Ello compadres. Anyway the plot bunnies would not shut up and thus this was born. You may clap now. Oh and yes this is short.

~In the kitchen of the Mansion~

"According to your résumé you have worked in the guard business, and have been a bodyguard to the Queen of England. Wasn't she assassinated?" Logan looked up at the man in a hooded cloak.

The man quickly wrote something in a notebook and slide it over to him.

"Oh that's right you can't talk. Hmm so that happened on your day off. I guess it doesn't really matter. All I need you to do is keep boys away from one certain girl."

The man nodded and grabbed his notebook. He flipped to a new page, wrote a sentence and handed it back to Logan.

"Alright Mr. Beau Lemery you get the job. You can start right now. But remember stay out of sight and keep the boys away from Rogue. Especially Remy LeBeau I don't want even 50 miles near her.

Beau nodded once again and walked out the door.

"Really Logan, a bodyguard." The Professor said as he rolled into the room.

"Well Rogue has control of her powers now I can't take any chances."

~In Rogue's room~

Beau sat down on the edge of the bed while he listened to the water running from Rogue's shower. Rogue appeared a few minutes later and smiled at the man on the bed.

"Good morning." She said as she sat down next to him. She tugged on his hood pulling it down to expose his red on black eyes.

"So he didn't suspect anything?" She asked leaning against his chest.

He chuckled and wrapped his arms around her.

"Nope. I told you if I changed my cologne and didn't talk he wouldn't know a thing."

Rogue smiled into his chest and took a deep breath.

"Ah like you're old sent better though."

"I know you do Roguey." Remy used his thumb and forefinger to lift Rogue's chin and tilt her head back. Slowly he closed the gap between their lips. Logan chose that moment to quite literally kick the door down.

"Did you think I wouldn't notice Cajun?"

Remy slowly got up and started backing away from Logan.

"Well I was hoping it would take a little longer than it did."

Logan growled as he advanced on Remy. Rogue grabbed his arm in an attempt to distract him. All Logan did was push down on her bed and unsheathe his claws. Remy gulped before jumping out the window.

"Bye, Remy!" Rogue called out the window. Logan turned toward her and glared.

"You are grounded for a month."

She sighed as he picked her door back up and somewhat re-attach it to the wall. He grunted in response and stalked down the corridor. Kitty shook her head as the door fell once she touched it.

"You and Remy are like so cute together. You know I could like totally phase him into the mansion right?"

Rogue smiled at the younger smaller mutant and briefly hugged her.

"Thanks Kitty."