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Past and Future

In The Last Week Of School (Second Day) After School

"Le gasp!" Blaze exclaimed, looking down to her packet, "Is this... our last report cards? That have our tests results?" Amy rolled her eyes and looked down to her yellow packet.

"Oh please, people." Sonia said, "This is what we've been waiting for! If all of us pass this, were going to be in the same grade and maybe be in the same classes!" The girls looked at each other and soon at their packets.

"In the number one, we open it. Got that?" Tikal asked. The girls nodded and they soon started to say the numbers backwards.

"Five... Four... Three... Two..." Amy said. The girls were ready to open and Amy shook her head from nervousness.

"One! Open!" Amy shouted. The girls opened the packet and they soon took out there report cards and there tests results.

"Math... A... English... A..." Cream read hers, "Physical Education... B..." She rolled here eyes and looked at the paper where her test results were.

"I have all advanced." Cream said, "What about you guys?"

"I passed." Sonia said happily. "Oh joy!"

Rouge nodded to Cream along with Chloe, Blaze, and Tikal. Wave looked at her report card and sighed happily. They soon all looked over to Amy, who was still looking at her test results.

"Amy? Did you pass?" Sonia asked to her. Amy was about to answer her until she shook her head.

"Um..." Is all she could say. "Barely." The girls sighed and Sonia patted her head.

"That's our girl." She said to the pink hedgehog, "Never gives up into a fight. Get it? Since you got into te fight of Sonic and Scourge?" Amy rolled her eyes and putted her report card and tests results away.

"Julliana said that she passed last week." Blaze told them, "And that her graduation already passed as well. But she said that it was boring." Rouge rolled her eyes and went to her bag.

"Now finally I can go to the beach this weekend without worrying about Monday." Rouge said, putting on her make-up, "Oh, how I missed Summer so much."

"Well, we can finally find our sort of man this year." Sonia said, having hearts on her eyes, "And of course, be handsome." The girls sweatdrop and Blaze shook her head.

"Sorry Sonia but I'm taken." Blaze told her, "So I'm out."

"Well, me and Sonic are getting to be good friends so..." Amy said to her as well, "Me too."

"I'm still in battle with Cosmo." Cream said to her, gripping her hand. The girls sweatdrop and soon Lexie came in running towards them.

"Guys! I just found out that I already passed!" Lexie said happily, "This is so exiting!"

"Not even that, but soon we're going to have a party on Friday." Blaze told her, "After that, it's Summer Break baby!" Lexie squealed happily and so did Blaze.

"Though that mean's that I have to leave soon." Chloe said to them, "I can't be here next year. I'm going back to Station Square."

"What?" Amy asked, "But you're awesome!" Chloe rolled here eyes and looked over to her.

"Remember when I said that I want to visit here?" Chloe asked, "Well, it's a really cool place here, but... I'm going back living with your brother and sister." Amy's ears droop.

"But..." Is all Amy could say.

"Don't worry, Amy." Grace said, patting her head, "We'll still see you some time around." Amy looked up to her friend.

"You're leaving... as well?" Amy said. Grace nodded to her and smiled to her.

"Hey, don't give me that face." She said to her, "I'll still be your best friend. Just... a few thousand miles away from each other." Amy looked at her.

"You're going away?" She asked again. Grace nodded to her and Amy shook her head.

"I don't want things to change..." Amy whispered to herself, "I'm going to miss you guys..." Grace smiled at her and so did Chloe.

"Don't worry, Amy." Chloe said to her, "We're still here. Don't need to think things over fastly." Grace nodded to her.

"I'm sorry, did I miss something?" Lexie asked to them. Rouge sweatdrop and whispered Lexie what was going on. Lexie nodded to her and looked back at the three friends.

"Are you still going to visit?" Amy asked to them.

"Of course we'll see each other!" Grace exclaimed to her, "It's not like it's going to be the end of the world." Chloe nodded to her.

"Right. We'll see each other." Chloe said to her, "In the mean time, how about going to the Pizza Parlor and celebrating our grades?" Amy nodded to her and to Grace.

"To the parlor it is then!" Amy exclaimed happily. Grace rolled her eyes while Chloe giggled from her childish reaction.

"Julie won't make us do work, right?" Rouge asked to them, "Even though she's still working?" Blaze shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't think so." Blaze told her, "But the better question is; who's going to be the new boss?" Cream thought about that and so did the other girls.

"Um..." Amy said, "It might be a new person or something?" Rouge sighed and opened the restaurant's door.

"Hey Julliana." Amy said to her, "How's work?" Julliana rolled here eyes and skated towards them.

"How come you guys are here? You don't need to work." Julliana told them, "Or is it something else?" She haded a table-cloth on her hand and was cleaning a plate.

"All of us passed." Cream said to her, "So we're going to celebrate here in Pizza Parlor." Julliana nodded and skated over to the kitchen.

"Earl! We need one large pizza, with extra cheese and pepperoni!" She shouted to him, "ASAP!" Earl grunted and started the stove.

"Okay your pizza will be ready in 30 minutes." Julliana said kindly to them, "Please take your seats and I'll order your drinks soon." The girls sweatdrop and they did what they were told.

"So the dance is coming soon." Rouge said, getting out her phone from her purse, "Who you guys taking?" All girls looked at her and Blaze cleared her throat.

"I'm going with Silver." She told her.

"No duh." Rouge said, playing in her phone. Blaze glared at her and shook her head.

"Oh shut up." Blaze said, blushing lightly, "How about you? Are you going out with Knuckles?" Rouge blushed and glared at the smirking cat.

"Oh please. Me? Why would I ever do that?" Rouge told her.

"You said that you wanted a picture of him in a tux last weekend." Tikal answered to her, "You even called me." Amy snickered with a few other members of Team Rose and Rouge blushed more.

"That was because... My sister, Rose wanted a picture of him." Rouge explained, "I mean, why would I asked Tikal for that?"

"Because you think I'm sexy." Knuckles said behind of her. Rouge flinched and turned her towards him.

"K-Knuckles!" Rouge exclaimed, "What are you doing here?" Knuckles smirked at her soon looked over to Tikal.

"You did well for being a good sister." He told her. Tikal sweatdrop and nodded to him. The red echidna then turned his head towards Rouge again.

"Now, how come you wanted that picture?" Knuckles asked, sitting next to her, "Was it because you think I'm hot? Or is it because..." He then gave her a sly smile and Rouge blushed more.

"Shut up!" She exclaimed, pushing him off of her, "And to think, you were the right man for me." She crossed her arms and soon Julliana skated towards them.

"Okay may I-" Julliana told them, but looked down to see Knuckles holding his stomach, "Order?" Rouge nodded and looked at the menu.

"Yeah, I would like a sprite." Rouge told her, "Large." Julliana nodded and looked over to her other friends.

"I'll just have a banana." Amy said to her, looking down to the table, "I'm not thirsty right now." Julliana nodded and looked down to her notebook.

"Okay, is that all?" She asked.

"Do you have any Advil?" Knuckles asked, getting up, "Or something that gets rid of pain?" Julliana shook her head making Knuckles groan.

"Okay, be right back." She told them, skating towards the kitchen. Amy looked at her and saw something blue in the window.

"What was..." She said to herself, "That?" Sonic, out of nowhere, scared her mad making her shriek. She then glared at him and slapped him. Hard.

"Ow," Sonic said, falling to the ground and holding his cheek, "Saw that coming." Amy rolled her eyes and glared at him again.

"What are you doing here, Sonic?" Amy asked to him. Sonic got up from the table and shook his head for him to not lose his conscious.

"I'm here because Knuckles went missing." Sonic said, sitting next to her and Chloe. "Also, it's dinner time." Amy sweatdrop and looked at him.

"So you just came here because of him?" Rouge asked, pointing at the red echidna, "Well that's just sad."

"Hey!" He shouted to her, "For your information, I didn't get lost."

"Tell that to the search squad outside." Sonic told him, "Their looking for you. We were going somewhere else, remember?" Knuckles nodded to him and looked over to the white bat.

"It was nice seeing you again, Rouge." Knuckles said to her, holding her hands, "May you remember this day and-"

"Please stop touching me." She cutted him off, "And please stop being so corny." Knuckles sweatdrop and sighed.

"Oh well." He said to himself, "Maybe next time." Rouge looked at him and shook her head.

"Knuckles!" Sonic shouted to him. The red echidna looked at him.

"What?" He answered to him.

"Too soon." He told him. Rouge sweatdrop along with Knuckles. Julliana came back with their drinks and putted them in front of them.

"Here you go, Amy." She told her, giving her the banana, "The pizza will be ready in just a few minutes." Amy nodded to her and had the banana in her hands.

"I don't see why you don't want any drinks, Ames." Sonic told her, looking down at the fruit, "What you're going to do with it?" Amy looked at him and shook her head.

"I'm going to eat it." She informed him. She opened it and took a small bite out of it. Sonic looked at her the whole time and shook his head.

"So, do you know anything about Cosmo?" Cream asked to Sonic. "Like, is she a total bitch or something?" Amy stopped mid-way to her banana and looked at her friend.

"What the heck did you just said?" Amy asked to her.

"I said, 'Is she a total bitch or something'." Cream answered to her, "What I mean, is that if she's mean and acts all..."

"She isn't around Tails." Sonic answered to her, crossing his arms, "But me and few other of my friends know her true self." Cream nodded to her and soon felt her phone vibrating in her pocket. She rolled her eyes and took it out. She then looked at the person who called and growled low.

"I hate my mom." She muttered to herself. She opened it and used her sweet, innocent, voice.

"Hey Cosmo." She said to her kindly, making everyone in the table stop drinking their drinks and almost spitting it out.

"She sounds..." Amy said, "So... angelic." All of the animals nodded and heard more of Cream's conversation.

"I'm sorry, Cosmo." Cream said again, this time, flowers and hearts were on the background and Cream used her puppy eyes even though Cosmo couldn't see it. "I'm a bit busy right now." Over a few tables away from them, a few guys came and seeing her little conversation.

"I'm sorry..." She said again, this time, is about to cry, "I didn't mean to. I-" There was soon silence and Cream then used more of her cuteness.

"Alright." She said, sighing cutely, "I'll see you there." She closed it gracefully and putted it away. She then looked up and saw her friends and other random people looking at her.

"What?" She asked, tilting her head lightly. This made a few guys say 'Kawaii!' or 'Cute!' Cream looked at them and sighed.

"And this is why I don't call people when I'm at public." She told them, "Any questions?" Amy shook her head and sighed.

"I just want my food." Amy answered to her, biting her banana again, "I don't know about you guys." Rouge, who was pushing Knuckles away from her, nodded to her and glared at the red echidna.

"Leave. Me. Alone!" She shouted to him.

"Not. Until. You. Stop. Pushing. Me." Knuckles answered to her. Rouge growled low and stopped pushing him off which made Knuckles smile for victory.

"Here you go." Julliana said to them, "On the house." She then placed a large pizza in the middle of the table which had cheese and pepperoni.

"Thanks, Julie." Amy said to her, getting a piece from the pizza, "We really appreciate it." Grace and Chloe nodded to her and soon they got a piece from the pizza as well.

"Yeah well, anything for new Sophomores." Julliana replied to her, "Besides, I'm not going to be here next year." Amy stoped eating her pizza and looked up to her.

"What do you mean?" She asked to her.

"Remember when I said that I was going to Emerald University?" She asked to her back. The pink hedgehog nodded. "Well, the university is in Station Square." Rouge was drinking her soda until she spitted it all out over to Knuckles side.

"You're what?" She asked, wiping some soda on her mouth. Knuckles was getting a napkin from the table and started cleaning himself.

"I'm going to Station Square." She answered to her, "So I can't be in Pizza Parlor anymore. There needs to be a new manager if this place still wants to be open." Amy sighed and soon ate her pizza again.

"Well, good luck with that." She told her, "This place will be gone forever." Julliana rolled her eyes and wrote something down on her notebook.

"Okay, Amy. Or should I say, New Manager?" Julliana asked to her. Amy looked up from her pizza and stare at her.

"You're serious, right?" She asked to the red hedgehog. Julliana nodded and soon Amy squealed with joy.

"Ouch, my ears." Sonic said, covering his ears. Julliana sweatdrop and soon Amy smiled at her.

"But why me? You know that I suck at skating." Amy said to her.

"Yeah but you got better." Julliana told her, "That counts, right? And you even stayed here extra for helping me out with the dishes and other stuff."

"Lucky..." Blaze whispered to her friends. Amy rolled her eyes at her and looked down to the floor.

"So, what do you think?" Julliana asked to her. The pink hedgehog looked up to her and nodded.

"I'll do it." She answered to her. Julliana smiled and soon Amy's friends squealed.

"Ouch, my ears again." Sonic said again, covering his ears again, "I'm leaving." He then got up and walked over to the exit, "C'mon Knuckles, let's just go." The red echidna nodded to him and walked with him over to the exit door.

"I'll see you later, Rouge." Knuckles said to her, waving. Rouge growled low and glared at him.

"Get out." Rouge informed him, "If you don't know what's going to hit you." Knuckles nodded fastly and walked away with Sonic.

"How come they were here?" Julliana asked, sitting next to Rouge.

"How should we know? They just came." Blaze told her, "But who knows what they want from us." Julliana nodded to her and soon skated over to the kitchen.

"I'll talk with you later, guys." Julliana said to them kindly, "I'm going to help Earl with the food." Team Rose nodded to her and soon Amy sighed happily.

"Well, I'm the new manager." She said happily. "So that means I get to get out early." Rouge sweatdrop and grabbed a piece of pizza.

"Yeah well, in Friday, it's the last day so let's make it the best." Rouge said, holding up her pizza, "Cheers for being Sophomores." The girls giggled and soon they grabbed the pizzas as well and help it up.

"Cheers." They said at the same time, bumping the pizzas into each other. They ate their pizza happily while thinking about the further future that will happen soon.

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