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Logan tromped around the mansion as he chugged a beer. It was that time again. Time to fight the greatest foe he had ever met. More powerful than Juggernaut, more annoying than Sabretooth, deadlier than Magneto and more elusive than Mystique it was hormones. Most people would laugh at the violent Canadian; of course they would get killed mid-laugh; for feeling that he had to fight the hormones of a bunch of teenagers, but as long as he was at the mansion there would be no mutant babies.

It was no secret that Logan sometimes went a bit overboard with his plans, but even Charles had chocked on shock when Logan had told him his latest plan.


"I will not have you breeching our students' privacy by installing video cameras in their rooms. Logan." Charles declared while ignoring the seething man before him.

"You go inside their minds all the time, how is this any different?" Logan demanded, but to his defense he not once slammed his fist unto the desk.

"I only use my mutation when necessary. I don't want to hear another word on the matter Logan."

*End flashback*

Logan's fury was in reality non-existent, no he was merely miffed that Charles refused to even consider his idea. But unknown to the professor Logan had already set up one part of his big plan. Yup, he had bugged the rooms of the students. Of course these were merely sound only; he had wanted them to be temporary but now they were all he had. And boy was he ecstatic about them. In fact when he first had them installed he listened to them non-stop until he listened in on a rousing debate Kitty and Jubilee about which was better pads or tampons. After that he stuck to once or twice every hour.

"Now to see what Rogue's up to." Logan mumbled as he put in his earpiece. In truth he was a bit worried about the girl. Having learned how to control her powers a little less than two weeks ago he was afraid she would go a little too crazy with the touching. Of course with her it was always difficult, since she rarely talks, but Logan found a way. Yup, he became a master at sniffing out hormones. Creepy right?

"Ah don't know Remy. Ah mean ah've only mastered mah powers for about two weeks. What if ah hurt ya?" Static broke up Rogue's voice, but to Logan it was practically perfect.

"Cherie, I'm not afraid of a little pain if it makes you happy." Remy's voice was smooth, a little too smooth if you asked Logan.

"Well I do really want this."

"No, you don't Rogue!" Logan growled out as his mind went racing.

"Alright, now hold still this will hurt for a bit."

Logan's left eye twitched as he jumped up and nearly flew down the hall. A sharp growl pierced the air as he swiftly punched the door in.

"Get your hands off her!"

Both of them jumped at the sudden appearance of the menacing man, but Remy defied him and kept his hands on Rogue's stomach. Without a second thought Logan ripped the Cajun away from the teenage girl.

"Oww! Dang Logan ya nearly had him tear off mah piercing." Rogue grumbled while she pulled her shirt back down.

"What?" Logan tore his gaze away from the smirking douche bag before him and unto the girl he considered as a daughter.

"Remy knows how to do piercings, and I wanted a belly button ring." With a roll of her eyes she quickly raised up her shirt to show off her new bling.

"Why a queen of hearts?" Logan asked as he took in the small charm at the end of the chain.

"No reason." Rogue blushed but said nothing more as she yanked her shirt back down.

"So mon ami can you let me go?" Remy asked while still being held about a foot off the ground by the Canadian. Against every fiber of his being Logan did let him down and walk out, but not without his usual warning of course.

"Why didn't he try and kill me?" Remy asked in bewilderment.

"The professor said he wasn't allowed to hurt you without a very reasonable reason." Rogue supplied from her spot on her bed. A smirk grew on Remy's face as he pondered the new possibilities before him.

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