This is what it would be like if Tony DiNozzo and Kate Beckett were brother and sister, and when a guy breaks his little sisters heart Tony is very protective, unfortunately for castleā€¦.

Pick up form headhunters promo and before the missionary position but after the good son.

"Knock, Knock, Knock." "Kate you there," called out tony. No answer. "Kate," getting worried he unlocks the door and walks in to find his little sister in the corner crying. "Oh god Kate what happened" he gasps. "Castle" she whimpers. Tony pick his little sister up of the floor and places her on the couch and lets her calm down before she says" I was ready, b-but I-I waited t-to long" she cries " he walked away "she says. That's all tony needed as; he jumped up from the couch and started to put on his coat. "Don't hurt him" Kate cries.

Jumps onto his motorcycle and rides of into the night. Thoughts were rushing through his head as runs into castle's apartment complex. He groans when the lift is out order so he bolts up the stairs to castle's floor. He pounds on the door furiously when a red headed ten opens the door and says can "I help you at the castle de castle," tony then growls "can I speak to your father," Then she calls for him as castle come to the door. "Can I hel-, "castle can't finish his sentence as tony viciously pull him out of the loft and land a punch in the jaw. Castle then asks "who are you," still in pain. "Ooh, Tony DiNozzo Kate Becketts brother, now let's return the question, why did you break her heart, bastard" he snarls as he punches castle in the stomach,"huh." Tony lands one last punch in the eye as he leaves a battered and confused Castle in his wake but then it hits him. She really does love him. At that moment castle realises what a bastard he had been over the past few weeks.

He bursts through the door to his apartment, Alexis and Martha immediately rush to him, "what the hell happened" says his mother, castle replies "I got exactly what I deserve" as he grabs his coat and walks out the door.

The rain poor's down as he turn turns the corner to Becketts apartment as he sees her walk in the rain towards the old haunt. He runs up to her and taps her on the back. "Oh god I told him not to hurt you" she whimpers, as she sees his battered face. She says no more as he kisses her softly then leans his chin against the top her head. Beckett just realising what just happened gives him a bear crushing hug, burying her face into his chest. "I love you" she mumbles into his shirt. "I love you too" he states.

Across the road Ryan, Esposito and tony fist bump as they say in unison "mission completed"