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Past and Future

"WHAT?" Amy Rose said in shocked.

"I already told you, sweetie." Rouge said in a low voice, "All of us are going to Emerald Mobius High, even Sonic and his gang." She said saying in as-a-matter-of-factly tone.

Amy just groaned. She and Sonic were ENEMIES. They were enemies since they first met each other. And that was when both of them were in kindergarten and started hated each other.


"SONIC!" Amy yelled. This was Sonic's first prank at her. A small one but enough for her to be mad.

"What's you problem?" she said. Her pink shirt and her green skirt were wet because Sonic pushed her at the small pond. Her quills were down now and you could see her face was not pleased about it.

"Nothing." He said, smirking and chuckling a little. Amy just growled. She was THIS close on having a crush on him, but he messed it up by pushing her at the pond filled with fishes and rocks.

"Ms. Rose!" Someone shouted. Amy turned around and it was her teacher, Mrs. May.

"I told you," Mrs. May said,"Never be around ponds, if you do, then you'll probably fall off." She grabbed Amy's hand and went inside to get her extra clothes. She glared at Sonic.

She just turned to the teacher and walked, leaving Sonic behind. But he doesn't mind being alone all the time. Jerk she thought to herself.

'Diva' Sonic thought. He ran to his friends and started playing tag with them.

End of Kindergarten

Amy just growled low.

"Don't worry Amy." Rouge said, "You have me, Blaze, Sonia, Tikal and Wave to help... protect you from those jerks."

Amy smiled. Her friend is always loyal to her, all of her friends do. They call themselves 'Team Rose' while Sonic's gang is called 'Team Sonic'. All the girls in Team Rose hate Team Sonic which they hate back, mostly because of what they did in 1st Grade.

In 1st Grade

Amy was talking to Rouge about something in class and Sonic just came back from detention from punching Knuckles in the nose, but he forgave Sonic because it was never meant for him, it was for his archenemy, Amy Rose.

Amy smirked.

"That teaches him to not punch Knuckles in the nose again." She giggled what she said. But that giggle lasted for about 5 seconds. She screamed and so did Rouge. There was a small plastic bug on Amy's hair, but she didn't know it was fake.

"GET IT OFF OF ME!" she cried out. The boys started laughing while a few girls were giggling. But the rest were trying to help Amy to calm down.

"Jeez Sonic," His triplet sister, Sonia said putting her hands on her hips, "What's up with you and pranks? Your never like this at home."

"She's right, bro." his other sibling, Manic said, "It's not like you to put pranks on people."

Sonic just smirked. "It's not my fault it's so quiet at our house." he said and looked at his two siblings, "And besides, it's more fun here in school than at home."

End of 1st grade

"AMY!" someone shouted. Amy turned her head. It was Sonia, but she wasn't in Team Sonic since it was strictly for boys and Manic and Sonic were treating her like Hell. So she then went to Team Rose to get back at her brothers. But something was different. She looked sad and disappointed.

"Did you found out about classes?" She asked in a low voice. Amy's eyes widened.

"Don't tell me," she said, "Is it news about Team Sonic too?" she asked in her brave tone.

"Well, yeah and another thing." she said.

"Then what is it, sweetie?" Rouge asked nicely.

"Well you know Sonic, my brother, right?" Sonia asked. Amy and Rouge both nodded yes. "Well I looked at all of our schedules since I'm School Counselor this year and..." She looked at Amy. "I'm sorry Amy but, none of us are going to your classes."

Amy just stood there silent. Just like in 3rd Grade. She was all alone. But that was before she met Wave that was new to her class.

"The only person that goes to your classes are... Team Sonic." she said in a low voice.

They were outside in the park standing at a large tree. Silence was in the air. Three days by now there going to High School. For the first time in their entire life.

"You mean, Sonic, Manic, Knuckles, Jet, Silver, Tails, and Storm?" Amy asked. Sonia nodded and looked at her.

"I'm sorry..." She said in a low voice.

"It's okay." Amy said smiling. "We could meet at lunch or all of us could go to a club at school to hang out."

"That's a good idea, Amy." Rouge said to Amy. Amy blushed lightly but you can't tell if she's blushing or not because of her pink fur and muzzle.

"I wish this would end." Amy said, sweatdropping.

"Me too." Rouge and Sonia said at the same time.

To Be Continued...