The Days Ahead

Final Chapter

Done by LuxUmbra2011


The day is Monday, June 4, 2012

At last, the final day of school's vice grip on impatient student was here. At last, summer can officially begin. At last… the truth would be discovered.

For some weird reason, the prospect of these recent events hadn't really terrified the unknowing young feline, primarily because his conscious thought told him that no matter what, things will change for the better. But then, his more thoughtful side told him, "Do you really think that things will be better? Honestly, do you? What will honestly happen if she is pregnant, huh? Could you live with yourself killing the kid so you can continue your life? Even if she isn't pregnant, then, knowing how she usually reacts to your stupid bullshit, she probably won't even want to speak with you anymore." "I hate you, much smarter side of me…" Leo mentally thought as he rose from bed. But he had to admit… If that annoying smart-ass side of him was correct… Then heaven and all of his dumb luck help him for the next few decades…

"Son! Are you coming for breakfast? I made a mocha frappe for the go if not!" Leo's mother called from downstairs, telling her only child, in her own way, that he overslept the alarm… YET AGAIN! Scrambling out of bed, he tumbled out falling, smashing his face right into his Xbox360 controller.


That was the term for what happened to her just a few days ago… "Wow… that's surprising. Well, congrats girl! It's a negativo!" Sam truly was elated for Aeris. The test came negative, all three of them, and they had just answered the question of her mysterious symptoms. It was a weird sickness, but it didn't seem to have any 'extreme' dangers to her health. Aeris has happy with the result, but upset over this whole ordeal. She should've known about pseudocyesis, a sickness that replicates the very same symptoms of early pregnancy. After all, she was the smartest one out of everyone she knew: Sam, Ternaldo, DJ, (Pantsman still had her beat by a long shot, but that's the age factor playing in his favor), and Leo. Oh no… How was she going to explain this whole thing to him? It's not like she could walk up to him and simply tell him what happened. There was the matter of their hidden relationship, one that nobody, except Sam, knew about. How would that bomb be dropped without anyone else finding out about it? That would be the toughest challenge she would have to handle to date… "Now that that is over, how about we grab some grub on the way to our last day of school?" for once, Sam's consistent changing of subjects actually was helpful. After all, no can think right on an empty stomach and yet again, Aeris was feeling ravenous. "McDonalds?" "Ugh… Hell no, how about some Starbucks?"






"Sorry, but you're on your own there."


"Sounds like Leo got the frying pan again…" "What'd ya think happened this time? Xbox remote to the face or PlayStation remote at the tail base?" "I'd say 3DS to the chest standing up." "Dude, Leo really needs to organize his room." Outside the front door of the Leonardo residence, DJ and Ternaldo stood, both about to knock on the front door to ask for a lift, but after hearing the frying pan clang on something really hard and stubborn, the two decided to just walk as it would take longer for Leo to come outside now that he unintentionally invoked his mother's wrath. The two outside had rarely seen Karen angry, but whenever that happened, they both agreed that she was even worse than Aeris during that time of the month, and she aborted Leo from time! As they strode away, another reverberating clang filled the, as I said before, once peaceful streets as the two teenagers winced, knowing what had just happened. "Guess we'll be seeing him much later then…" DJ sighed. Ternaldo simply nodded in agreement as they closed the distance between themselves and the final day at school.

"Banana nut bread, strawberry Frappuccino, and Vanilla bean scones… This is the holy trinity of happiness!" "Drive first, eat later, Sam!" "Oh yeah, sure." Mental Note: I drive and let Sam eat. Aeris thought to herself as the Jeep parked in the school parking lot. "That's weird." Sam suddenly spoke. "What?" "There's no one outside." "So?" "So, Aeris, everyone knows that this is the absolute final day of school." "And?" "That means that practically everyone except the geeks, nerds, and game dorks-" "You, me, and the boys." "-should be outside celebrating!" "Maybe this year, things just weren't the same." With that, Aeris emerged from the passenger's side of the vehicle and stood outside. "OK… I'll tell him today." Approaching the school alongside her best girl-friend, Sam Hunter, Aeris walked towards the school, mentally preparing herself to tell the news to him. The stress of not knowing had caused a lot of strain and wasted energy, but after finding out yesterday, she was finally able to inhale deeply and calmly without worry. Sam, however, wasn't so sure about this. After all, when it came to the social runnings and happenings of school, aside Vanessa, she knew practically everything. Something was majorly wrong. Or her name is Susan B. Anthony, and it's not. For Aeris, however, she would have to separate the two of them and speak with him alone. Today, she would tell him what happened and just see what the future had in store.

"So, what do you think will happen if-" "Don't finish that sentence, Ternaldo, cause I'd rather not think about that right now. Right now, we can just leave them to their devices and then throw our help if they need it." "You sound so cold about this, DJ." "Of course… Don't forget about how I was raised…" "But they're different than that, you know." "I know that, but I wonder how much something so grandiose will affect the way things are right now, that is, if there are a few mini-rolls in the oven." "Man, this is gonna be painful to watch no matter what the outcome." "Well, let time do its damage because we're here." "Oh, really? That was short."

"Sorry, mom. I didn't mean to curse, it's just I fell on the Xbox remote." "And?" "Hit my face. The stick went in my eye. It really f-" "Ahem…" "Freaking hurt." "All right then. Now hurry up and get to school. You're almost late." Receiving a fresh scolding and a nice throbbing reminder about earlier, Leo grabbed the somewhat thawed frappe and headed for the front door. "Thanks, dad. You were a great help back there." Leo breathed sarcastically to his father. The only response he got out of the elder male was the following. *SNORE* "Thanks, again… I'm borrowing the Prius, dad." "Take care." The elder suddenly responded without warning. With a small smile, the 3rd opened the front door and closed it behind him.

"Do you think he will be okay?" "Well… I really don't know. It depends on Aeris though." "He's not very good at hiding secrets, a curse he inherited from you, Leo. And honestly, I couldn't sleep New Year's Day because of those two." "I hope things will be okay between them."

As the girls entered the building, the first thing they noticed was all of the conversations inside that was happening, had abruptly ended. Students who would never show up this early were here, alongside slackers, losers, and other groups the two avoided for their own good. And all of them were seemingly awaiting their arrival. All of them were socializing at first but when they heard the door opening and the two felines walked inside, they stopped talking and all eyes fell on them. "Disturbing?" "You have no idea…" Ignoring the stares and grins, the two walked by the other school go-ers… "Something's wrong here…" Sam thought. It was just as she said earlier. Everyone was inside, seemingly waiting for them. "Okay, what has Van planned for us this year?" It was painfully apparent that teachers weren't present yet, just the janitor who opened the school up on days like this. Better to deal with the mess now than later, the old janitor would say. It felt like one of those funhouses in which not a single was smiling broadly, their eyes tracking the girls as they passed by. They still followed even as they made their way to the hallway lockers. As Aeris turned, she noticed that Sam had suddenly vanished. A few muffled yells were heard by her sensitive hearing but before she could turn around, several hands grabbed her and she suddenly found herself face to face with her locker. Number 123. Purest irony… The obvious voice of Vanessa called out, yelling for the feline to open the door. Figuring it was another of her stupid insulting pranks; Aeris rolled her eyes and gripped the handle.

"AERIS! DON'T OPEN THE DOOR!" A desperate Samantha suddenly cried from the back of the crowd.

Too late… as she released the locking mechanism, the locker suddenly swung open as items obviously placed inside by others instead of her spilt out all over the floor at her feet. It only took a second for her to realize the contents of her locker as she looked at them. And when Aeris saw what was inside, she trembled in place… Put her head down, and, with silent whimpers, let her tears, restraint abandon, fall to the floor as most of the crowd around her started laughing and cat-calling towards her, while other students proceeded to drag Sam away as she struggled through the crowd to reach the sobbing cat.

Ternaldo's ears picked up on something as the two boys stood in front of the front doors. What sounded like a scream? As his ears twitched, DJ raised an eyebrow. "Hearing something?" "Yeah. It sounds like… Sam." "Your little waifu1?" "SHUT UP!" Ternaldo yelled,blushing hard at the response from the supposedly evolved monkey. "But seriously, what do you hear?" "A lot of laughing." "Well, sounds like The White Bitch struck again. Let's go before she finds us." "All right, let me just pick up something from my locker and we can wait on Leo." "Deal, but hurry Ternaldo. Something feels… off, and I'm not liking it." Opening the doors, the two boys found everyone laughing, talking, or putting papers to all of the lockers. What struck them odd was how enthusiastic the people were when they put up the portraits. It seemed like they thoroughly enjoyed this. "What the hell are they putting on our lockers?" Ternaldo questioned as the two quickly hid from the others. "I don't know, man. What is it that you're after anyways?" "Something precious to me that has gotten me through the year and you wouldn't comprehend it if you saw it." "It's Exodia, isn't it?" No response came from the lion, confirming the human's suspicions. As some of the other students started walking down, talking about some show going on at the 100 hall, the lion stepped up to his locker. But then he came to face the paper placed on it, and after comprehending it, he went wide-eyed in shock. "Winged Dragon of Ra, Slifer the Sky Dragon, and Obelisk the Tormentor…" "What the hell did you just say- Oh Heavenly Father hath Satan cometh to Earth now to sow discord and chaos amongst us?" DJ gazed at the portrait as well… neither of them believing their eyes. "How?" "Now's not the time to worry about that. We have to warn Leo before he gets here." Before the two could move, a large hand placed itself on DJ's shoulder. As he turned around, he came face to face with the cold, soulless eyes of Jason York himself. "Sorry, dipshit, but it's a surprise party for Leo and no one is gonna ruin it, especially not you two." "Shit. Ternaldo? Run." Was all DJ could say before Jason tossed him into the massive crowd behind him, the crowd pulling him in like ravenous flesh-eating undead. But the lion needed no telling as he ran outside, dialing his phone as he ran, and trying desperately to warn the unsuspecting Leonardo of what was to come…

Taking calm and long drawn out breaths, Leo was trying to prepare himself for this day as he drove towards school. He was fortunate enough to pass onwards to that dreaded long-ass version of school called college since his grades perked up, with help from his sin and his earlier depression. Taking another breath as he rounded the corner that would then become a 5 minute straight drive to school, he tensed up as his phone went off in his pocket. Slowing down, he pulled it out and answered it. "Hello?" "LEO! LET GO OF ME! DUDE, IT'S A TR-"The phone was suddenly disconnected as Leo looked at it in confusion. He shrugged, thinking simply that Ternaldo was causing a scene again. But something was odd. Why imitate Admiral Ackbar out of the blue? Ternaldo wasn't known for his knowledge of Star Wars…

A/N: Oblivious and naïve to a fault, isn't he?

After parking in the lot, Leo stepped outside to be greeted by something strange. Absolute silence.

"Weird… usually the guys stand outside of the school gate." Absolute silence. That was all that was present, all that greeted his presence outside. Walking through the parking lot, he decided to call Ternaldo back and see what happened to him earlier. As the phone rang, he heard something. A faint vibrating sound that took place not too far from him. As he listened closely, he heard the intro for the original Yu-Gi-Oh anime: Ternaldo's ring tone. He tracked it down to find that the lion's phone had been discarded unceremoniously into a nearby trash bin. "Something is really wrong now…" Something kept eating at him, a dark presence that came from the front doors itself. Placing the phone, after wiping trash off of it, Leo headed for the doors. As he gripped the handle, that presence came back even stronger than before. His natural and feral instincts screamed at him to turn and run right now. "No way… Today is the last day! Gotta make this one count because after this, it's college." And without another thought, Leo opened the doors and entered the hallway.

The first thing he noticed was that everyone who was doing their own thing had suddenly stopped as he entered. And immediately cast their eyes on him. "Okay… really creepy. Maybe I should've just left school today." He thought, as the students began breaking into grins. 'Getting really nervous here…" He didn't know but a large crowd of male students suddenly formed behind him. When he sensed something horrible behind him, Leo turned, only to be snagged by the boys that gathered behind him. In a surprise, they didn't attack him as they held him. No, they actually started… talking to him. "Great job, dude! I can't believe it." "Lucky, you haven't even gotten to college yet." "Lucky stupid son of a bitch." "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!" Leo suddenly yelled out loud. Jason, who then wrapped an arm around the smaller man, spoke, "Well, furball, to answer that question: We are throwing a surprise party, for you no less. After all, we were just so anxious for the guest of honor to arrive." "Okay, Jason, what does Van have in store for me this year?" "Oh no, Van's dealing with the other dorks right now. This party's about what YOU'VE done, my friend." "We are not friends, now let go." "Well… I'll let you go. But you gotta do us a favor." "And what's that?" "Tell us." "Tell you what?" "Come on man. Tell us. We are dying to know." Something was off… that feeling came back yet again and at its absolute worst. He didn't want to ask, but it was the only way to escape the crowd. "What do you want to know?" Jason grinned sharply as he answered Leo. "What was it like to lose your virginity?"


"You heard me. I said, 'How was it to fuck an actual girl?'"

Everything seemed to freeze. In that moment, everything faded to black, leaving only him standing alone within the corridor of darkness. How? How did they find out? Aeris was way too stealthy to be caught, I mean, for God's sake, in Call of Duty alone, she killed him 54 times consecutively before he finally managed to injure her. After that, he promptly received a grenade present. So that ruled her out of this. Did Sam know about this? Did DJ or Ternaldo let the cat out of the bag? (Pardon the piss poor pun). No, otherwise Ternaldo wouldn't have called to warn Leo about this. Who did this? Who would be so damn heartless to reveal this private information to be made savvy by some of the worst people Leo has encountered to date? Being shaken in midair suddenly, Leo snapped back to reality only to see a piece of paper hanging in front of him. It was a very crude sketch of a pink stick figure with a large stomach and swollen breasts and triangular cat ears. After seeing that picture, he ran through the boys, pushing them aside to escape from them.

"HEY FAG! HAHAHA, GET BACK HERE! YOU DIDN'T TELL US!" Jason laughed as Leo ran away.

It was a true hell for poor Leo. After all, the whole was now 100% percent in on his secret. As he ran, trying to find some form of help, the guys he ran by started thrusting their pelvises forward while nearby girls would imitate moans of a sexual nature and blew kisses at him. If not that, they would ask him extremely perverted things…Where the hell are the guys? Still running through the halls, hoping he could find someone, a sound caught his attention coming from the bathroom in the 300 hall: Ryu's theme from Street Fighter Alpha 3 (The Road). "That's DJ's phone!" After all, DJ was a fighting game nut, if not a competent fighter himself. Running inside of the bathroom, he found Ternaldo, Sam, and DJ suspended from the doors by their undergarments, Little Nicky style. "Was wondering when you'd show up. Seriously, Leo, my boxers are up so high, I have officially suffered the worst wedgie in my life." Ternaldo spoke while hanging, surprisingly from the bathroom stall coat rack.

Sam was next to speak, "Get me down from here. It's embarrassing having these two guys in here looking at my underwear! Also, it hurts like hell!"

DJ followed suit, "Sorry, talk to Ternaldo about that one cause I'm human. Got zero interest in you." He finished, while rolling his eyes at Sam's earlier comment.

"Nice to say that so harshly, you dick."

"Speaking the truth here."

"SHUT UP! I don't care about this damn argument… all I want to know is-"Leo started but was quickly cut off by the three.

"What the hell happened? Somehow, Vanessa found out about you and Aeris and let's just say that she has officially reached a new low in evil." DJ started.

Ternaldo continued, "She also found out that we were in on this and decided to punish us by having her goons catch the three of us, remove us from the way so we don't interfere, and then plan a surprise for you so they can drop the bomb on you."

"When I heard Vanessa say, 'Mommy's gonna like the surprise', I realized she found out and tried to stop them from pulling her scheme on Aeris. But it was too late." Sam finished.

"Where is she?"

"I hate to say this but follow the laughter…"

It took some effort to free the three of them from their humiliating punishment, but not impossible. The task was only tedious to Leo as he freed DJ and Ternaldo, the two of them agreeing to free Sam while he goes off. Sam also told him that the last place she saw Aeris was at her locker, but also took care to warn him of what she called, '"A horrible sight". Ignoring the catcalls (excuse the pun) and jeers of the other students, he cut the corner to the 200 hall, just a few steps away from her locker.



Jason had originally intended to stop him from getting to the lockers, but Leo had no time to be distracted by him. When Jason grabbed him to stop the feline, Leo shot out of his grasp and smashed the tiger across the face with a brutal right hook. As the football jock collapsed, Leo thought to himself, "Wow, she's right. Getting mad does make you do crazy and stupid things." Taking care to tread on the tiger's face, Leo continued his mad sprint until he rounded the last corner.

What happened then… was the stuff that only nightmares were made of.

Leo turned his head down the hallway to see a large crowd of students standing in a circle, someone obviously being in the center. Running towards the crowd, no one expected the male cat shoving people out of his way to reach the center. They were too busy jeering, taunting, or laughing. When he reached the center of the crowd, Leo came face to face with a horrible sight. What he saw here, he will never forget for the remainder of his days. This was just the cruelest thing he had ever seen in his entire young life. Littered all over the floor were baby bottles, pacifiers, diapers, baby formula, etc. alongside some more of those crude drawings from earlier. What really tore into his very soul was Aeris kneeling on the floor, a puddle of tears surrounding her, her sobs barely audible compared to the laughter around them. Taking slow and steady steps, he approached her and tapped her shoulder. Turning her head, he saw her face, ruined by sadness. Her eyes were bloodshot and puffy, her facial fur stained by her tears, and her nose dripping mucus. Aeris suddenly dove herself into his arms, sobbing loudly. Tears stained his blue shirt as tears stained his own eyes. This was true and absolute misery in its purest form. Meanwhile, the students around were laughing or saying comments like, "Aww!" "That's sho shweet!" in a baby-like voice. Leo didn't even care. All that mattered to him right now was to stop her tears. He didn't care what they said. Nothing would ever get through, his own mind drowning out their voices, making his goal his primary concern. Small hiccups came from the grief stricken girl he held tightly in his arms. Nothing mattered anymore aside this one moment.

"How'd you like the gifts, slut?" A voice sounded from outside, shattering his mental block to oblivion as a figure gradually formed in his field of vision. The others were parting to the side as the one responsible for this whole fiasco revealed herself. With a devilish sneer, Vanessa crossed her arms and spoke, "Oh, hi retard. Didn't see you there. Are you mad? I was just trying to help her tell you that you knocked her up since she didn't do it herself. Aren't I the nice one?" Leo's heart sank as low as allowable. "It was true… I'm a dad." he finished his thoughts as Vanessa continued speaking to the two kneeling figures before her. "All this time, I've had to deal with her smartass remarks, but here, right now, this is priceless! I can't even believe that she'd even touch you! I guess I owe Jason 100$. God, she must've really been desperate to go with you. I hope the litter doesn't wind up as retarded as you are, but then again, you both are fucking stupid!" Everyone began laughing uproariously at the two on the floor. At that moment, Leo thought of something. Laughter was supposed to cure sadness, but here he is, holding tightly to the girl who buried her face into shoulder, feeling so much sadness and anger, and it's all because of the stupid mistakes he made last year. "I wish I never told her how I felt. This wouldn't have ever happened if I never told her in the first place." But what doubled his pain was what was happening to Aeris. He didn't care much about his reputation but she did. Well, at least, enough to avoid the scarring monikers. And he ruined that because he told her last Year at Christmas how he truly felt.

"I'm so sorry…" He whispered into her ear. "I promise I'll make this right."

"Hah! Make this right? Man, you really are a sappy loser, you gray retard!"

"At least I'm standing beside her. Not that the same could be said for you!"

"I wonder why she chose you out of all the people on this planet. Honestly, I'd choose that retard Opie on Family Guy (©Seth McFarland)over you!"

"Shut up."

"Are you sure you just didn't drug her so you'd-"


Anger was an unfamiliar trait to Leo since he rarely experienced at in reality. Video games can only go so far, but the constant spiteful words of a hateful young woman were already filling the boy's veins with anger and hatred. He was trembling hard as he clung tightly to Aeris.

Now she was getting somewhere. Everyone had already known through past experiences on how difficult Leo was to break, but now, he looked ready to explode. Knowing him, he would probably do something to humiliate himself, so Vanessa, being the arrogant one, decided to push him to his limits. After all, these two weren't meant for happiness. Not as long as she was around to ensure it.

"So what did you do, then? Rohypnol? Chloroform? The old 'Wait till she's asleep' bit?"

"Shut… up… now!"

"Why? I have a right to an answer? You spiked her drink or something?"

"Last… warning."

"Or did you give that stupid sappy 'I can't stand to be without you' bit?"

"That's it."

What happened next shocked all who had seen it. Softly letting go, Leo stood tall and faced the wolf. As they looked at his face, everyone could plainly see the fresh tears that matted his fur. Vanessa laughed; commenting on his disheveled appearance and soaked face. But that saddened face, the one Vanessa wanted to see when Leo reached absolute despair, swiftly contorted into a face filled with unimaginable fury. The laughter died immediately as he suddenly lunged at the still-shocked wolf girl. The latter had zero time to react when she saw his fist coming straight at him. Truthfully, no one expected this to happen. The boy was too much of a pacifist, but this also was pure irony for Vanessa. She pushed him too far, like she wanted, and now she was going to pay the price for it.

Before he made contact, a hand stopped him by grabbing his wrist and tightening its hold on him. Jason had intervened right before Leo could strike her. Still chock full of anger from earlier, the tiger snarled viciously at the shorter male. He then spoke, "What the hell do you think you are doing?" "Something I've always wanted to do. Now let go before I decide to take you down too." "Really, then...? I guess your kids are gonna have to grow up without their daddy now."

"LIKE HELL, YOU JACKASS!" someone suddenly yelled before a figure slammed into Jason from the side relinquishing his grip.



This was quite the day. All of this crap happened earlier, but now Ternaldo was literally beating Jason stupid, the latter unprepared for a volley of fists.

Silently whispering his thank you to the lion, Leo calmly approached the wolf girl, who now was trembling slightly. "YOU CAN'T HIT ME! I'M A GIRL, GODDAMMIT!" "No… you certainly are not. You are a heartless monster. How dare you do this to someone who didn't deserve this!" "How dare I? How dare I? Who the hell do you think you are! You're just a goddamn loser who probably got laid because your slut of a woman did it out of pity for your worthless ass." The response she received was mere silence, but a look at him proved otherwise. Pure loathing and a desire to just tear her apart was oh-so-obvious within Leo's eyes. He desired Vanessa's suffering. Pulling his left leg back, he swung it forward while Vanessa screamed in fear. But nothing happened. His foot stopped, only mere centimeters from her face. He realized that doing this would only make him as bad as her. "No… I refuse. I refuse to become like you. I am nothing like you. As much as I have a right- no, I have no right, same as you have no right. I pity you. But I am NOTHING like you. Now… I am leaving and I am taking Aeris with me. Understand?"

No response. Grabbing her shirt collar he glared at her, green eyes to white. Silently whispering, yet darkly, he said to her again, "Understand?" "She's nothing but a whore."

Leo had finally had enough. There was no more reason to hide it anyone. "This is for Vanessa and everyone else around me. I have had enough! No more hiding! Aeris Cole is my girlfriend! I love her and that's the end of the damn story. If anyone has a problem with it, you can GO FUCK YOURSELVES AND DROP DEAD FOR ALL I CARE! VANESSA, BURN IN HELL!" Some students, mainly girls gave 'Aww's' as the male, in his final display of anger, picked the shocked female off the floor, to her feet, and left outside with her in extreme haste. As the other began to disperse, some now giving the wolf and the beaten tiger dark glares, some giving their remorse for letting them involve them in this situation, Vanessa sat on the floor, shocked that he, the epitome of dumbass, just did that. Before she could think any further on the situation, a finger tapped her on the shoulder. Spinning around, she came face to face with Sam. "Leo may not want to… but I definitely do! Take this!" She yelled before slapping the wolf painfully hard across the right cheek causing her to fall on her rump.

"Oof… Damn, Sam, that's one strong pimp hand you've got." DJ chided as he approached.

"Where the hell were you?" The lion and tigress simultaneously asked the human.

"Look at the cameras above the lockers. I hacked the school security system so the cameras would pan on this whole event. I think Mr. Richardson is going to be quite surprised when he sees his little angel acting like a bitch, pardon the pun."

"Overkill, man. Just overkill."

"So? How else are we gonna stop this from happening again? Speaking of, where did the two cats go?"

"Beats me."

Outside, underneath the stone bleachers...

"Are you okay?"

"Thank you."

"I'm so sorry about all of this. I should've never-"

"Stop it. I told you that I'm ok."

"But for God's sake, you're pregnant, with my kids no less."


"But I promise I'll stand by-"


"And help out with this, through thick and-"



"All of the tests came out negative."

"Wha- Really?"

"I was trying to tell you that, but you being so damn noble again…"

"Oh… I really should stop doing that."

"But I have to ask you something."

"Fire away."

"Did you really mean that?"


"Standing by and-"

"Of course. Honestly, why wouldn't I?"

"Because, I'd thought you'd actually play it smart for once and cut your losses."

"I played it my way. Doesn't that count for something? Especially with how things turned out?"

"For once… yes it did."

She hugged him, but unlike earlier, she felt relieving warmth as his hands wrapped comfortingly around her. She had her answer, granted given in a way only he could give. For Leo, he was happy again. Things weren't going to be worse, no, quite the opposite. Things will get better.

"Well, I guess this whole secret thing isn't so secret anymore, huh?" DJ spoke as he suddenly appeared next to them. Both shouted in surprise upon seeing him.


"Za Warudo…2"

"Ok… I don't know what the hell that is."

"In any case, so all is well now?"

"Yeah. All's well, if not better. Hey wait, where's Ternaldo and Sam?"

"Believe or not, but T's got a date after the graduation ceremony."


"Apparently, loyalty is an admirable trait if you two don't remember who saved the gray fuzz ball right here from having his face pounded in by that steroid infused maniac. Speaking of the grad ceremony, come on. It'll be starting in a little bit, and I don't wanna miss the new award some of the guys made."


"School's most memorable bitch."

With that, he walked off back to the school again.

"I think we should get going too."

"Yeah. Hey wait, Leo."


"One problem still remains."

"What's that?"

"Our parents."

Leo went wide-eyed n shock. The school found out. That meant it wouldn't be long before their folks would find out about what happened today. Realizing the extreme consequences of falling into the sin of love with a major's daughter, he could only respond with the following phrase: "Oh, shit. I'm so dead aren't I?" "Uhh… you're really fucked now, dumbass..." She responded to him before adding, "I'll try to lighten dad up about this." "I don't think that's gonna save me from getting shot in my ass." He woefully responded, dreading the confrontation from her father as they walked back to school. As everyone passed their final day of high school, bitch included, a lot of things happened. Also, needless to say, the faculty received an e-mail from a mysterious user known as Umbra. When opening the e-mail, it showed them the events of the day. Even though she was a straight-A student and received citizenship, Vanessa instantly lost her reputation, especially when the video itself became viral (Some tender parts were cut though).

Later that day, both parents of both cats found out. Granted, the Leonardo's revealed that they had already known about this. And needless to say, Daddy's little girl had to try and stop daddy from wasting her boyfriend as he pursued after him up and down the neighborhood. But that's for another day.

Later in Aeris' bedroom (with the door open).

Playing a friendly round of Gears against Vincent, Leo definitely felt that things will be better. However, he lost his focus and was instantly killed in the game when Vincent shot him with the explosive TorqueBow. "You suck, Leo." "Eh, I'm taking it easy on you, kid. If I tried, you wouldn't stand a chance." "Sure… whatever you say, loser." Honestly, things couldn't get better now. After a series of mishaps, a secret blown sky-high by the worst person they knew, things turned out okay in the end. Vincent, however grew bored after killing Leo again, and declared that he was leaving to go downstairs and eat.:ying down on her bed, Leo was soon joined by Aeris. 'So what happens now, Aeris?" "I don't know. We'll just see what tomorrow has in store. But now, get the door. Mom and Dad left for a bit, and it's playtime…"

Vincent downstairs heard his sister's door suddenly slam shut with a click signifying it being locked from the inside. "I'm telling Mom!" He shouted before turning on the downstairs television.

Back upstairs.

"No matter what, I'm here, ya know?"

"Yeah. Now come on! I've been anxious to try out Max Payne 3! It looks fun!"


Ugh… finally, it is complete. It took forever with the edits and constant changes but I think this is a nice way to end it. If I made mistakes, please notify me. Criticism of any form is appreciated but I'd prefer positive. Also, if you thought of 'playtime' in the sense of innuendo, then you fell for it again. Personally, this is my best edit yet. But if and when I make more, I will replace the final chapter with it. With Days Ahead complete, time to work on the other stuff. This is LuxUmbra2012 saying,"Ja'ne"!

1:Waifu: An engrish saying of wife. Stupid saying in my opinion, like 'victoly'. Thank you Samurai Shodown for bastardizing the victim language.

2: Watch Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and you will find out what that means.