At the lake. That's where Rue and I stage our battle. It's where Cato is most likely to come. It had been easier to walk on my leg with the brace on and it had kept it stable. I'd still chosen to use a stick to get here, but that was to keep the stress off of the leg, in case I needed it later. The brace itself was extremely sturdy, and would take a few hits, but I needed to make sure that my tender cheek wasn't attacked when Cato showed up.

Except he didn't. Rue and I spent most of the day, tense waiting for him. The sun was setting before I even realized, we might be waiting for a trap. In the dark, I could change my eyes, but Rue couldn't. And Cato would be dead, but I didn't want to risk it.

"What should we do?" Rue asked me, as the sun started disappearing behind the sky.

"I don-" Then it happened, the thing that changed the game. Cato came crashing out of the trees and I jumped to my feet with my axe ready. Rue had the knives, for her own protection but Cato didn't do anything. He didn't even pay attention, just kept running. It was only seconds later that I figured out why.

"Run!" I screamed at Rue, no doubt making my wound bleed. Behind Cato had come these things, wild, crazy, and large they barreled through the field towards us. Rue and I turned quickly trying to follow Cato, who was trying now to climb the cornucopia. It was all happening so fast, it was like stop and go since I'd awakened.

The things behind us were like nothing I'd seen before but I couldn't run very fast, and it seemed like I would be seeing them sooner than I thought. Rue reached the cornucopia before I did, making it up. Cato must have been dying on the other side or something because Rue appeared over the edge, trying to help me up. The dogs were just a few yards behind me when I got my leg over the top of the Cornicopia.

"What in the world was that?" I gasped out, holding onto my leg as blood dripped from my mouth. Rue was breathing hard behind me but Cato was on the other side like I'd thought he would be, and he was breathing hard as well, also trying to say something.

"What?" I asked.

"He's asking if they were climbing up." Rue said, scared as she clutched a piece of my shirt. I looked over the side. The things were large, with their skin a dark brown and they had almost no fur on them. Disgusting.

I turn from them just in time for Rue to be taken captive by Cato. I cry out, and raise my axe, but it's a stalemate. He has some kind of armor on, I can see it, just under his shirt. It's flesh colored but that doesn't matter now. I can see his face is uncovered. I can do him in. Right when I launch my hand back he throws Rue over the side.

"No!" I lunge after her but Cato catches me in the headlock that I'm unable to break. And like Lightnening Rue's life ends. I watch in horror as she's ripped to pieces. Then it's rage corsing through my veins and I do worse then break Cato's hold. I stomp with the brace on his foot and he cries out. I turn around as he reflexively let go and I grab his head, jumping on his back quickily.

I hold his head and locked his arms by his side with my legs, the brace to heavy and forming a perfect place for me to lock my foot in. "Burn in hell." I growled before my arms snapped his neck.

At the same time Rue's cannon goes off, then Cato's.

I'm the last one standing…and I don't know if I want to be.


It only takes them seconds to descend on me. I barely hear the voice announce that I was the victor. I could barely hear anything. All I could do is stand and stare at where Rue's remains were. Then the hovercraft comes, letting down a ladder. I guess it was over. Rue and I hadn't known each other that much, and Peeta's death was far away. I wanted it behind me.

I grabbed the bar, and I froze, just like before. But unlike before when they let me go I pass out, unable to cope again. I must be pathetic. I can't even stay awake. I hadn't even known Rue that well, but she'd saved me, more than once though I don't know if she ever knew it. The death had been so fast, like lightning. I didn't know what to feel.

Now I sat here. I was in some kind of infirmary. The nurse had told me that it was in the Capital, and I'd be released soon. I was stuck on the other news. I was sitting on the edge of the bed staring at my leg. They said they did all that they could but even the fancy Capital medicine hadn't been able to save the functions of some of my leg. They'd given me a cane and said that I'd have trouble walking at first, but I'd be all right.

As for my cheek, they'd wanted to do surgery. I wouldn't let them. I wanted this scar. The leg would fade when I died, really died, but the scar would remain, as they are want to do. The only thing that kept me going, as I stared down at this leg, was Haymitch. The thought of finally returning to him, and my family was the only happy thought that I could cling to.

It wouldn't be long until I saw him again. They'd dressed me up in a beautiful red dress, with flamed gloves but it wasn't made by Cinna, obviously. I gulped as I tried to stand. My leg wobbled horribly and I began to fall when someone caught me. I looked up.

"Hello Sweetheart." And I was kissed.

I'm sorry it was so short, I just thought it fit. Forgive me if you don't like it. I'm grumpy though because I'm really tired. To be honest I lost the feeling on this story a long time ago and it's been a pain ever since. I will always finish my stories though, even if I don't do the sequel.

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