Good evening. Muwhahaha *cough cough* God that's hard to do with allergy's acting up. Anyway to those who actually read this I got this idea from a movie. Which is weird since I only watched ten minutes of it and it was last year. Any way on to the reason you clicked on this link. Oh and this chapter focuses mainly on Kitty.

~Inside the mansion kitchen around seven o'clock~

"Professor! Logan! Come quick!" Kitty screeched as she phased through the door of the house.

'We're in the kitchen.'

Kitty headed the Professors telepathic message and very uncarefully phased through the walls. Logan's coffee splashed onto his tight blue shirt as Kitty bounced off his toned back. Logan turned slowly his face red and hot; he opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by Kitty collapsing into his chest with her shoulders heaving. He awkwardly patted her on the back and glanced at the Professor his eyes pleading for help.

"Now Kitty what seems to be the trouble? Shouldn't you and Rogue be at school by now?" The Professor wheeled up next to the large hairy mutant (Logan not Kitty).

"We were… and then… and he just…. Rogue."

Logan stiffened at Rogue's name before grabbing Kitty by the shoulders and shaking her.

"What about Rogue who is they?"

"Logan behave yourself. Kitty if you would speak in full sentences."

Kitty nodded, took a large deep breath, closed her eyes and started to tell her tale.

~With Kitty and Rogue walking to school. About 6:30~

"So Rogue Lance like asked me out on a date but I'm still like totally mad at him for picking on Kurt. Should I like say yes anyways or no?"

"Kitty if you haven't noticed ah don't have a boyfriend nor have ah had any experience with boys."

Kitty nodded and hugged her books to her chest. They were so heavy why hadn't she gone with a backpack like Rogue? Oh yeah Lance normally picked her up somewhere between the mansion and the school. The pair walked in silence for a short time more before a large black car skidded to halt in front of them. Four hooded men stepped out and slowly trekked towards them.

Rogue quickly pushed Kitty into the ditch.

"Run!" She yelled over her shoulder as she dodged a punch. Kitty sat in mute shock as one of the men kicked Rogue in the back throwing her to the ground. Rogue let out a fierce growl and much like a cornered cat struck out wildly as the four descended on her. Kitty's lower lip trembled once the cloaks unveiled the men's faces. Each one had blood pouring from a face wound with scars crisscrossing much like a tic-tac-toe board.

"What will we do with the brat that got away?" The larger asked looking at the surrounding area.

"She must be long gone by now. Hopefully the boss won't kill us since we have this one." Replied the man who had just finished tying Rogue up. With a grunt he heaved her into the trunk of the car. The sound of head against metal filled the air and cruel chuckles soon followed. It took Kitty sometime after they had driven away before she could move and speak again. And with one last look at the lone backpack in a small pool of blood, she took off.

~Back at the mansion kitchen~

Logan fell against the table and buried his face in his hands.

"Describe the men who took her." Logan's voice was an eerie calm but his face was what told the truth.

"Um one was about six feet tall, had green eyes, lots of scars and had black short hair. The second one was probably 5'9, had an eye patch, a goatee, scars and his hair was dirty blonde. The third one was bald, kind of chubby and I think he had blue eyes. The fourth one I didn't get to see his face but his hair is red and in a ponytail."

Logan paled and quickly closed his eyes. When they reopened they burned with a deadly hate and his face was etched with rage.

"I'll be back Chuck." Logan pulled the door open with a jerk and the slam echoed inside Kitty's head. Logan's motorcycle could be heard revving up and bang as it crashed through the gates.

"Kitty I have already informed Ororo to go get the rest of the students. They are now in the rec room and inform them that no one is allowed outside the mansion. I must go and use Cerebro."

Kitty nodded and using the door this time walked out. In a daze she walked to the middle of the room and whispered "Rogue's been kidnapped."

Kurt, who was closest to her, yelled, "What!"

"I said Rogue's been kidnapped. And nobody is allowed outside the mansion."

"Meine sister has been kidnapped again? But how?"

Kitty quickly retold the events that had just occurred.

"What did they look like?" Scott asked as Jean hugged Kitty. Tears welled up in her eyes as she stated what the men looked like to the best of her ability.

Kurt promptly fainted and hit Scott making them both fall down.

"Um why don't the rest of you go to your rooms?" Jean suggested and for once the younger students complied.

"What is so important about how they look that made Logan go crazy and Kurt faint?" Kitty asked staring up at Jean.

"I can't talk right now Kitty I have to take care of Kurt."

Kitty sighed and walked out of the room. Looking down she noticed she had forgotten her communicator and quietly went back to retrieve it. Phasing through she grabbed her communicator right before Jean and Scott re-arrived. She phased through the wall but poked her head back through. Jean paced the floor while Scott leaned against the wall.

"Jean she has the right to know."

"I know that Scott but she was there. Knowing who those men are would just make things worse."

"How could her knowing make things worse?"

"Well for one she'll most likely have nightmares that involve her getting kidnapped and with her knowing they will scare her for life."

Scott hung his head in defeat and sighed. "Alright Jean we won't tell her. But what if she finds out on her own?"

"Then we'll just have to deal with it as best as we can."

Kitty pulled her head back and clumsily walked to her room. She pulled open her laptop to post a Have-You-Seen-This-Person add on the internet when a news report caught her eye. She unmuted the volume and stared in horror at the news feed in front of her.

Yes cliffhanger anybody want to guess what's making people act funny after the hear what the people look like?