[Disclaimer: I don't own Escaflowne, Allen, or any of the rappers. No offense to anyone intended, this is just for FUN! Ok well some Allen bashing may occur...]

Allen's Rap part 2: Bow Wow!

After a warm up with Dilandau, Allen walks into Snoop Dornkirk's headquarters for a real slam... followed by Folken.

[Rap beat begins, dragon soldiers and Dilly start bobbing their heads to the sound]

Snoop Dornkirk: 'You ready boy?'

Folken: 'He's ready.'

Allen: 'I'm-a-rappin!'

Folken: 'He's ready. He's-a-r-r-r ready!'

Allen: 'Shut up yo Folken!

Bow wow wow Allen yo Allen yay

Where my dogs at? More women now!

Bow wow wow lick my **** all the way

Even da boys are runnin' to my love

Cuz my lovin' is oh so gay!

'Hair shiny but I'm not oh oh! pocket full of dough-nuts baby!

From the Fanelian doughnuts I am the hole yo

The girls recognize in me the best hair-do!

I'm the flyest they walkin' through Asturian court

So make room next to your little Van poster

Cause Allen Bow Wow's here and its over!

Ya heard I'm thin, I'm flat, I wear sassy white gloves

But my big big shotgun's what da girls love!

I've been seen with Millerna, heard with her sista (oh!)

And I got it lock down from the east to the west

Look at my eyes, ya know; see my own reflection

And just lovin' myself so perfect!'

Snoop Dornkirk: 'Ooooh ho ho...

Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay

Woof motherf****er that boy came to play

Come come boy, take me all the way

I'm in the dirty dirty with my boys D., F., (and all the others!)

Dizzy, fizzy, have a drink boy we gettin' busy

With Allen Bow Wow in a frenzy, mouthful of spaghetti,

I gave him a toothless HICKEY, and yeah he came back

Like a boomerang, Dog say my name

I gotcha hanging on my Zaibach S&M chains (wow!)

What'chu say J Dilandau ? (Dilly: Bling, bling, check out my transgendered thang!)

Ya ask me again, here's a hint for our YAOI game

We do it to ya doggystyle (doggystyle)

Big Allen Bow Wow in yo mouth Bow wow!

(You gonna be askin' for it WOW!)'

Allen: 'Doggystyle? Uh no...'

Snoop Dornkirk: 'Ooooh Yessssss!'

Dilandau and his boys: 'Yes Yes Yesss!"

Allen: 'Nooooooooooooooooo!'

Folken: 'Allen's in for it...'

~to be continued~