"Oh, Germany, its your awesome brother!" Prussia yelled in a cocky like matter. Like he always did, when he came to visit.

But got nothing back.

Shutting the door loud enough to wake the dead. Again nothing. Which only left one last thing. A hunting game. Perfect.

Germany, still a growing boy, loved to play to this game with his older brother.

Prussia at first took his steps with care. Waiting for something. When going up stairs, down the hall, nearing his brother's room. Nothing. But fake walking away when a light giggle was heard within the walls.

"Ha, I fooled him. Score one for Germany." The little boy said with sun-shine hair and rare blue gem eyes, coming out of a little hideaway that Prussia built for him as an indoor clubhouse for when the winter came.

Half way through his gloating, he was soon picked up from the ground. Giving a light scream. But then glared at his brother, who was just laughing at the splash of red on Germany's face. Who was soon trying to break away from his brother, landing on the ground to glare at his brother, who was still laughing at the cuteness Germany didn't know he had.

"You trick me!" He whined, stomping his foot.

"When in war, kleiner Bruder, you pick up a few things." And started to leave the room to make dinner.

Germany followed after. "Hey, bruder, will you tell me of your battles sometime?"

Prussia's steps falter a little, Germany walking into his back. Staring up his older half.


"Oh, ah yeah, when your older." Then steady made his way to the kitchen. Looking at the food he was making or something on the wall that wasn't there. Anything but his little pride and joy.

Every time, it's the same question. Yet, Prussia always gave the same answer. For how long, was that going to last. Germany was growing fast, soon to be fear and love as a great country he's meant to be.


"Uh, what?" Soon seeing that the food he was making was almost burnt, but he was able to save it. "Here you, a meal fit for a king." Laying his plate and Germany's on the dinning table.


"What?" Mouth half full with food, staring at his brother.

"Chew, then swallow."

He did.

"Gilbert, why won't you tell me..."

"About what?"

"Your battles."

"I will, when your older."

"You always say that."

"West, please not now. I've had a long day. Please. Drop. It."

"Fine. I'm done." Leaving a good one-fifth of his plate full and bolted up the stairs.

Gilbert, doing nothing, went on eating. Until he was done, when up stairs for a shower and then bed.

Taking his time cleaning himself. Fingers going over old wounds. Wounds, he fears that Germany will wear in his later life time. One that hurt him the most, was one from a close friend, who became his enemy in one go.

Reason; Germany.

Done with scrubbing his skin raw to forget that life. He'd had a new one. A better one and he plan to keep it that way.

Dress and in bed.

Around one in the morning, his door open. Red eyes closed. Knowing well who it was, well he thought he did.

With a hand was soon covering his month. Eyes flash open to see Spain. Soon those eyes were glaring.

"Hello, Gilbert. Long time, no see." He slowly removed his hand from Gilbert's face, but they held tight around his body.

Prussia and Spain were having a small war with each other and for a good reason. A reason Gilbert wouldn't let Spain win. Sitting up fast for their heads to meet, Spain felled back and Gilbert had the upper hand.

"You can't have him. Not this time."

"I know, I just wanted to talk is all."

"You have an un-awesome way of doing it." Letting Spain go and sitting back on his bed, his ear lightly falling on the wall behind him, hearing the light breathing of his brother who was still asleep.

"He's a good boy."

"Is there anything else of why you're here?" Wanting to leave Germany out of this as much as possible.

"I had a nice chat with England."


"His fantasy pals, said there is going to be a war in the near future."

"Isn't there always."

"But, Germany, will be the one who starts it."

Now Gilbert was listen loud and clear. "What? No, Germany wouldn't hurt a fly, I would know, I have seem him catch one in the house to set it free outside."


"No, that won't happen, it won't."

"Gilbert, you can't stop this."

"Yes I can. I will not lose mien bruder to a useless war."

"You must."

"Never. Now leave." It was a threat like no other.

Spain did what he was told. Not soon after there was faint crying coming from Germany's room.


"West! What? What's wrong?" Coming fast, forgetting Spain was ever there. Opening his little brother's room, to find him in tears. Shaking from a chill that wasn't in his heated room. Rushing to him, holding him deep in his arms.

Prussia hushed his brother, to the point the tears stop, but not the shaking.

"West, tell me, did you have a bad dream?"

He shook his head yes. Telling what was in it. It didn't sound like a war Prussia had ever been in. So that only meant one thing.

"Its okay, it's not real."

"You sure." Looking up at him, only to see his face bruised. "Gilbert?" Reaching out to touch his face.

Gilbert not thinking Spain left anything behind, he came up with a lie. "I bashed my face into the door when I heard you scream for me, that's all."

He nodded. "Gilbert, you're lying. I heard you and someone talking."

His eyes shock.

"I'll be part of a war? No, the start of it, right?"

Gilbert said nothing, just held his brother close. Trying to keep those words far away.

"But, that's good right! I can be as strong as you and during the war, you can fight alongside me!" Germany happily said, beaming his smile to his brother, who stared at him in horror. "Gil..."


"No, what?"

"There will be no war of any kind." Gilbert in way, was keeping himself from losing it. Losing his only brother.

"But...But...Then you can teach me all the things you know."



"Ich liebe Sie zu viel, zu lassen Sie weg von mir so gleiten. Nein, ich wird nicht immer und immer wieder wiederholt haben!"

"Und deshalb ich es tun möchte, ich will nicht die Person, die ich in einer Schlacht, ich kann nicht ihn, lieben!"

"Your not useless!"

"Yes, I am, Ever time, you come home, your hurt in some way and I can't do nothing about it."

"The pain goes away because you're here and a safe with a smile I love very much."

"To you, it might be enough. But not to me!" He started to get out of Gilbert's hold on him, but the grip didn't light up. "One way or another that it will happen and I plan to keep the ones I care about deeply, safe from it." The tears came back and Gilbert, made sure that they never came again.

Gilbert, knew that Germany will never let this go. To when the war really started, he had to there.

"Fine. But you fallow ever order I give you then. First thing in the morning." Finally giving in to this battle of theirs.

"Real...I mean, yes sir." Saluting with his wrong hand.

Gilbert fix it and did the same. After that, Gilbert tuck his brother back in, singing a lullaby. Stroking Germany's cheek, looking for last time, that this child will be no more, he be a different person. Bending down to kiss his forehead.

Whispering. "Ich liebe dich, mein kleiner Bruder von den Sternen." And got up, ready to get some sleep as well.

But stop short, when he heard. "Ich liebe dich auch, mein genial großer Bruder."