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The Days Ahead

Done by LuxUmbra2012

I own nothing in this fic except the storyline. Characters and mentions belong to their respective owners, save DJ and Sam.

Chapter 1


The day is Saturday, June 2, 2012.

School ends in 2 school days.

Graduation ceremony is at the end of the year.

4:37 P.M. Aeris Cole had been lying in bed for 5 hours straight now… See, it has been a while since this young girl participated in school now. Actually, about a week now. The reason she stopped was because she had been feeling drastically ill. One day, she's fine, bright, and dandy. The next, she woke up horribly sick and had to run to the bathroom and barf the previous day's dinner into the porcelain bowl. Alongside this came some headaches and a major refusal to eat just about anything. Now here she lay, within the confines of her own room, wondering what could possibly be wrong with her. "What's happening to me? I feel horrible…" Her family had become concerned with her current state of health, but she insisted that it was nothing but a very powerful cold, nothing more. But she felt that it could be something even worse than that. A smart girl like her had already known that the last time she had some alone time with her best friend (with benefits) was 4 weeks ago. She also knew that she missed that time of the month. If anything, that fact alone made her worry even more than the others, because usually it only meant one possible explanation for her illness…

"I don't understand… This shouldn't even happen… How? This can't happen, this just can't happen. "

Many an outcome played within the psyche of her mind, each one of them showing what would happen if her feared scenario was correct; So many blown opportunities, an extremely difficult if not impossible to work for future, her social status, and mainly, her current relationships with family and friends. But she didn't know if it was true or not. "I've got to know… and now." She made the mental decision to discover the truth behind her illness, but she knew she couldn't do this alone. She needed help. And if her fears were confirmed… then she would need all the help she could possibly get. Grabbing her cell phone from the lamp drawer next to her bed, one last thought played within her mind.

"What the hell am I going to say to him?"

Leo was worried sick. In all honesty, why wouldn't he be? After all, it had only been almost six months since he revealed his innermost feelings to the one person he always wanted to tell, not to mention they were reciprocated quite warmly. If anything, those feelings he had were even stronger than before, yet he still restrained them in public, yearning for alone time. (Not that kind! Yeesh, it goes both ways.) So of course he'd be worried if he hadn't seen Aeris for nearly a month now. That fact alone kept clawing at the back of his head, as if though it had a much larger significance than a simple passing of time. He had called her many times, trying to find out if she was ok, yet every time he did, he received nothing but voice mail. He tried texting but no responses. He tried visiting, but she was sick every time he did, and always refuted his company for unknown reasons. But only recently did that annoying pawing inside his mind finally make sense when he tried visiting again, only for her father to refuse him again, but this time accompanied by the sound of a woman vomiting excessively in the upstairs toilet and a concerned younger brother to said woman asking if she was ok..

Now her sickness, the time that passed, and that annoying presence inside of him made sense. He felt sick upon these realizations. As the reality of it sank in, it depressed him to an extreme. Why wouldn't he be? If his thoughts were true, in which he prayed that'd he be wrong about as he usually is about other things, then he was looking at a life changing event. He had already known about her reputation as a Class-S Smartass to douchebags who attended their school and refused to let that change. After all, he encouraged her to remain the same when she decided on giving that up. But something like this would have so many consequences for him, but far, FAR more for her and he knew that. As he sat on his bed, looking outside his window into the night, he wondered what would happen. Like any other person, he was scared by this. Who wouldn't? After all, this is… one of those things in life that you wait a LONG time before even considering this. If this was true, then he'd be facing hard times, and very disappointed people...

"How could you do that to her, son?" A woman's voice sounded

"Young man, we taught you better! I can't believe you!" a man with a British accent spoke.

"You ruined my baby girl's life, you sick fuck!" A stern man worded.

"Stay away from my daughter, you pervert!" an angry mother screeched.

"Why'd you do that to big sister! I thought you were cool!" a little boy sobbed.

"Dude! What the fuck, man!" a teen's voice said.

"Oh geez, man. You are so screwed…" a slightly cracked voice told.

"She had everything going fine until YOU came along!" another angry woman, this one younger though, seethed.

"Hah! You really do screw up everything, even people's lives!" a deep voice chuckled

"How's it like? Knowing you're the one who fucked up her life?" a woman's voice laughed.

"God, Leo… I thought you cared about her." A disappointed man spoke.

"Krug real sad now cause Krug no want to see grey thing ever..." a familiar demon spoke.

"This is why I'm glad that I'm gay!" another familiar voice sounded.

"You share ma hooch with bitchy McBitch Bitch?" the voice of a long gone homeless man sounded.

"A lawbreaker and a rapist? This time, you're going to sleep." Another voice sounded, this time belonging to a familiar douche…

"Such a sad, little boy. I won't kill you. I enjoy watching you suffer." A snide and sinister voice whispered.

Voices slammed into his head. Voices of his family, his friends, his enemies… her…

"I'm sorry!" He yelled

A voice responded…


Guilt coursed through him. Tears welled in his eyes as the voices started chanting, "GO AWAY! GO AWAY! GO AWAY!" He didn't know what to do. Leo would have to face her sooner or later to find out the truth. Before going to sleep, he only wished that it wasn't true…

DJ was concerned. He had noticed Leo's depression and Aeris' absence from school. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know that something had gone wrong recently and, obviously, Leo was taking it very hard. Normally, any other guy would pull the bros. before hoes crap (as his ethnic group would do, as decreed by wannabe street cholos.), but DJ was different. He knew exactly how much Leo loved Aeris. Whatever dent had happened between them, as the sole person to know their secret, he decided to repair it and get things back on track. Besides, while things were normal, DJ could say he was smarter than Leo grade-wise. Watching the feline break his character by acing tests was a little too much for his ego right now… Making the decision final, he resolved to find out what was happening, until his phone suddenly vibrated…

Ternaldo was the same as DJ. He tried communicating with either of them through whatever means, sending flirtatious comments to Aeris to piss her off like when he played online Skyrim with her and the others, or telling Leo something that would never happen in a million years. "I broke my card playing habits!" But nothing happened. What was going on with the world now? His phone vibrated suddenly on his dresser. Grabbing it, he saw that he received a text from Leo. It read, "Guys. I need to talk to you tomorrow. It's… important. From - Gamer Cat" This could be a good chance to find out what's going on. He called DJ to see if he received the message as well…

Samantha Hunter was worried. She had noticed Aeris' absence and tried whatever method she could to get in contact with her friend. Straightening her short hair, she was about to send another voice mail to Aeris until her phone suddenly went off. She had received a text message from Aeris. "Oh thank god… At least she's alive." Sam thought. Opening her phone, she read the message. It read, "Hey Sam. It's me. Can you pick me up tomorrow? I need to go to the store." She could see Aeris tomorrow. That was good news to Sam. But why go to the store if she was sick? Nothing right now made any sense. But that's how things were in Toronto, Sam figured. But she couldn't help but have this foreboding feeling. Something was very wrong here, and tomorrow, Sam was determined to find out.

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