Chapter 9: No More Clowning Around

It had taken some time due to the zombies' enhanced nighttime aggression, but after a quick stop by the totaled Humvee to grab its heavy machine gun Chuck was now arriving at the food court entrance, the ground behind him carpeted by the shredded remnants of what had once been a ravenous horde.

Using the massive gun to push his way through the glass doors he spotted a few zombies shambling about to his left, yet they were far enough away to avoid another confrontation and he made his way for the Wonderland Plaza entrance.

Entering the massive space he looked up and true to Otis' word, the Space Racer was zooming around above him at dangerous speeds. He grimaced as he listened to the rattle of the roller coaster's track and knew he had to do something fast or else the car was going to go flying off and crash into who knows where.

Yet as it always was, there was an entire mass of zombies staggering about before the play area that granted access to the coaster's platform. With their newly-enhanced senses they were able to hear the clinking of Chuck lugging the heavy gun about and shifted their focus on him.

With a roar that would have made Don Blambo blush, the former motocross champion leveled the mighty gun and opened fire upon the advancing mob, quickly reducing the bloodthirsty legion to another pile of mangled flesh and bone, a few crippled survivors still clawing away stubbornly at the air above them. They were in no position to be of any further threat and Chuck just ran past them and back into the play area where all the madness began.

Again he could hear the loud clatter as the Space Racer zoomed above him, getting closer to flying off the track with every new rotation it took. He needed to get the ride stopped and fast. He quickly ascended the stairs as fast as his feet would take him and came to the control panel.

"Alright, let's see what we can do here," Chuck said to himself as he scanned the multitude of buttons and switches covering the surface.

By the time he noticed the large slot in the center he was cut off by a bone-jarring laughter that left the former champion nearly shitting his pants.

"Stay away from there, Gramps!" called a falsetto voice, followed by the revving of multiple chainsaws.

There were no words uttered as Chuck whirled around to face the same red-haired clown who had earlier in the day been entertaining children, now marching towards him while juggling two chainsaws in a show of amazing dexterity before gracefully catching them and letting out one final grating cackle before collapsing to a knee.

"Everyone used to laugh at me..." Bebop the Clown giggled rising back to his feet, "I was a walking punchline," he said taking a few steps towards the unnerved ex-racer.

"But not anymore," he continued, shaking his head as his tone adopted a more somber tone, yet still maintaining the creepily cartoonish quality that left Chuck's heart racing.

"When the zombies came, everyone died!" the clown spoke in his mock doleful tone as he inched towards Chuck, finally stopping as he was almost forcing him onto the coaster's track.

"Oh god, why you of all people?" Chuck asked himself as the clown giggled dementedly, which would again turn into his trademark maniacal laugh.

"Get away from me!" Chuck demanded as the clown's hysterical laughter grew in volume, inching backwards until he felt the cool metal guard railing in his grasp.

The clown ignored his plea and revved his chainsaws, beginning to juggle them once again as he spoke.

"That's why I decided to give all the happy people a lift fun on this ride!"

Chuck could hear the loud metallic clatter as the coaster car fast approached the boarding platform and he turned to face it, grunting in a mixture of terror and confusion.

The car sped through the boarding station and inside Chuck saw two child-sized happy-faced dolls seated, both of them drenched in fresh blood.

"I won't let you stop the ride, Gramps! If the ride stops, then the zombies come back, and that won't be any fun at all!" Bebop concluded, still juggling his chainsaws before letting out one final demented whooping laugh.

"Goddamn, I've gotta get away from this fruitcake!" Chuck said hoping he could leap over to the opposite platform, only to find himself brought to a halt by another strident laugh.

Waiting for him on the other side was Bebop's blue-haired brother, towering over him on his eponymous stilts.

"How about a little ice cream?" he asked pulling out a futuristic-looking toy gun.

His heart was hammering and he needed to think fast. Faced with a chainsaw-wielding maniac and one end and another armed with God knows what, he needed to think fast.

It was then he heard the loud clatter coming from behind him and again saw the Space Racer heading his way.

"Fuck it," he muttered and leaped into the front seat, quickly swatting the bloodied dolls away.

"H-Help me!" a voice cried from behind him.

Chuck looked over his shoulder to find a dark-haired man wearing the blue jacket of a Willamette Patrol employee in the seat behind him. He had been so caught up in his fear of the clowns only now did he take notice of the man.

"Please! You've gotta stop them! They're insane! They put me here," the man pleaded, his badge identifying him as 'Greg Simpson.'

Chuck did not reply and only focused on hanging on as the cart rocketed along the track. They drew closer to the boarding platform and he saw both the clowns had vanished. The thought of getting off and possibly facing them again terrified the former racer, his memory again flashing back to that carnival fun house from all those years ago, the laughter from all those clowns still echoing through his mind.

"Please, man! You gotta help me! This cart's gonna fly off the track! We're gonna die if that happens!" Greg pleaded.

He was right. Something needed to be done about these maniacs.

"C'mon Chuck, you can't let your fears rule you for the rest of your life. You would think a bunch of flesh-eating zombies would show you there are worse things in the world than some yahoo running around covered in greasepaint with a big stupid red nose," he told himself.

The time had come. It was time for Chuck Greene to confront his fear of clowns.

They were drawing closer to the boarding platform and the former champion slowly pushed himself back to his feet and perched himself on the narrow edge.

"Don't worry. I'll be back for you. I'm gonna show them there's no more clowning around. Not on my watch," Chuck replied and with a loud 'oomph' leaped from the cart and landed roughly on the metal platform.

He was immediately met by Bebop the Clown's strident laughter, the demented entertainer charging towards him with both chainsaws buzzing at his sides. He threw his arms into the air and attempted to bring them down onto the former motocross champ, but Chuck quickly rolled out of the way and ran down the flight of stairs to create some distance between himself and the painted menace.

The red-haired clown only laughed and began blowing a large red balloon, waiting until it was the size of a small boulder before kicking it towards his opponent.

"Okay, that can't be good," Chuck whispered to himself as he watched the large balloon slowly bouncing towards him, sidestepping it as it sprang past him and into the face of a zombie. The elastic projectile popped loudly and an irritant gas exploded into the face of the walking corpse, yet it had no effect due to the former resident's undead state. He could only tell what would happen if that was exposed to a still living human and he wasn't ready to find out.

The revving of chainsaws came from behind and Chuck turned to find Bebop rolling towards him and again swiping his saws forth. He was dangerously close and the former champ raised his handgun firing off a few shots, all of which were deflected when the clown crossed his saws in front of him.

"Here we go!" the madman shouted and began spinning himself around with his saws extended, cutting down a few zombies shambling about outside the Run Like the Wind shoe store. Fortunately Chuck was far enough away and he waited until the insane clown became too dizzy to continue, pulling out his Defiler and charging the man to knock him backwards.

In spite of the massive blow, the clown was quick to recover and he giggled dementedly before exhaling a gust of flames that Chuck was barely able to avoid.

There would be no time to capitalize as the loud clopping of wood against marble came from behind and Chuck turned to find himself faced with Bebop's brother towering over him, firing a cluster of snowball-like projectiles his way that sent him running for cover and barely dodging a swipe from the elder brother's chainsaws.

"Freezer pops! Come and get 'em!" Stilts shouted firing a burst into the air and sending multiple freezing projectiles landing on the floor at once, creating a slippery surface that sent Chuck colliding with a zombified police officer and landing flat on his ass. There were more zombies nearby staggering towards him and he needed somewhere he could catch a breather.

The Sir Book-a-Lot book store was nearby and Chuck pushed himself through the entrance, taking cover behind a bookcase and catching his breath.

"Dammit. It just had to be clowns," the former motocross champion grunted to himself, quickly shutting up when he heard the moans of an approaching zombie. He listened intently for the shambling footsteps and was ready to pounce as they drew nearer. He wasted no time as the lone ghoul staggered past him and performed a foot sweep that took the intruder from his feet, following up with a field goal kick that sent its head flying from its shoulders.

He could hear the crazy cackling of the two brothers in the distance and knew his time for relaxation was up. He looked over and saw some snacks, a baguette and a large soda lying on the floor nearby, wondering if some other unfortunate souls had attempted to take cover here in all the ensuing madness. Whatever the case was, they were no longer around to enjoy the food and he quickly scooped it up, knowing it would be needed to replenish his lost health.

Chuck's timing turned out to not be so impeccable as he made his way out to be met by the ice cream-obsessed clown.

"I know what you want, little boy!" Stilts harshly laughed in his high-pitched timbre, firing another blast from his snowball cannon that Chuck again barely avoided, freezing a zombie solid in his place. He took cover behind the frozen ghoul, who would explode into bloody chunks a second later as the blue-haired clown's stilt connected in an effort to kick his target down.

"Not tonight!" Chuck shouted running down the stairs and rolling down to the first floor in an effort to create more distance between himself and the madman.

He could have sworn the brother's shared some kind of psychic fraternal link because as soon as he reached the bottom floor, Bebop was there to meet him, rolling towards him like a bowling ball. He barely dodged another downward swipe of the clown's saws and was forced to flee as he again spun himself around with his chainsaws extended, cutting down more zombies in his path as he attempted to slice up the former champ.

"Gonna take more than that," Chuck muttered running away from the madman, only to bump head on into an oncoming zombie. He knocked the undead citizen to the floor, but the blow had stunned him and another zombie was there to grasp his shoulders.

"Get away!" he shouted into the monster's face while struggling to pull himself away. With another mighty grunt he finally managed to bring his foot up and execute a standing kick that knocked the zombie away from him.

It would be that distraction that would screw Chuck over in the end as an oversized balloon exploded in his face, the irritant gas inside causing him to cough violently.

As the air drained from his lungs Chuck would feel a sudden chill throughout his body when he looked down to see his legs cemented to the ground by solid ice. The remnants of a liquid nitrogen canister rested at his feet and he looked above to see Stilts the Clown cackling madly.

"Aww, it looks like our new friend is feeling a little chilly under the collar. Maybe this should warm you up!" Bebop laughed before blowing a gust of flame in Chuck's direction.

The fire rapidly melted the ice, yet left the former champion ablaze and he ran about flailing his arms wildly for several seconds until they finally dissipated, yet left him in pain all over.

"Shit..." he muttered, trying to find any safe place he could to regain some lost energy.

Ducking down behind a cosmetics kiosk he pulled out the baguette and scarfed it down before readying his shotgun.

"Oh where could our dear friend have run off to?" he heard Bebop asking in mock sadness, his chainsaws revving in anticipation. "Where oh where could you have run off to, Gramps?"

"Right here Bozo," Chuck shouted jumping out and firing a blast the clown barely had time to deflect, a few fragments of buckshot shredding through his garish outfit. After a brief 'ooh' the madman was back to cackling madly and began chucking hunting knives in his direction.

The clopping of wood was heard and Chuck looked to find the other clown brother chasing after him before again firing his snowball cannon into the air, its projectiles raining down and freezing the ground, causing a few nearby zombies to slip and slide about.

Chuck tried to run on the slippery surface, yet found himself again nearly falling flat on his ass.

"Now what flavor would you like young man?" the clown asked before kicking his stilt upward and sending Chuck flying backwards.

Chuck struggled back to his feet only to find Bebop blowing another one of his large balloons and sending it bouncing his way. At the same time there was a once carefree young woman shambling towards him with fresh entrails dripping from her opened mouth, her bony fingers just inches away from him.

Doing something he definitely would not have done to her had she still been alive, Chuck shoved the zombified woman into the balloon's way. The gas had no effect on her, but she had created more needed space between himself and the stilt-wearing clown as the blue-haired freak chased after him.

"Snow cones! Get your snow cones!" he barked as he would to regular customers, his mania leaving him oblivious to their perilous surroundings as he reached for another liquid nitrogen filled bomb and chucked it at the fleeing survivor, only succeeding in striking another zombie that had hobbled into its way.

Chuck made his way into the play park and waited for Stilts to draw closer and kicked one of the toy cubes at him like it were a soccer ball. The blow stunned the blue-haired clown and with that opening he scooped up a nearby gumball machine and tossed it at his pursuer knocking the man to the ground with a loud crash, spilling the gumballs inside onto the floor and causing a few zombies to slip and fall.

"Peek-a-boo!" a familiar voice sounding like nails on a chalkboard called out and Chuck turned to see Bebop again rolling towards him like a bowling ball before he leaped up and attempted to bring his twin chainsaws down onto his intended quarry.

Chuck again rolled out of the way to avoid him and sought higher ground atop the large soccer ball before kicking another toy cube his way. Surprisingly he found another submachine gun atop the yellow colored toy brick house and quickly scooped it up.

He looked over to see Bebop in the process of inflating another balloon and an idea came to mind. Taking careful aim he fired and popped the balloon in the clown's face, causing him to fall victim to his own irritant gas. With his opponent left a hacking mess Chuck fired another barrage into the madman before running up and delivering a drop kick that again knocked him from his feet, careful to move out of the way before the man could rise and blow another gust of fire his way.

"Time to send you outta the park," Chuck said readying the Defiler and raising it high above his head to deliver a killing strike to the psychotic clown, only to find himself knocked forward again.

"Get 'em while they're cold!" Stilts' voice called out from behind before letting out a strident laugh rivaling that of his older brother before again clicking his cannon and firing a blast directed at the blond-haired man, who grimaced as he was struck by a snowball that dramatically slowed his movements.

"Dammit," Chuck grunted as he struggled to keep himself moving, fighting against his own frozen muscles as he tried to run away and dodge more nearby zombies roaming about.

"Where are you going young man? You still have yet to try my latest flavor," Stilts called out reaching for another nitrogen-filled canister clipped to his belt.

Chuck kept running until he came across a utility cart with a push broom inside and he scooped up the broom, tossing it at the blue-haired menace and getting it caught between his stilts.

Stilts the Clown wobbled wildly while struggling to maintain his balance and aim his cannon simultaneously. With the cart nearby Chuck wasted no time and shoved it into the ice cream salesman, sending him crashing to the floor with a violent thud and breaking off his stilts along with the lifts concealed beneath his pant legs that made him look taller than he really was.

"Man, that guy had a short fuse," Chuck quipped regarding the man's dwarf stature.

He turned to find Bebop again rolling towards him and again readied the Defiler.

Drawing the mighty combo weapon back he brought it forward with a powerful swing that caught the crazy clown in the middle of his back and sent him flailing backwards. What would follow was a particularly gruesome and disturbing spectacle.

The clown fell backwards onto his own chainsaws as they remained running. He convulsed violently as they ripped his stomach apart spilling gallons of blood in a massive pool forming around his body.

All the while he laughed maniacally, enjoying the torture inflicted upon him.

The mad laughter echoed throughout the plaza and it became too much for Chuck, who could only look away and clamp his hands over his ears in an effort to shut everything out. It was a futile effort and his ears began to ring from a deafening racket that seemed to go on for hours.

The laughter stirred Evan MacIntyre (Stilts the Clown as he was known professionally) from his slumber and he pushed himself into a sitting position just in time to witness his older brother's gruesome demise.

"Adam..." he gasped rising to his feet and pounding his chest as he rose back to his feet and ran after the blond-haired man as fast as his stubby legs would take him, letting out a ferocious battle cry as he charged the man.

Eventually the mad clown's laughter slowly died down and Chuck cautiously lowered his hands, only to hear a loud battle cry coming from behind and he turned to see the blue-haired clown charging after him, barely rolling out of the way just in time.

"You're going to try all my flavors!" the diminutive madman roared before making another charge.

The dwarf bolted towards him with a speed he had not expected, huffing and puffing the entire way before he leaped high into the air and mounted his chest.

"You think this is funny?" the madman asked as he pummeled away at Chuck's face.

"!" Chuck grunted between blows before grabbing the dwarf and kicking him away like a soccer ball.

Undeterred, the blue-haired dwarf was quickly back to his feet and charging head on towards the ex-racer, tackling him with the fake ice cream cone atop his head extended and again knocking Chuck from his feet.

"Now you're the walking punchline," Evan quipped dancing around while Chuck staggered back to his feet.

"I'm not outta the fight just yet, squirt," Chuck retorted cracking his neck back into place.

Evan only responded with another roar and began his next charge, but Chuck was prepared and rolled out of the way. Still having the claw gloves in his possession he quickly slipped them on and waited for the clown to recover before taking a swipe that knocked his enemy backwards and then leaping into the air to execute an elbow drop that knocked the wind out of the diminutive fellow before again kicking him away like a soccer ball.

The ice cream salesman struggled back to his feet following the brutal beat down, yet was determined to remain in the fight.

"I'm gonna cut you down to size," Evan slurred while wobbling about in his disoriented state before he collapsed against a nearby jewelry kiosk. His snowball cannon lay nearby and he picked it up and prepared to take aim, only to find it empty.

His options were not yet exhausted as he remembered one freeze canister was still clipped to his belt and he pulled it from its holster while trying to pull himself back to his feet.

Unfortunately he was still far too disoriented and the canister jumped from his hand and landed at his feet.

Chuck could only watch as the canister exploded and the bantam salesman was coated in the cooling liquid, yet he still staggered towards him as his body was rapidly freezing.

"You...scream..." he slurred, "I...scream..." he said taking a few steps with what little energy he had left, "We all...scream cream..." he barely finished just as his body was frozen solid.

Chuck walked over to the now frozen clown and brought his foot up to knock him over, his body shattering into pieces.

"Heh, that guy kinda' cracked me up," Chuck quipped walking away.

He had done it. He had faced his fear of clowns and had emerged victorious.

Again it really forced him to take into perspective how such a childish fear was miniscule when compared to the very real possibility of a bunch of zombies wanting to rip him apart limb by limb.

Nevertheless he was left feeling he had truly crossed the bridge and there was no more looking back.

Now he just needed to stop the ride and he walked past Bebop's shredded corpse to find a small square-shaped object lying in the pool of blood.

A key card!

Chuck remembered seeing the slot on the ride's control panel and he ran over to scoop the card up, using a nearby discarded cloth to wipe the blood away. He quickly made his way up the stairs and slid the card through the slot and punched in a few commands before the Space Racer finally came to a halt at the boarding platform and a very much alive Greg Simpson stumbled out of the car, puking his guts out before rising to his feet.

"Are you alright?" Chuck asked helping the man back to his feet.

"I'm fine," Greg replied wiping some bile away from his lips, "Thanks! I was in some real trouble there. Are there any other survivors around?"

"There sure are. Everyone's in the security room. It's safe there," Chuck replied.

"The security room?" his head suddenly perking up, "I know a shortcut there. This way! C'mon!"

Greg ran down the stairs, only to be halted as he was approached by another horde of zombies.

"Allow me," Chuck said stepping up and swinging away with his Defiler, cutting a swath through the wall of decaying flesh. "Go!"

Greg did as ordered and ran along the mezzanine floor dodging a few more zombies lumbering about before calling out.

"Over here!" he motioned towards the stairs leading to the lower level, barely dodging a zombified football player that had attempted to tackle him.

Chuck was right behind him and quick to eliminate any stragglers that had gotten too close for comfort as they descended the stairs.

"Over there! The women's restroom!" Greg shouted as he looked for a way around more groups of zombies dangerously close together.

"Lead the way! I'll cover your six," Chuck said again raising the Defiler and lopping off the head of a nearby zombie with her head heavily bandaged.

"Right," Greg said leading the way, only to stop as a zombie grabbed onto him, "Chuck!"

"I'm on it," the ex-racer called out and grabbed the balding man from behind before he could sink his teeth into the janitor's shoulder, throwing him to the floor and delivering a field goal kick that sent his head flying.

"Over there!" Chuck motioned towards the play area.

"Are you serious?" Greg asked.

"Trust me," Chuck replied running into the enclosed area where Bebop the Clown's corpse lay, a few zombies kneeling over and beginning to feast on it.

Using his trusty Defiler he swatted the feeding zombies away and kicked the deceased entertainer's corpse aside to scoop up his mini chainsaws.

"Here," he said offering one to Greg.

"Thanks," the janitor replied starting it up and slicing through the body of a recovering zombie. Now armed he enthusiastically led the way to the restrooms and together the duo entered the ladies' room where Greg motioned towards a ceiling vent.

"Just head through here and we're already at Paradise Plaza. Nice shortcut, huh?" he asked.

"Right," Chuck said climbing onto the sink and opening the hatch.


It didn't take long for the duo to make their way through the hidden passage and it was only a matter of minutes before they were opening the vent leading to the Paradise Plaza womens' restroom.

"That's as far as I can take you. You're on your own from here on out," Greg spoke dusting off his gray pants.

"Whatever you say. Now come on," Chuck said exiting the restroom to find more zombies waiting for them. Pulling out the chainsaw taken from Bebop's corpse he revved it loud to catch their attention and waited for them to approach, slicing through them in another gory spectacle that painted the walls red with congealed blood.

"Follow me," Chuck shouted seeing the warehouse entrance in the distance and seeing the zombies spread far out enough to make it without much difficulty. Within seconds the duo sliced their way through a few more zombies and were arriving at the door.

"Damn, that was close," Greg gasped after the door was slammed shut behind him.

Chuck was about to respond when a groan suddenly came from up ahead. Both men froze in place and listened for the shambling footsteps that followed.

"Dammit, why here of all places?" the former champ whispered before turning to Greg, "Stay put."

Chuck crept down the hall and made his way into the open area only to find himself surrounded by zombies on all sides.

"Damn," he grunted aloud, "How the hell did they get in here?" he asked himself as they started taking notice and staggered towards him.

A faint buzzing from above interrupted his thoughts and Chuck barely ducked a large bee before it connected with his head.

If there was one thing else he hated aside from clowns, it was bees.

The large queen bee flew in front of him and he finally got a look at her glowing red eyes, reminding him much of the zombies. Sizing him up she dive bombed him.

"Shit!" he spat bringing his hands up and swatting the bothersome pest to the the ground and quickly stomped on it as the zombies drew closer to him.

The surrounding zombies started to break out in spasms, the convulsions growing with every stomp to the fallen queen until they were falling to their knees. Without warning their heads began to explode one by one. In the end Chuck Greene stood alone in a room full of headless corpses.

"What in the hell is going on around here?" he asked looking down to the stomped carcass.

Whatever the case was, the bee and the zombies appeared related. It was something Brad and Jessie would be interested in knowing and finding a nearby piece of paper he carefully scooped the queen's splattered remnants up and placed it in his pocket.

"Chuck, is everything safe?" Greg called out inching towards the open space, only to gasp in horror when he noticed the headless corpses littering the floor.

"Yeah, it's all safe. C'mon," Chuck replied and the duo made their way to the elevator.


Within minutes the duo was arriving at the safety of the security office and immediately Greg found himself overjoyed.

"Otis! You're OK! Thank god!" he triumphantly whooped.

"Good to see you too, son. Looks like our card game is gonna have to wait for the time being," the elderly janitor chuckled, also happy to see his co-worker alive and well.

"Yeah, I'll let you two catch up. I've got more pressing matters to deal with," Chuck said making his way into the monitor room where Jessie and Rebecca both sat reviewing whatever information they could.

"This chip you brought back from the Redfield substation was a lot more advanced than I expected. I'm still trying to working my way through all the security countermeasures. Someone sure doesn't want us finding something out," Jessie spoke, her fingers flying across her laptop's keyboard.

"Well I did uncover something you and Brad might be interested in," Chuck said unfolding the paper carrying the queen bee's carcass and laying it on the desk next to the D.H.S. agent.

"It's a bee. Since when did this turn into a biology class?" Rebecca asked with a roll of her eyes.

"Whatever it is, it's no ordinary bee," Chuck replied, "I stomped on this down in the warehouse and when I did, it killed a whole bunch of zombies. These two have to be related somehow."

"Bees controlling zombies? Hmm, that's something new," Rebecca said now suddenly showing an interest as she switched on her camera and filmed the splattered carcass, "Could it be that once you are stung by this particular species you become a zombie? Now I know why people hate these little buzzing bastards so much."

"We don't know yet if it could be that simple, but if we can prove some kind of connection, it would be our key to finding out the cause behind the outbreak," Jessie spoke up.

"Well I'm no scientist, but I would be inclined to agree based upon what I've seen firsthand," Chuck nodded in agreement as Otis crept in behind him to use the coffee machine.

"And the only scientist we know of isn't talking to us," Rebecca replied shutting her camera off.

"We might be stuck between a rock and a hard place, but I'm not gonna let that stop me from finding out what the hell's going on," Chuck said with the characteristic iron will that had enabled him to survive life's past challenges and the current dilemma he was caught in, especially if it meant being able to protect his daughter.

Chuck's focus turned to Otis, who stood transfixed by one of the monitors.

"What's up?" he asked.

The janitor jabbed his finger in the direction of the easternmost security monitor, "Someone's barricading the women's clothing shop in Al Fresca Plaza."

Chuck leaned closer to observe the grainy black and white footage, which showed two figures pulling a steel rack and a plywood panel in front of the store's entrance before disappearing from sight while a few zombies shambled about nearby. Weber's Garments the place was called, a name he would need to keep in mind.

"From the looks of it, two people are hidin' inside," the elderly janitor stated the obvious.

In spite of everything going on there were still survivors scattered about around the mall premises and no doubt they were tired, hungry and scared out of their minds. Chuck thought to himself that if he were stuck in their position, he too would want some big badass hero to roll in, kill all the bad guys and escort him to safety.

"Al Fresca Plaza you said," Chuck said to the janitor, "I'll see what I can do."

"Oh and Chuck, good luck," Rebecca called out, an uncharacteristic show of selflessness on her part.

"Thanks," Chuck replied as he made his way to the opened vent.


Author's Note: And so ends yet another installment and more soon-to-be heroism on behalf of Chuck Greene.

Don Blambo is a spoof of John Rambo.

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Greg Simpson, 38

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