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Kim Possible dropped the pen she had been writing with and let it fall to the desk, onto the book where her words could be seen as clear as day.

I love women.
I love those emerald pools masquerading as eyes.
Lips. I love smiles. And yawns. The eating.
With skin so soft, women are head to toe cashmere.
A woman's skin inspires a man's fingers to have Magellan's love of exploration.
It's women's bellies that drive me wild.
It's more than just the fact that it's the only part of a woman's body you can easily see naked.
The belly hints at the pleasures beyond.
You're so near and yet so far.
Everything about a woman draws you to her sexuality.
The small triangle between her legs is like the head of an arrow which points 'Go here! Go here! '
Or if you follow the graceful lines of the pectoral major,
it inevitably draws your eyes to the golden orbs. Climaxed by the nipple.
God is in the details. And the nipple is Her greatest detail.

She was sure she could keep this secret, as well as her other one, until her dying breath. She couldn't write about the other secret, but her love for women was free game. Getting up, she stretched; Kim turned her desk light off, kicked off her slippers and scavenged through a dresser drawer for pajamas. She went to the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Locking it more out of habit than fear, she turned the water on and let the steam fill the room. She pulled the thick T-shirt over her head and shivered as a chill hit her. She let her pants follow along with her underwear and socks. She turned, preparing to step into the shower, and caught sight of herself in the mirror. She took herself in and she smiled as she pranced a bit. Kim Possible simply wasn't the type to lie... even to herself.

She knew she was different; she always had been. How many people went about saving the world on a regular basis? She loved her uniqueness and this was no different. She was a human that never said 'no'. She was built to make men and women alike crumble beneath her, stare or smile, drool in jealousy, or even worship in awe. She wiggled her arms and her legs, watching the interplay of muscle carefully. She was built lean and tall, with a slight but strong tan body. She shook her head as the water splashed her from the shower she was half standing in. Her dark blood stained locks had once nearly reached her hips before she had cut it. When she reached the age of nineteen it had been too much to handle so she had cut it short and cropped it into a spiky dark bob that defied nature's law of gravity.

She was made to be a heart breaker from the day she was born into this world; those green eyes that danced with electricity when she set them on you, those long graceful legs that could smash bone but also tickle and cradle stuffed animals and that bright, shy smile that hid secrets. One her biggest secrets just happened to be just below the smooth, tightly-muscled flesh of her stomach, following the downward pull gravity to lay between her thighs. That's right Kim was a girl born with both parts she had a male part and a female part that where both framed by her dark red curls.

Kim sighed and got into the shower trying not to think too much about it. She had been living with this her whole life. She had nearly died when Ron had switched bodies with her. How was she supposed to explain that? Once in the spray of the hot water, she let it work her tense body and she giggled as the water ran into her eyes. Ron had been so cool about it.

"Hey KP, not like I wasn't familiar with the equipment… well half of it anyway."

Kim grabbed her soft body-sponge and the scented body wash her mother had gotten her. She loved it. It wasn't anything too girly or anything too manly; it smelled like bubbles and it was warm and fresh. She let the day's stress pour out of her and down the shower drain.

The Ginger Go-Getter, as a magazine had once called her, pulled on a pair of awesome purple pandroo boxers and a loose white t-shirt. Kim yawned and shook the dampness out of her wildly fraying hair. She peeked down the steps as if she was on a spy mission.

"Coast is clear," she whispered. Walking down the steps, Kim carefully balanced her weight to make not a single sound. Yes! she thought as she opened the refrigerator. Leftovers from supper looked like just the ticket. Kim grabbed bits of chicken only to sputter and spill them as she whirled in surprise when her mother tapped her on the shoulders.

"Kimmie, what have I told you about that? Use a plate and stop picking over the food."

Kim smiled and rubbed the back of her head. She decided to cut her losses and change the subject. " How was your day, Mom?" the teen asked. Anne couldn't stay angry when Kim looked so chastised and apologetic so she smiled at her daughter and grabbed the food from the fridge to heat the dinner up.

"My day was the same as always, but a little less stressful than normal."

"Good." Kim started cleaning up her mess as her mother stuck the plate in the microwave.

"Kimmie, I saw you on the news today. Good for you dear, saving those poor people trapped in that mine." said Mrs. Dr. Possible.

Settling down at the table, both ate off the same plate of leftovers and chatted, unaware of the news that would take the world over by tomorrow morning.

An Evil Lair somewhere in Montana

Drakken snickered, curling his hands in childish glee. He looked at the pictures again before carefully arranging them. He finally had Kim Possible where he wanted her. He didn't know who had sent it to him, but he was glad. Looking over the many documents that came with the pictures, he turned to Shego.

"Oh Shego, you should be proud. You should be honored to be in my employ. Victory is only a few hours away." He opened his eyes, the pictures grasped in his hands vividly… only to see the green-skinned woman gone. "Oh, drat! I can deal with her being 'semi' good now that all of our records were cleaned, but must she be rude and leave in the middle of my grand schemes? Oh well..."

Worldwide Evil Empire (WEE) Lair

"Hm, very interesting. Very interesting indeed, wouldn't you say, Pepe?" Gemini gave his constantly jittering dog a soft pat as he stroked his bearded chin. He read over Kim Possible's Personal Hospital Files once again as he weighed the possibility of this being a very elaborate hoax.

Global Justice (GJ) Headquarters

A single eye looked down at the file displayed on the monitor. A slim tongue lashed out to trail over lips nervously. She grinned as she clicked for the next page of the file. Her one functioning eye widened comically as she did a double take. "Well, I guess she really can do anything," said Dr. Director. Her voice was a heavy husky purr as she continued to read over the files. "This might be the single most impressive thing I've ever seen."

"Um, Dr. Director," said Will Du. The thin operative waved his hands and shifted irritable from his position at the door. Dr. Director continued to ignore him, enamored with whatever was on her screen. "Is there something I should be concerned about, Director?"

Middleton Hospital

Kim's personal doctor stared in shock at what she had just done. She couldn't have, could she? She had not just sent out one of the most private and classified files in the world about the girl who could do anything. She had not just spilled the biggest secret in current history. She had not just given confirmation to one of the biggest scandals in the last century… of course not. The doctor let her face fall into her hands and laughed. There were only two things she could say. "I am so fucked!" and "Barry, bring me a beer!"

She picked up a phone and began to dial, waiting for a few rings before taking a swig of one the many beer bottles hidden in her secretary's office." Um hello, Dr. Anne Possible? I have some bad news."

And all across the world

"I can't believe it! Kim Possible is a hermaphrodite. And wow, look at that sperm count..." All of the women of the world just became indescribably horny and very much interested in having a baby or two.

End Chapter One

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