genious Sebastian managed to take a liking to the hyperactive little brother of his. As soon as Sebastian was old enough though, he moved out and left the rest of his family alone.

2 years ago, Ciel's mom died in a car accident and it changed him forever. He was no longer a forever smiling child, he was a child with a permanent frown on his face, unable to laugh and too scared to love anyone.

"We're here Ciel" Sebastian said as he shut off the engine and got out. Ciel woke up off his sudden flashback and sighed as he grabbed his backpack and followed. He looked at the bungalow that was Sebastian's and then turned to his brother who was currently taking his bag out of the storage space in the back of the car.

"Remind me of why I'm here again, will you?"

"Well..." Sebastian said as he slammed the door closed. "Father is on an important buisness trip in Europe and doesn't know when he'll get back. Therefore, you're staying with me for the time being so that you have someone who can take care of you. Remember now, young master?" Sebastian said with a smirk as he walked up to the house.

"Shut it, Sebastian! You know I don't like that nick-name..." Ciel mumbled as he followed his brother up to the door.

"I know, but I do" Sebastian answered, opened the door and walked in. He switched on the light and went to the guest room with Ciel's bag.

"Well, this is your room for now. It's not much, but it's enough. It was kinda long since the last time you ate, hungry?"

Ciel followed and put his backpack down on the bed.

"I guess... can you cook?"

"My my, I thought you knew me better than that Ciel. I'm known far and wide for my delicious cooking, didn't you know?"


The morning after

"Ciel! Breakfast! Hurry, your toast will go cold!"

Ciel groaned and turned in the bed. For a couple of seconds, he couldn't remember where he was and when he remembered, well, it didn't make it all better. He got out of bed and got dressed before he went into the kitchen.

He sat down at the table, facing Sebastian who was sipping on som coffee while reading the newspaper. He was all dressed up in a buisness suit and had his reading glasses on.

"Did you sleep well?" he asked without turning his head. He read an amazingly interesting article about the new laws and prospects of gay relationships and marriages. He himself had quite an aversion against gay men. Not because he was a homophobe, he just wasn't as interested in them as they were in him. He knew that he was handsome, the ladies at work went as far as calling him downright gorgeous! They had even given him an award for being "The sexiest man at work" (just for fun of course). He didn't feel anything for men, but on the other hand, he didn't feel anything but sexual pleasure when being around women either. Sure he had had a couple of relationships and yes, he had had one-night stands with women from time to time, but nothing that he was prepared to call love.

"I guess... how do I get to school from here?" Ciel yawned as he took a bite out of his toast.

"I'll drive you there. It's quite close to where I work anyway. Not that I know why father signed you up in that school when it's so far away from your real home, but I guess it has to do with quality"

Ciel nodded.

"It's famous for it's student's high grades and overall good results in everything. Father won't go with anything but the best, even if it means a one hour trip by bus to get there"

Sebastian nodded, took a sip of his coffee and put the newspaper down.

"We'll leave in 15 minutes, make sure you're ready by then Ciel"

"Yeah yeah, whatever you say Sebastian..."

30 minutes later, Sebastian had left a still frowning Ciel in the school and stepped through the entrance to the huge building where he worked. The girls in the reception winked and waved at him as he walked past them. He waved slightly and kept walking towards the elevator.

When he reached his floor and stepped out of the elevator, he was immideately surrounded by several of his colleagues, waving with papers, mugs, contracts and phones. He barged his way through "the mob" but they followed him all the way to his office. He had had enough and stopped his colleagues.

"One at a time, if you please. Keep it short and simple. Finny, we'll start with you. Mey-Rin, Bard, Ronald you're after him. Grell... you're last, whatever it is you want. The rest of you..." Sebastian said but was cut of as William, his "right hand", made it through the circle of people.

"The rest of you will have to wait a while longer, I need to talk to mr Michaelis about an urgent matter considering a new collegue of ours"

Sebastian nodded and dismissed the rest as William followed him into his office.

He sat down in his chair, sighed and rubbed his temples. Being the CEO over such a huge company was tough sometimes.

"Well mr. Spears, what was it you wanted to talk about?"

"As you know, we have hired a new secretary to one of the sections"

"Yes, but he's not expected until next month..."

"I am aware of that. However, it seems like there have been some issues and he arrived today, one week too early"

Sebastian frowned.

"I see... Is it possible to bring him in here?"

"Yes, he's waiting just outside. Just a moment..." William said, pushed his glasses in place and turned around. He went out for a few moments and then came back, followed by a tall man with broad shoulders, glasses, black hair, golden eyes and a black buisness suit.

As their eyes met, Sebastian felt a jolt go through his body and he widened his eyes slightly in surprise.

'What the hell was that?' he thought and kept his eye contact with the newcomer. Said newcomer stared back and Sebastian suspected that the other had felt the jolt as well since the golden eyes had widened slightly as well.

Sebastian cleared his throat and broke the eye contact with the newcomer and turned to William.

"Yes, mr Spears, would that be all?"

"Yes sir, if you don't mind, I will have to take my leave. Because of some incompetent workers of ours I have twice as much paperwork as I normally would"

"You're dismissed"

"Thank you sir" William said and bowed before he left the two of them alone.

At first, an awkward silence settled, but Sebastian fell back into his CEO-behaviour and cleared his throat once again, gesturing for the other to sit down in the chair opposite the desk. He obeyed of course and sat down, raching for some papers in his suitcase. When he found what he had looked for, his identification and several other important papers, he handed them to his new boss, who made sure that their hands wouldn't touch.

Sebastian read through the papers and turned back to the man.

"So, if my information is correct, you had to come here one month too early because of issues in your previous company. Is there anything but that that I should know? What was the cause of the problems?"

"It is not very complicated, yet tragic. My previous CEO died very suddenly and without any warning at all. His wife, who partly owned the company, decided to shut it down out of sadness. Some suspect murder, but most disagree"

"I see, I'm sorry for the loss"

"Thank you, sir"

They managed to get through the usual talk and discussion about payments, routines and tasks. Everything went smoothly and Sebastian managed to calm down enough to let his suddenly grown erection, calm down.

"Where will you be staying? I'm asking since it would help me know who to call when I need people in different areas and I want them to be able to get there as fast as possible" Sebastian asked and glanced at the clock on the wall. An hour had already passed without him noticing.

"Well, I'm afraid I cannot answer that for the moment. I don't gain access to my apartment until next month. I have no place to stay right now but I have the money to stay at a motel for 30 until I get my new apartment. My new apartment is on Bakers' street, near the park, for future use"

Sebastian thought about this information for a while. He leaned bac and crossed his fingers while he processed what he'd just heard.

'It would cost a fortune to live in a decent hotel for a whole month. Even if a motel would be an option since it is cheaper, it wouldn't look good for my company's image and the reputation would be ruined if it got out. We may only make toys, but we are the greatest company in he world at the moment, and we can't afford that. Let's see, what other options do I have... He could live with someone... but who? Finny? No, he would go mental after a few days. Mey-Rin? Sexually harassed. Bard? Burned to death. Tanaka?... no. Ronald? Would end up drunk and/or dead somewhere (why is that man even here?). Grell? He would get raped. William? No, he hates people in general. What leaves...'

He could feel a blush creeping up, as did his cock. He cleared his throat and took a deep breath.

"I can't have one of my subordinates live like that. You will live with me for one month until you get your own apartment. You will of course pay for food and water, but otherwise it will be cheaper and be better for the company's reputation. Understood?"

"Are you sure sir?"

"Yes I am. After the day is over, you will come and live with me and my little brother in my house"

"Yes sir, much obliged"

Sebastian nodded and tried desperately to hide the blush on his face when he thought about the other male living in his house. There would be a lot of opportunities and he would get to know his new co-worker better. When he thought about how much better, he had to cross his legs in order to hide his growing erection.

'Damn! What's wrong with me?'

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