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Do note there will be quite a few shifts in POV this chapter. And if it seems like I gave Asuka a major role in this chapter, it's because I did. She's kind of the de-facto flight lead for the Raider Trio.

Chapter 3 Landings and Understandings

Normal POV

Kara Thrace was in a particularly foul mood, for the three unusually painted Raiders that were involved in the attack on the Weglin mines, had vanished without a trace. It wasn't like she had raiders bug out on her before, but these three were unlike any she had encountered before. There was something about the way they fought that made Kara feel like she was fighting a Human, not a machine. The biggest thing that stood out however was the fact that someone had decided to give those three raiders a custom paint scheme. Fancy paint scheme or not, it wouldn't stop her from blasting those three out of the sky the next time she saw them, which hopefully wouldn't be on this patrol, after all no one wanted to see a Cylon raider here in Alpha Ceti.

She was currently patrolling the outskirts of the fleet with Lt. Kat as her wingman. As the two vipers reached the outer beacon for inbound ships, the space in front of her viper rippled. 'That better not be a Liner' thought Kara. The liners and escort size vessels were the cruisers and destroyers of the Colonial fleet. Unfortunately it was no Liner, in fact it wasn't even a colonial vessel. Instead the three Raiders that she had just been thinking about popped into existence. "Holy Frak!" She said with a yelp before hitting her comm. "Starbuck to Galactica Actual, three raiders just jumped in! Commencing pursuit!"

Asuka's POV

Asuka was no fool, she knew she would only have seconds to send out a message, and pray that someone would actually listen to them. Otherwise all three of them would end up as three piles of floating wreckage. Which if the two vipers on her tail had their way Opening the comm-link to the Colonial's waveband she quickly shouted, "To the Colonial Fleet and the Vipers on our tails! We Surrender! I repeat. We surrender!"

The bullets whizzing by her cockpit suddenly stopped, and a gravel-like voice came over the wireless. "This Commander Adama of the Battlestar Galactica, to the Cylon Raiders requesting Asylum. What are your intentions?"

Asuka sighed in relief she got through now to time to send the message home. "We are escapees from a Cylon experiment. We're human teenagers for crying out loud! We're tired, hungry, and low on fuel."

"Human teenagers you say? Starbuck can you confirm this?" Adama said over the comm as Starbuck accelerated alongside Shinji's raider. As she did so Shinji made her canopy go translucent, allowing the Viper pilot a clear view. "What the frak!" uttered Starbuck in stunned disbelief as Asuka and Rei made their selves visible as well. "Galactica Actual, this is Starbuck, I can confirm that the Raiders are being piloted by what appear to be human teens. What are your orders?"

There was a slight pause for a minute before Commander Adama spoke again, "Guide them in Starbuck, but if they so much as twitch in the wrong direction you are to blow them out of the sky. Do you kids understand me? You get one chance to prove your claim. If I suspect your lying, I will send you on a one way trip out an airlock."

Asuka swallowed at the thought, "I understand clearly." She said before asking her friends if they heard Adama's warning. "Oh I heard it loud and clearly Asuka. We so much as sneeze and Miss trigger happy puts a bunch of holes in us." Shinji said in an almost growl. Rei's response was less sarcastic, but not as mechanical as it normally would have been. "I also understand Commander. I must ask though, what is the approach vector we are to use?"

"Lt. Gaeta will give you your approach vector. I will be monitoring your approach. Do Not attempt anything foolish." Adama warned before a younger man's voice came from Asuka's speakers. "To the Cylon Raiders, you are to approach on vector 180˚ and use landing pads 3, 5, and 6. Kara once you have finished your milk run, you and Kat are to return to your patrol." Said the voice, which Asuka assumed to belong to Gaeta.

"Copy that Galactica. Proceeding to landing." Asuka replied as she brought her raider onto the final approach.

After twenty tense minutes of flying, Asuka brought her Raider down onto the number 5 pad. As the pad lowered she suddenly found herself staring at a large security detail. 'Shist. These people don't play around when it comes to security.' As the maintenance teams maneuvered her raider off the pad and into a maintenance bay the security team moved as well, keeping their guns aimed at the raider. Once the raider was in position Asuka popped open the canopy, only to discover a slight problem.

William Adama's POV.

I was hesitant to even let one Cylon aboard, and here I am letting three of them aboard. Maybe Saul is right, perhaps I am getting too soft. Still I can't help but wonder if these three really are telling the truth, and they were humans at one point. Gods I hope not, but if what they said is true then it's possible there are more like them out there. More that we need to save.

A sudden hiss and whir of motors came from the red painted Raider, as the fighter's 'face' opened up and revealed the pilot within. As the girl attempted to dislodge herself from the machine she suddenly stopped with a gasp and started to struggle with something that was either on her back or attached to it. With a growl of frustration she slammed her fist into the side of her cockpit. "VerDamnit! Why won't you let go of me you stupid machine! And I don't see anything in here that says release on it."

Chief Tyrol gave me a questioning look, as though he was asking for permission to find out what was holding the pilot in place. I returned his glance with an affirmative nod, and he made his way up to the raider.

Chief Tyrol's POV

As I moved one of the boarding ladders into place and began to climb it, I noticed the girl in pilot seat sag in what appeared to be relief. "Alright kid what's the problem and what can I do to help?" I asked her. She motioned to her back. "Those fucking Tin Can worshiping bastards put some sort of cable back there that's holding me in place, and I can't seem to be able to reach it. Can you detach it for me?"

I frowned a bit. "And how do I know that you won't shoot me in the back if do help you?" I asked her.

She gave shook her head in disbelief, "Listen pal, I don't shoot people who help me. So do me a favor and cut me loose."

I sighed, that was as about as clear of an answer as I would get from her. "Alright, fine but no funny business. Got it?"

She glared at me, "I get the message, now get me out of here!"

I laughed and climbed to side of the cockpit to get a better view of the cable. As she bent forward to give me a better view, it quickly became clear that the cable was much larger than I realized. I studied the point where the cable attached to her spine, and noted that the cable had to be twisted and squeezed to release it. As soon as he did so the girl dropped onto the boarding ladder and collapsed in relief. "Thanks." She said as she looked up to face him. She then climbed down the ladder and came face to face with Adama.

Normal POV

Adama and Asuka stood across from each other before Asuka gave him a bow in greeting. "Thank you Commander Adama, for taking my friends and me in, we wouldn't have lasted very long on our own." She said, showing more tact than she had ever shown anyone before. Adama raised an eyebrow at her "Don't thank me yet. You and your friends are going to the brig. I hope you don't mind but until you give me a reason to believe your claim, that is where you will be staying until further notice."

Asuka nodded in response, "Understood Commander. But is there any chance of you allowing us to get a physical? I want to know what the Tin Men did to me, and I'm pretty sure the other's do as well."

"That seems fairly reasonable. And it may present an opportunity to determine whether you're telling the truth or not. However in the mean time I ask that you follow these men to the brig." Adama said, motioning for several members of the security team to cuff her. Asuka didn't struggle as they did so, and much to the relief of many of the Galactica's crew neither did Shinji or Rei. The three girls were then escorted by Adama and his rather large Security team, through the Galactica's myriad of corridors. As they made their way to the Brig, Shinji noticed a side corridor filled with photos and mementos, and filed the location away for later. Soon the group reached the brig and Adama moved aside to allow the three pilots in before closing the cell and locking it. "You will be given an hour to rest before you are taken to your physicals. What happens after tha…"

"RING! RING! RING!" The phone on the wall went off before Adama answered it. "This is Commander Adama speaking. Ah, Madam President, I was just about to contact you. I understand the risk Madam President, however given the circumstance I believe that we must at least look into the possibility that they are telling the truth. Perhaps we can arrange a face to face meeting? Yes Madam President I shall inform them at once. Good evening to you as well."

He hung up the phone before turning to the girls causing Shinji and Asuka to glance at each other. "That was President Laura Roslin that just called. She has agreed to meet with you tomorrow at eleven'o hundred, what happens after that will be up to her and what the Physicals reveal. I will speak to you after I have gone over Doc Cottles reports."

The girls nodded, before Shinji spoke "Thank you sir, but may I ask whe…" A loud growling noise interrupted her, causing everyone in the room to turn their attention to Rei who was blushing a bright pink. "It seems that I have forgotten to eat recently. Is there any chance that we could have some food brought down to us?"

Adama to his credit was able to keep a straight face as he nodded, "I will have someone bring some food down to you. Now if you will excuse me, I do have a ship to run." And with those words of parting he went on his way, taking with him a majority of the security team. Soon it was just the girls and the warden, left in the room. The warden would soon find himself requesting that a woman to take over, as the girls started to take stock of their changes.

Alright, chapter 3 completed, and as much as I hate to say it I have no clue where this story is going after our girls meet Laura, and Tom Zarrak. Yes I will do my best to bring both of those Battlestar characters to life. I also know that this chapter practically revolved around Asuka for the most part. But the next chapter will revolve around Shinji and the changes she has undergone.