WOW IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE I'VE WRITTEN ANYTHING! Well, hello there, this is just a little something that's been in my head for a few days…. WARNING: a little language, and first fic in about eight months. Tumblr is .com

Disclaimer: Dalton is CP Coulter's not mine. Neither is Glee (sobs at that sad fact…)

Julian was having an honest to goodness bad day; first, Cameron called him, saying he didn't get that part he really wanted in that Tim Burton movie. That wasn't such a big deal, he'd been turned down before; he could live with that. If he complained enough to Derek and Logan, he would eventually get over it. Yet, sadly, Logan was busy pining over Kurt, and Derek was texting three of his seven girlfriends, and not paying attention to him.

As he was walking to first period, he tripped over someone's books, and went flying into a couple of freshmen who were walking past. When he finally got to last period (following after many small awkward moments throughout the day), he got back his exam on "Hamlet". A 47%; the lowest he's ever received on any test. When the bell finally ran to signal the end of the day, he sprang out of his seat, and bolted out the door.

As he was walking down the hallway, he ran into Derek and Logan (last period was the only class that they did not have with at least one other of the trio), who were deep in conversation.

As they were walking, Derek spotted Julian, "Oh, hey Jules, rough…"

But Julian cut him off "Don't start with me! I don't want to hear about your eighteen girlfriends who are all over you!"

"Jules, what's gotten into-" Logan started, but Julian rounded on him, eyes blazing.

"No, I don't want to hear it from you either Wright, because you just think that you're so freaking perfect!" Julian turned to walk away, but Logan grabbed onto his shirt and spun him around.

"What the hell is going on, Jules! What's wrong?" Julian just stared at Logan, his comment making him furious.

"What's wrong? What's wrong? You don't know? You don't know? Oh why would you care anyway, so much for best friends!" Logan and Derek just exchanged confused looks, none of them noticing a certain Mr. Murdoch walking up behind Julian, and stopping behind him.

"I work my ass off all the freaking time, get turned down by the movie of a lifetime, and both of my best friends ignore me! WHAT KIND OF A FUCKED UP WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN AMYWAY!" he yelled at the ceiling. Passing students stopped and stared at him; Derek and Logan just looked scared, noticing the furious teacher behind their best friend.

"Mr. Larson," said a voice struggling to remain calm; Julian's eyes widened. "that will be detention for the whole week." Julian just gulped.

Well, that's it; my first fic in 8 months. Just comment or something. Tumblr is .com, one-shot only.