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Past and Future

The Next Day

"So this is our uniforms?"Amy asked as she, Rouge, and Wave were walking to their new dorms. The dorms are separate, there are two buildings that have all 20 dorms, one building was for the boys while the other building was for the girls.

"I'm afraid so, Amy." Wave said looking down at her uniform, "I'm afraid so."

The uniform was a green skirt with a light green sweater that is attached to a white sleeved shirt that has a small brown bow on the middle of the chest part. (Say that 10x fast)

"Why do they have to put uniforms...revealing?"Amy asked to Rouge. Rouge just shrugged. She hardly cared. She just wants to flirt with guys and want them to be her boyfriends. Which was easy enough because of her 'revealing' body parts around her body.

"What? You don't like to show your skin?" said a voice. Amy turned around and stared at the blue hedgehog. He had a smirk on his face that wanted her to slap him.

"What do you want, Sonic?" Amy asked in an annoyed voice.

"I'm just here to get my uniform." he said looking at her. It was astonishing that they both hate each other for a very long time, hell, even Rouge doesn't remember!

"And I'm here for my girlfriend." Sonic said, still having that smirk on his face.

"You got a girlfriend? Wow, then she must be very crazy to go out with you." Wave said rolling her eyes. Amy smiled at the purple swallow, it felt like it was yesterday that Amy just met Wave.

In 3rd Grade

Amy was sitting all alone in the swings.

'That stupid jerk' Amy thought to herself, 'Look at what he did to my new dress!'

Indeed her new pink dress was ruined. It had mud stains on the bottom and it was all Sonic's fault because the ball hit a mud pond, and Amy was right next to it.

Sonic started laughing at the scene and left, leaving Amy sulking.

'He is so mean!' Amy thought again 'If he does that one more time I swear that I'm gonna-'

"Uh, excuse me." a small voice was heard. Amy looked up. She had a mean look but soon soften on who was talking to her.

"I'm sorry if I interrupted with your thoughts," the purple swallow said, "My name is Wave. I'm new here in Emerald Mobious Elementary." she said. "I'm here with my two adopted brothers." Wave said pointing at two birds. One was a hawk and was green, while a big grey albatross was playing with him on basketball.

"The green one is Jet, and the grey one is Storm." Wave said looking at Amy, "What's your name?"

"It's Amelia Jade Rose. But usually people call me Amy." The pink hedgehog said smiling at the swallow. She smiled back and soon Amy started to see what she was wearing. Wave was wearing a white t-shit which said 'Danger is my Middle Name.' and blue shorts. She was also wearing black shoes with white on the side that completed her outfit.

"Want to play with me and my friends?" Amy asked looking at Wave. She pointed at a white bat and a purple cat, "The bat is Rouge and the cat is Blaze." Amy smiled at Wave.

"Uh, okay." Wave said forming a small sweatdrop and chuckling a little.

"Okay then," Amy said to Wave, "Let's go!" Amy was holding Wave's hand and running towards her two other friends.

End of 3rd Grade

"Well for your information, WAVE, I do have a girlfriend and she is more hotter than you." Sonic said looking at Wave. Amy came back to reality and stop Wave from actually hitting Sonic.

"Wave! Stop! Let it go! Count to ten!" Amy ordered Wave to do what she said. Wave stopped and counted to 10. At 9, she then was calmed. Amy took a long sigh and Rouge just sweatdrop at the moment.

"Weirdos." Sonic said leaving the three girls alone.

Amy just couldn't do this anymore. He is always pissing Amy off no matter what. Then a small tap hit on Amy's shoulder. Amy looked up and half-smiled. It was Shadow. He was a hedgehog that his fur is black and had red streaks on them.

"Hey," he said looking at Amy, "Did he do anything to you?" Amy just shook her head and remembered how she was all alone in class since Wave, Rouge, Tikal, Blaze, and Sonia were in different classes than her.

In 5th Grade

Sonic was throwing erasers at the poor pink hedgehog in the morning. She just can't take it no more. He is always bothering her no matter what. Mr. Lee then came in with a new hedgehog and cleared his throat, this made the kids stop talking and looked at their teacher.

"Students, we have a new student." Mr. Lee said, pointing at the black hedgehog with red streaks. Some girls were looking at him and blushes came on all of them, except Amy that is.

"His name is Shadow Robotnik The Hedgehog." the teacher said to all the students. They all nodded, and all of them started doing their work for the day. Sonic just looked at him and a smirk came on his face.

At Recess

"Want to be in our club?" Sonic asked to the new boy.

"Why should I?" Shadow asked.

"Because almost all the boys in 5th grade are in it." Sonic said, smirking.

"That is sooo not true." A voice behind them said. Sonic flinched and looked at mysterious person. It was Amy, who was smirking at him.

"What do you want?" Sonic asked in a harsh voice.

"Are you being mean to me because I scared you?" Amy asked, gasping fakely.

Sonic soon blushed a little. "No." he said looking at Amy. "Why are you here anyways?"

"What? I can't come in a place that 'belongs' to the school?" Amy asked. That made Sonic mad and raspberried at her. Amy crossed her arms and growled at him. She then look over to Shadow, "Oh and FYI, the only guys that goes to Team Whatever are Manic, Jet, Silver, Storm, Tails, and Knuckles." she explained to Shadow.

"It's Team SONIC!" Sonic yelled at her.

"I. DON'T. CARE!" Amy yelled at him back. Shadow's eyes widened. She was the only girl who ever talked to him without stammering or blushing hard.

"The name's Amel-" Amy said looking at Shadow but got interrupted by Sonic.

"Amelia Fade Bose." Sonic said looked at Shadow.

"NO!It's Amelia-"

"Made Pose?" Sonic asked again.

Amy was gonna lose it. "What I wanted to say is that my name is Amelia Jade Rose." Amy said quickly. She then took out her Piko Piko Hammer and was about to hit the blue hedgehog, but the bell rang.

"Saved by the bell." Sonic said out loud. Amy just put away her hammer and went inside. She didn't look back, but then Sonic started to whisper something to the black hedgehog.

"She's annoying, right?" Sonic asked to Shadow. Shadow just stood there. Stunned. Amazed. Amy was like his old friend, Maria.

"Yeah." Shadow lied. He wants to know more of this 'Amy' person. Maybe tomorrow he can talk with her.

End of 5th Grade.

Ever since that next day, Shadow and Amy soon became friends. He's not in Team Sonic nor Team Rose (mostly because Team Rose are for girls). He was in the middle of both teams. Years passed and soon Shadow became rivals with Sonic, because Shadow 'accidentally' called him "Faker" at school once. Since that day, he was far away as possible from Sonic.

"Hello? Earth to Amy?" Shadow said, snapping his fingers in front of Amy. Amy blinked a few times.

"Oh? Yeah, I'm here." Amy said sweatdropping. Shadow smirked at her.

"Good. Sorry, I can't chat anymore." he said looking down at Amy, "I have a lot of stuff to do before school starts." Shadow said.

Amy nodded and walked over to Rouge and Wave to do their next errand.


"I'm SO glad we're done." Rouge said slumping down on her new room. All the rooms were the same. Two beds for two people to sleep at, one bathroom, two desks, and two lamps on the desks. On the back of the room there is a window.

"Yeah. And I'm SO glad that I'M your partner." Blaze said smiling. She looked at the room, it was not that bad but still good. She went to her side of the bed and started unpacking. But then, Blaze started to scream. Rouge stopped from what she was doing and went to Blaze.

"What happened?" Rouge asked.

Blaze just stood there. Angry.

"Look at what those douche bags did to my clothes!" Blaze exclaimed.

Rouge looked down and gasp. All of her clothes were a horrible color of green with some brown stains on them.

"I'm going to look like a chocolate mint ice-cream!" Blaze said, putting her hands on her face.

"Hmm..." that was all Rouge said but something came in her head. "Wait, doesn't a boy in Team Sonic like ice-cream?"

Blaze looked her. "Yes, there are boys on Team Sonic that like ice-cream, Rouge." She then crossed her arms and was saying it sarcastically.

Rouge just rolled her eyes. "No. I don't mean it by that. Like, who likes chocolate mint?" Rouge asked the same question again.

Blaze's eyes widen. "That little son of a..." Blaze then had a big vein on her head and was gripping her hand, REALLY hard.

"SILVEEEEERRRRRR!" Blaze shouted loudly.

A few snickers came outside of Blaze's and Rouge's room, but Blaze and Rouge didn't hear it. Those snickers came from Silver, Sonic, and Knuckles.

"Pranking Blaze, check." Silver said giving a high-five to Sonic and Knuckles.

"Next stop..." Sonic said with an evil smile, "Pranking Wave."

"What are you guys doing?" A voice said. Sonic turned around and thought it was Amy or someone, but instead, it was his girlfriend, Sally Acorn.

"Pranking some members on Team Rose." Sonic said looking at Sally, "How are you?"

"I'm fine." Sally said."I just wanted to see what my boyfriend is up to."

Sonic just smiled at that. Silver just rolled his eyes and Knuckles making gagging noises.

"Shut up." Sonic said to both, "You don't know how I feel because I'm in love." The red echidna rolled his eyes while Silver told him something.

"Yeah, in your dreams." Silver said, chuckling.

Sonic just punched Silver a little hard than playfully and walked with Sally to do whatever they do.

"I guess were having a delay on pranking on the girls." Knuckles said.

"Yeah." Silver said looking at the next victim's door,"I guess it's a delay."

The both of them walked over to the boy's building since they were at the girl's building and waited until Sonic and Sally are both done to whatever they do as a couple. In the mean time, they play video games or something.

To Be Continued...