The Raider Trio

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The battle against the 12th angel had been a disaster. All three Evangelions and their pilots had been swallowed by the Angel's shadow, only to emerge in deep space. Though they had been sent to an area in space that was far from any planet, they has the misfortune of emerging in front of what can only be described as a giant starfish shaped vessel. Unable to defend themselves, they were quickly captured by said ship.

'Another unfamiliar ceiling.' Thought Shinji to himself as he awoke. The first thing he noticed about his surroundings was the sterility of the room. Everything was covered in stainless steel, and the walls had a strange red band going around the room. Then he saw it, a thing he'd only heard of in the realm of science fiction, a sleek metal figure that was easily eight feet tall. Its ever roaming eye going back in' forth within the visor on its face, constantly scanning for threats. Hoping to learn where he was Shinji walked over to his guard, "Um, excuse me… um… sir? Do you think you can tell me where I am? His question was met with silence, the only indicators that the machine was even active was the constantly roaming bead of light, and a slight twitch it had displayed when he called it sir.

"The centurions don't speak that much." said a voice behind him. Turning around he saw a blonde haired woman who had a very attractive body. "As for where you are, you are nearly 10,000 light years from your world, aboard a Basestar." The six paused for a moment to allow the boy a chance to absorb that bit of information. Shinji though shocked about where he was, kept a level head and brought up the other question that was on his mind, "Where are the other two pilots?"

The mention of the word pilots seemed to peak her interest, 'So they are pilots. Cavil will be very interested to hear this. And if that video is footage anything to go by then they are also veterans.' She was brought out of her thoughts when she noticed Shinji giving her a funny look. She looked at him and smiled, "Your fellow pilots are in another part of the ship. The centurion here shall take you to them." Shinji looked at said Centurion then back at the woman, "By the way ma'am you never gave me your name."

The woman blushed, "Polite and sweet, those two don't know how lucky they are. You may call me Kendra Six." Shinji bowed, "Thank you Kendra." before walking over to the centurion. "I'm ready." As the two walked out of the room Kendra knew that the next time she saw the boy, Cavil will have stripped him and his friends of their free will and their humanity. As Shinji followed the Centurion, he couldn't help but admire the tall being. The burden of emotions didn't affect it, for it didn't have emotions. But at the same time Shinji also felt remorse for it, for without emotions one does not truly live, they merely exist.

Little did the boy know he would soon become something very similar to the metal being walking beside him. The very thought of what Cavil had in store for the boy made Kendra shiver. Cavil had already started turning the two female pilots into the prototype raiders. The process would render them more machine than flesh. Their memories would be altered, locking any memories of their human lives away. All of this would take less than three days. Unknown to the Ones, Fours, and Fives, the Sixes had installed a subroutine into the programing for Asuka Langley Soyru, who had been redesignated Unit-502x. The subroutine was designed to unlock the girl's memories and disable the tracking, slave control devices, and routines. The only problem was it took a near death experience to activate it. This was to insure that Asuka would have a window of opportunity to transfer the activated subroutine to the other pilots. Kendra could only hope that the Evangelions did not activate anytime soon.

Three years later…

Cavil could only smirk in triumph, his pet project was a success. The three human children had been successfully integrated into the raider fuselages. In his eyes he had proven the dominance of the machine over man, now the slave was the master and the master was the slave. The first task had assigned his new raiders was to eliminate a tylium mine in the Weglin sector. According to his scouts in the area it was unguarded, a perfect opportunity to test the combat effectiveness of the trio. He would not have guessed that he would later regret that decision.

And so ends chapter one I hope you enjoyed it. I know it's short but I hope to make some longer ones eventually.