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Here's Chapter 41! (The last chapter)

Past and Future

Few Days Later

"It's Summer and I still need to work." Cream said, sighing and sweatdroping at the same time, "And to think, that right now I would be at the beach and hanging around with my friends." Cosmo overheard her by putting some hand sanitizer at a shelf. She then looked at her and rolled her eyes.

"Oh please." She told her, "I doubt it. You would actually make out with Tails 24/7." Cream stared at her and rolled her eyes.

"Yeah right." Cream told her, "I'm just bored right now and I want some company that isn't you." Cosmo glared at her and went back to her work. Cream sighed again and looked outside of the store.

Right in front of her, there was another store that haded games and electronics. The store that she is staring is no other than Game Stop. She sighed as she put her head on the counter.

"Um, hey Cream." Someone said slowly. Cream looked up from her sulking and looked up to the person who was talking to her.

"Yeah? Can I help you?" She asked, getting up from the counter. Once she saw a better view from the person, she smiled.

"Hey Tails." Cream said, "How come your here?" Tails shrugged his shoulders and looked around the place.

"I don't know. I just did." Tails said jokingly. Cream giggled and slided the paperwork that she had farther away from her.

"So, you work here in the mall?" Cream asked, looking at his grey striped shirt that has his name on a tag. The two tailed fox nodded and looked down at his name tag.

"Yup. And you wouldn't believe where I work at." Tails said, winking at her. Cream blushed and shook her head repeatedly.

"Well? What is it?" She asked to him.

"Okay. So like, I work right in front of you." Tails said, pointing at the store behind him, "So, that pretty makes us neighbors from the mall." Cream stared at him and then at the store.

"You work at GameStop?" She asked to him again. Tails nodded to her. "Wow. I always thought that you would work at an electronics store. I guess I was right." Tails chuckled nervously and shook his head.

"So, how about you? How does it feel to be a 15-year-old?" Tails asked to her. The cream-colored rabbit shrugged her shoulders and looked at the cashier.

"Eh. It's fine." She said, sighing, "I'm just bored right now. I mean, how come my mom doesn't want me to go and hang out with my friends? I mean, its Summer! You're supposed to have fun, right?" She then look over to Tails, who was texting in his phone.

"I'm sorry, what?" He asked, looking at her. Cream sighed and sweatdrop.

"Forget what I just said." She told him. The two tailed fox nodded and went back texting on his phone. Cream then looked at the stack of papers and shook her head.

"Seriously... Leaving a 15-year-old doing paper work." Cream said to herself, looking at the first sheet of paper, "Oh. There taxes." She said again. She then looked that it was signed by her mom so she just needed to send it back to the taxers. She then opened a cabinet and took out envelopes out of it. Tails noticed her and the big stack of paper work.

"You need help, Cream?" Tails asked to her. The cream-colored rabbit nodded and did the first envelope. Tails then looked at the papers and took one out.

"Thanks Tails." Cream told him, "I never actually thought that we would be such good friends." She then blushed and shook her head.

"It's fine. I never thought that I would hang out with you either." Tails told her, "So I guess, were even?" Cream smiled at him and finished her 5th envelope.

"Yup were even." Cream said, putting her hands on the table. She then smiled at him and forgot that she was in a store. Tails forgot as well. They both leaned in slowly as their lips were only a few inches away.

When they were close, a loud 'BANG!' sound was heard. They both looked at where the sound was and saw that Cosmo, who 'accidentally' pushed a cart full of perfume, was on the floor.

"Cosmo!" Vanilla shouted, walking up to her. Cream then looked at her mom and started to have her body jump with joy. Will this be the day where Cosmo will get fired?

"I'm so sorry, ma'am! I didn't mean to!" Cosmo explained to her, "You see, I was putting some hand sanitizers here and didn't notice the perfumes and-"

"The sign is right here." Vanilla told her, pointing at the sign that says 'Perfumes'. "The hand sanitizers go there." She then pointed at the other side and soon Cosmo started to gulp.

"She's going to get fired." Cream whispered to the two tailed fox. Tails nodded to her and soon went back looking at the scene.

"I'm s-sorry!" Cosmo stammered, "How about I clean this up and you just go and relax, okay?" The older rabbit stared at her and soon pointed at her chest.

"Cosmo the Seedrian, you're fired!" She shouted at her. Cosmo then had her eyes widen and fell down to the floor.

"Fired?" She whispered to herself, "I never got fired in my life!" Vanilla then stared at her and went down to her level.

"Well you just did." She whispered to her, "Cream, you'll still be what you are right now, I now need to find another employee." Cream nodded and inside her head she started to dance the shuffle.

Cosmo then got up and stared at Tails. She then started to cry and ran away from their. Tails then didn't felt sorry for her, he just shrugged his shoulders and went back helping Cream with the paper work.

"Thanks again." She told him. The two tailed fox nodded to her.

"Your welcome, Cream." He said, smiling at her. Cream blushed and started to work with the taxes again along with her new boyfriend, Tails.


"Pepperoni pizza, coming right up!" Rouge exclaimed happily to the customer. She then skated towards the kitchen and went over to Earl.

"Okay big buddy, we need a pepperoni pizza! On the double!" She shouted at him. Earl grunted as always and started to turn on the stove again.

"Earl! We need an extra cheese pizza!" Sonia exclaimed to her. He grunted again and went over wetted the flour.

"Earl! I need a mushroom pizza on table 12!" Tikal shouted, going next to him, "And we're so busy today!" Earl nodded at her and putted a pizza in the stove. Tikal then helped him and saw Blaze made a pizza in 5 minutes.

"Pepperoni pizza, order up!" She then gave the pizza to Rouge, "Sonia, we need a Pepsi on the double!" Sonia nodded to her and went over to the refrigerator.

"Where's Amy?!" Rouge shouted, once she was out of the kitchen, she placed a fake smile and went over to a table, "Here's your pizza, sir." The man nodded and got the pizza. Rouge them skated back towards the kitchen and slumped down to the wall.

"I need water." The white bat said, wiping a sweat away from her head, "I'm so tired." Sonia nodded to her and started to get out a water of bottle.

"Hey guys, sorry it took so long," Amy said, holding up a few envelopes, "I was going to give you your checks." Tikal nodded to her and was still helping Earl with the pizzas.

"Man, were so busy today." Blaze said, flicking fire on her index finger, "Even the day before that." Amy nodded and started to help Rouge get up from the floor.

"Before Julliana was gone, it wasn't this full." Sonia said, putting a pizza next to Blaze, "But right now, its a mad house out there!" The girls nodded along with Earl.

"So, when are we going to have a break and close the restaurant for a few days?" Tikal asked, putting cheese on the pizza, "It's already Summer, so why don't we get a break?" Amy thought about it and shrugged her shoulders.

"I have no idea." She told her. She then saw the door opened and an old friend of hers came. She then had her eyes widen and she skated over to the person.

"Shadow!" Amy exclaimed, hugging him, "Long time no see, huh?" Shadow nodded to her and looked around the place.

"Wow. The rumors were true." Shadow said, looking around, "This place has been popular since the beginning of Summer!" Amy blushed and looked around as well.

"Yeah, but me and the girls are still seeing if we can have a break for a few days." Amy told him, "It's so tiring, that it even made Rouge fall off of her balance." Shadow sweatdrop and saw Sonia skating over to a table.

"So, are you here to stay or to go? Please say to go." Amy said, getting her notebook, "This place is packed." Shadow nodded to her.

"Um, yeah. To go." He answered to her, "I want a small pepperoni pizza." Amy nodded and wrote that down.

"And for a drink?" She asked to him. Shadow thought about it and snapped his fingers.

"Dr. Pepper." He told her. Amy nodded and putted the pencil on her ear.

"Coming right up!" She exclaimed happily, zooming off towards the kitchen. Shadow sweatdrop and saw that Sonia was already done with her shift and was relaxing on a table.

"Jeez, working at a restaurant for less that a year is tiring." Sonia said, putting her hands on her back and started to feel a few cracks coming out. "Ow my back." She then cracked her knuckles and sighed.

"Amy! This is tiring!" Sonia shouted at her, "I want Julliana back!" Amy skated over her and started looked down to a big stack of money.

"Look how much we got!" Amy exclaimed, showing her the money, "If we keep this up, then we should have a week off!" Sonia stared at her and fell off of her seat. Amy stared at her and looked down at her.

"Sonia? You okay?" Amy asked to her. Sonia got up and a few more cracks here heard. Amy then looked at her.

"Ouch. My back." Sonia said, rubbing her back, "I worked so much that now when I bend down, it always cracks." Amy sweatdrop and looked at the kitchen.

"How about having the day off and be here tomorrow, okay?" Amy asked to her. Sonia nodded and went over to the employee's room. She then got her bag and took out her roller skates.

"Is that, Sonic's sister?" Shadow asked to the pink hedgehog. Amy looked at him and nodded.

"Yeah. Her name's Sonia." Amy told him, "Oh and your pizza will be ready in a few minutes." Then, there was smoke coming out of the kitchen and Amy facepalmed.

"Maybe more." She told him, "Sorry Shadow, it's just that were so busy that we don't have time to use the stove. We need Blaze's powers so that we can make the pizza." Shadow nodded slowly and saw Sonia coming out of the employee's room.

"Amy! We need your help! Blaze accidentally burned Table 6's pizza." Rouge told her, getting out of the kitchen and having dust all over her. Tikal got out and started to cough.

"Oh man. Blaze should really be more careful." Tikal said, "Now me and Earl have to start all over again." Rouge sweatdrop and got out her compact.

"Oh god, now I need to change!" Rouge shouted, going to the bathroom, "Tikal! I need your help!" Tikal sweatdrop and went over to her.

Lastly, Blaze got out and haded her hair with dust and she blinked a few times when a small flick of fire was on her finger.

"Evil!" She shouted, making the fire go away, "I will never use this fire again!" Amy sweatdrop and went over to them.

"Can't believe that Earl is still there and not coming out." Amy said, looking at the smokey kitchen, "Shadow, can you help us?" The black hedgehog looked at her and nodded his head.

"Yeah sure." He told her, "So, you pretty much work here?" Amy looked at him and nodded slowly.

"Yup. But it isn't that hard." Amy told him, going to the kitchen and holding her nose and mouth, "It's like a routine." She then took out a fire extinguisher and went over to where it is burned.

"This will be the last time we ask Blaze's help." Amy said, pointing at the burned pizza and pressing the handle. It then showed the white foam out and soon the smoke slowly cleared away.

Shadow looked at her and then at the pizza.

"That was my pizza, wasn't it?" Shadow asked to her. Amy sweatdrop and nodded slowly.

"Poor Earl. He needs to clean all of this up." Amy said, putting the extinguisher away and taking out a broom.

"Hey Shadow, we already gave everybody's orders today and now it will soon be quitting time." Amy told him, "So, once everybody is out, can you put the 'Sorry were closed' sign?" Shadow stared at her for a minute and nodded. She then smiled at him.

"Great! Now all I have to do now is help Earl with this." Amy said, pointing at the floor, which everywhere has dust.

"Uh... Yeah." Shadow said, looking around the kitchen, "Wow it's dirty." Amy rolled her eyes and soon Blaze came in clean.

"This fire is evil! I will never use it for work again!" Blaze shouted, putting her fingers away, "This will cause Chaos all over the world!"

"Wow, you just noticed that, didn't you?" Rouge asked to her, wiping her hands with a paper towel, "I noticed that since the beginning of the school year." Blaze glared at her and just sighed.

"Now girls, we all know that Blaze has some anger issues and that's why fire comes out," Tikal told them, "But we all don't think of her powers, we think of her attitude." Blaze stared at her while Rouge started to laugh.

"Good one, Tikal!" She said, smiling at her. The orange echidna nodded to her and soon saw almost all the customers were gone.

"Wow. Quitting time is near." Tikal told them, "I can't believe that the day is almost over!" Rouge sweatdrop along Blaze and soon they heard the door open.

"Customers? The restaurant is already closed." Rouge told them, "How come there are-"

"Hey Rouge." Knuckles said, being behind her, "Did you miss me?" Rouge flinched and turned her head towards him.

"What? Just because I was nice to you at the dance, doesn't mean that I'm going to be nice to you in another day." Rouge told him, "And besides, I'm busy right now."

"Evil... Evil..." Blaze kept on going and looked at her hand, "I would never use this again!" Tikal rolled her eyes and then took out her phone.

"So, how was work?" Sonic asked to them. All the girls looked at him confusingly and tilted their heads.

"I'm sorry, did you just ask how was work?" Rouge asked to him, "Well, I don't know about these guys but right now the business is overboard!" The girls nodded and then Amy came out, coughing and having dust on her red dress.

"Okay, I'm half-way done with the floor." Amy told them, coughing again, "Earl is doing mostly all of it." She then went inside again and started to sweep once more.

"What was that all about?" Silver asked.

"Blaze here accidentally burned a small pepperoni pizza when trying to make things faster." Rouge explained to them, "And it worked, a few times, and now that's why Blaze is saying 'Evil' and Amy and Earl are cleaning the kitchen. If you do the math then that means-"

"We have the day off and relax until Amy and Earl are over." Tikal said happily, "And finally, we get to relax and enjoy that day." Rouge looked at her and nodded.

"So, any ideas for the Summer?" Tikal asked to them, "Me, Knuckles, and our parents are going to a cruise ship, but we'll not be leaving until next week."

"Lucky, I'm going to visit my parents for 3 weeks." Rouge told her, "And their so old style! They think I'm going to be an etiquette person once I get back and it will be so boring..." Blaze patted her back.

"Were so sorry for you." Blaze told her. Rouge sniffed and sighed.

"So? What about you guys?" She asked to them.

"Me? Well, my dad is going to Europe again along with my mom so I'm pretty much going to be alone in the house with my sister." Silver told them, "It's going to suck. My little sister would just go to Disney Jr. and see all of those kiddie shows." All of them sweatdrop and shook their heads.

"So, what about you?" Silver asked to the lavender cat. Blaze looked at him and shrugged her shoulders.

"Couldn't think between going to Orlando Resorts or going to Hollywood." Blaze explained to him, "My parents won a game show and now they want me to go with them. But I don't where... Hollywood... It has all of the stars... Orlando Resorts... Has MANY roller coasters and food. Hm..."

"Forgot what I just said..." Silver said, sweatdropping, "What about you, Sonic?"

"Me?" The blue hedgehog asked, pointing at himself, "Well, me, Manic, and Sonia are going somewhere with our parents. Something about World..."

"It's true." Both Manic and Sonia said at the same time. Sonic flinched and had his right eye twitch.

"You guys don't usually talk at the same time." Sonic told them, "Who are you two!? Where are my real brother and sister?!" They both rolled their eyes and Sonia had her hands on her hips.

"Oh please, Sonic. The only time when we all say things at the same time is when we order somewhere like Applebee's or another fast restaurant." Manic nodded and soon Amy came again.

"Blaze, what the heck have you done with the kitchen? The whole place is a mess!" Amy exclaimed, "I can't finish it all by myself!" Blaze then looked at her.

"Sorry, Amy." Blaze said to her, "I'll help." Amy looked at her hands and then to her dress.

"I look like a dust freak, don't I?" She asked to them. They all nodded as Amy chuckled nervously. "That's what I thought." She then sighed and tried to dust herself off.

"So, how is it being the manager of Pizza Parlor?" Sonic asked to her. Amy shrugged her shoulders and cleaned her quills.

"Not bad." She told him.

"Hey, did you guys even notice the initials of Pizza Parlor? Its-" Silver said, but got interrupted by Amy.

"PP. Yeah, we get it." Amy told him. Silver then laughed.

"Hah! I made you say PP." Silver said, laughing again. Amy stared at him and shook her head.

"So, what are you going to do over to Summer, Amy?" Sonic asked to her. The pink hedgehog looked at him and shrugged her shoulders.

"I have no idea." She answered to him, "Though I might go to beach, an arcade, maybe going to the mall and-"

"He meant like going somewhere out of the place." Sonia said, sweatdropping.

"Oh! Then, nothing." Amy answered to him, "I have no idea what I'm going to do."

Cream and Tails both went inside of the restaurant and were talking about smart things.

"So when Columbus found the land, he named a place around in Ohio his name?" Tails asked to her. Cream nodded and sighed.

"It's complicated." She told him, "Though it's not that hard. You see-"

"Oh my god, it's Summer and you keep on talking about school!" Rouge exclaimed, "Give it a break! It's finally Summer and your wasting it with lectures!" The cream-colored rabbit looked at her with shocked.

"Wow. I never thought it would be in you, Rouge." Knuckles, patting her head. The white bat blushed and shook her head.

"It's just that I don't want anybody talking about school after 3 days after about it." Rouge explained, "Especially when it's coming from Cream." Cream glared at her and sighed.

"Gee Rouge, that's so nice of you." Cream told her, "By the way, where's Sonic and Amy?" They all looked confused at her and looked behind them.

Amy and Sonic were nowhere to be found and soon Rouge started to groan.

"Where are they?!" Rouge asked, "Man, sometimes I think that their getting too much." They all looked at her sweatdrop.

"Seriously, right after when the story is going to end!" Jet shouted out of nowhere. Tikal stared at him and went over to him.

"Were on live." She whispered to him. Jet stared at her and soon started to blush.

"Oh god!" He exclaimed, "I did not now!" Storm chuckled had his arms crossed.

"You actually made the last chapter blow." Wave whispered to him, she then looked at her watch on her wrist and gasped. "I'm late for my appointment!" Tikal looked at her.

"Seriously?" She asked to her. The purple swallow nodded fastly and ran off towards the restaurant's exit.

"Is this over yet?" Silver whispered to Knuckles, " 'Cause right now I need to go to another story." The red echidna looked at him and sighed.

"Just after the chapter is over, okay?" Knuckles asked to him. The white hedgehog nodded slowly and went back to whatever he was doing.

"Can we go to the other scene now? Were out of ideas talking you know." Blaze said, having her hands on her hips and is glaring at the camera.


"Heh heh, thanks Amy for sneaking us out." Sonic said, winking at her and is laying down next to a tree. Amy nodded at him and sitted next to him.

"I agree." She told him, "They just kept on talking and talking." Sonic chuckled and putted his arms around his neck and layed down on the tree. Amy smiled at him and layed down next to him.

"Hey Sonic," Amy told him, "Since school is done and next we'll be Sophomores, will this... Uh, you know, the hang out will be more than just that?" Sonic stared at her and blushed.

"Well, I never thought about it, but..." Sonic kept on going, "We like each other, we liked almost everything..." Amy looked at him.

"Get to the point." She scolded at him. Sonic sweatdrop and just got to where he was going to say.

"Okay. What I want to say is..." Sonic blushed, "That I like and I want you to be my..." He then started to stammer and blushed hard, "G-girlfriend..." Amy blushed as well and looked at him.

"Sonic..." She whispered, leaning in to him. Sonic looked at her and leaned in as well.

"Ames..." He whispered to her. They both looked at each other and they soon embraced together to a long kiss. They both pulled away slowly and stared into each other's eyes.

"I love you, Sonikku..."

"I love you too, Ames.."

The End

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