Jedi Katniss

I was the Hunter, the Tribute, the Victor, the Girl on Fire, the Mockingjay, now I am the Jedi. Not long after I killed Coin and President Snow was killed by a mob; did a man named Luke Skywalker come to Panem and recruit me as a Jedi. I asked if Peeta could come. He didn't want to leave with me. Seeing as I had nothing left for me here, I left without looking back.

My sister was robbed of her innocence and I saw her become a human torch. My mother has nothing left for her besides saving humans from certain death, even if it's a common cold, there's nothing in the world she can't heal. I'm certain of it. She would never leave Panem. It's her home. I refused at first but he told me I was expecting greater things, greater powers and a greater life. He told me about the Force.

He did a blood sample on me and it turns out I have a high level of midichlorians. Looks like I didn't know a lot about myself. He said the Force was strong with me and that he comes from a galaxy far, far away. I accepted and was given a trial. I still don't know what the Force is made up of, but he tells me I will soon learn.

Now I am a Jedi Padawan. A person that is learning the ways of the Force. My Master is Luke Skywalker. I've been given this plasma filled weapon. It's called a lightsaber and it's blue. It cuts like a razor blade and it's shaped like a big glow stick with a handle. I've been using the Force for good. I know how to lift things by just extending my hand and it comes right at me!

I guess this is a good life; a better one, at that. Even if I miss Peeta, I have gotten over my love for him and realized that I will never see him again, no matter how bad I want to. I have said goodbye to Gale, he understood. I just hope he doesn't miss me. I don't need to hunt here, let alone cook…

They bring me food and I don't even have to get up to grab it. Its like the Capitol only they're much wiser here. I've also developed a huge bond with Leia Organa and her children. They're really nice people and they've grown on me. I guess you could find family anywhere, and not even try.