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Kim searched her closet for an outfit to wear on her date. Things had been relatively quiet this week. Monkey Fist and Duff Killigan had been the only ones to try doing something for their own means and only three girls had pulled her into a heated make out that she had hurriedly removed herself from.

"Must have just been one of those quick trends that's finally letting up," the hero mused, standing before her many outfits in only a pair of dragon boxers and a plain black bra. Thumbing through the shirts she had, Kim came out with an off-the-shoulder purple top with a black heart on the back. Shuffling aside another pair of baggy jeans, the redhead grinned when she found a black pair of dress pants at the bottom of her closet.

Kim slipped into the outfit and modeled in front of the mirror on her wall. She applied light grey eyeshadow to put more emphasis on her olive eyes. A slash of soft red lipstick across both lips completed the look and Kim examined herself to be sure everything was in order. She couldn't understand why she was getting so dressed up for Shego, but she just chalked it up to this being a date and needing to look nice.

Downstairs, James paced back and forth as Anne watched him from the couch. The Possible patriarch was in turmoil with himself. Kim had come home that afternoon and had told them that she was going to go prepare for her date, which she's been doing for the last five hours. James wanted to know who the lucky person was to have captured his dear Kimmie-cub's heart. He actually wondered briefly if she and Ronald had gotten back together, but that notion was quickly pushed aside. Kim wasn't the kind of person to try something twice if it didn't work the first time.

"Honey, maybe you should calm down," Anne called, trying to ease her husband.

"Not a chance, Anne," the rocket scientist replied as he continued his pacing. "I have to be ready to give the dad talk. I need to make sure my little Kimmie-cub is taken care of."

Anne sighed and shook her head with a small smile. She knew it was no use attempting to get James to calm down when it came to Kim dating, but it was at least worth a try. Settling back on the couch, she simply waited for the poor soul to come knocking.

Outside on the doorstep, Shego checked her makeup one last time and smoothed her dress, making sure her already immaculate appearance was perfect. Once she had given herself the all clear, the villainess raised her fist and knocked calmly at the door, fingering the rose in her hand idly. Waiting a moment, Shego's trained ears picked up the sound of footsteps and she stood straighter, a smile sliding onto her lips.

James Possible opened the door and Shego took a slight step back as his expression darkened. Whoa! the green-skinned woman thought. Papa Possible is scary. "What are you doing here?" James demanded, making to close the door. "If you're here on another mission for Drew, Kim is right upstairs-."

"Whoa there, Papa Possible," Shego cut him off, raising the rose almost as a sign of truce. "I'm not here on an errand from Dr. D. I'm here to take Kimmie on a date."

James blinked for a moment, glanced back to Anne and then blinked once more. "What?"

"I'm taking Kim, Kim Possible, on a date," Shego explained a little slower to make sure he got it.

James blinked once more before turning. "Er, come in then."

Shego followed the Possible patriarch into the house and to the living room. Anne glanced up as they entered and stood in surprise, green eyes going wide at the sight of the villain in her home. Looking to her husband, she found that he was just as shocked as she was.

"What's… going on?" the redheaded woman inquired slowly.

"Shego's taking Kimmie on a date," James replied, sitting on the couch beside his wife, still dazed.

"Shego is Kimmie-cub's date?" Anne turned to the other woman in confusion. Shego nodded, holding up the rose. Anne hummed slightly before beaming. "Then we don't need to tell you to take care of our little girl. If you try to hurt her, it will just be like one of your normal battles. But no plasma, young lady, or I'll make certain to switch your brain with that of a slug."

"Ew." Shego's nose wrinkled in disgust before she shook her head free of the thought. "You got it, Mama Possible. Kimmie and I figured that would be what happened if we started arguing anyway. I think it's the only reason she said yes when I asked."

"At least you bothered to ask," James huffed, crossing his arms.

Shego cocked her head in confusion at Anne, but the redhead simply shook her head with a slight chuckle. "Let's just say, you're the first to actually ask Kimmie on a date before trying to get her in bed. I'll go let Kim know you're here."

Anne made her way to the stairs and called, "Kim! Someone's here for you!"

Upstairs, Kim had just finished styling her hair when she heard her mother. "Thanks, mom!" she responded. "Tell her I'll be down in a minute."

Anne nodded to Shego and the trio waited in silence for Kim to head down. Footsteps sounded on the stairs and three heads turned to find a stunning hero descending the stairs. Shego appraised her date appreciatively, taking in the graceful ponytail and neat appearance. Kim surveyed Shego and nodded at the elegant dress and light makeup. Kim reached the bottom of the stairs and the pair faced each other.

"Hey Kimmie," Shego winked, holding out the rose she'd gotten.

"Shego, you look great," Kim blushed. She twirled the rose before handing it to her mother.

"Hey, you don't look half bad yourself. It's kind of a change to see you in something other than you cheerleading uniform or your battle attire."

Kim raised an eyebrow. "Attire?" she taunted. "Trying to show off in front of my parents?"

"Only because your parents are intelligent enough to understand me," Shego shrugged with a lopsided smirk.

"I think I like her more than I did Drew," Jim whispered to Anne, not low enough to escape Kim and Shego's ears.

"Dr. D's just a weird guy altogether. The skin color doesn't help," Shego muttered.

"Coming from the pale green super-villainess?" Kim chuckled.

Shego scoffed and gestured to herself confidently. "Yeah, well, most of me looks normal. I hide the fact that I have green lips under black lipstick, my hair is a common color, and look! No disfiguring scars. Plus, my skin color just makes me look on the verge of sickness. His makes him look… dead."

"True," Kim nodded, letting Shego lead her to the door.

"Shego, be sure to have her back by ten," Jim ordered, using his best stern father voice.

"You got it, Papa Possible," Shego agreed, shaking his hand before taking Kim's hand and leading her to the car.

Kim slipped in and clipped her seatbelt while Shego slid into the driver's side. The villain clicked her belt into place and revved the engine, pulling away from the curb. As they rode through Middleton, Shego informed Kim of her latest heist. Neither of them paid mind to the fact that a supervillain was telling this to a world-class hero; both of them knew the authorities probably already knew it was Shego.

They were in the middle of discussing different sneaking techniques when Shego pulled into a parking lot. "We're here," she grinned, cutting the engine.

Shego held out her arm and Kim took it with a slight blush, the two of them stepping into the restaurant. Kim stared around the area appreciatively, noting just how dark it was. It must have cost a small fortune to get a reservation here. Considering Shego's reputation as a notorious thief, it might have taken more than just a small fortune, but Kim decided not to ask on it just yet. Shego led her to the host stand and held up a card. The man stared at it for a moment before nodding and bowing, motioning for them to follow him.

Kim strolled along beside Shego until they reached a booth near the side of the restaurant with a curtain on the opening. The host bowed to them once more before setting their menus on the table and taking his leave. Shego motioned in the direction of the booth and the pair sat down. Kim glanced around the restaurant again, taking in the candles hung around to provide some semblance of light.

"How did you find this place?" the redhead asked softly, glancing to her date.

"I did some research before making reservations," Shego shrugged. "I hadn't been here before, but decided that a first date with you would be a great chance to try it out. If I like this place, I might eat here again when I'm not on the run."

"Sounds good," Kim giggled, looking up as a waiter appeared. He bowed to them like the host had and took out a pad of paper.

"Hello. May I inquire about drinks to allow you time to peruse our menu?" he asked in a soft voice, not looking either of them in the eye.

"Wine will do just fine for me," Shego murmured, glancing to Kim expectantly.

Kim shook her head subtly and responded, "I'll just have a glass of water."

The waiter nodded to them both. "Very well. I will be back shortly."

As the waiter disappeared, Shego cocked an eyebrow at Kim. The redhead gave her a pointed look as she picked up her menu. "I'm only going to be twenty in a month or two. I can't have alcohol."

The brunette chuckled and lifted her own menu. "Forgot just how good the teen hero was," she chirped. "No matter. I can wait a year. Then I'm taking you out to a bar the night of your birthday and we're going to have fun."

Olive green eyes rolled playfully before falling back to the menu. Thankfully, it wasn't anything in another language she didn't know. From the looks of things, most of the dishes were in one romantic language or another, so they were easy to make out. Biting her tongue in thought, Kim decided to go with whatever looked good and chose a French dish that looked inviting. However, she nearly dropped her menu with a gasp when she felt something slide along her leg and rub her thigh.

Looking across the table, Kim found Shego smirking down at her menu, emerald green eyes flickering up and shimmering in the candlelight. Kim felt the pressure again, stroking her thigh a little harder, but not enough to be considered painful. Another gasp broke through the hero's lips and she glared across the table.

"Shego!" Kim hissed, gritting her teeth against a slight moan as Shego's foot slid higher.

"Yes, Kimmie?" the green woman asked innocently. "Is something wrong?"

Kim glared at her, but stifled a gasp when Shego nearly made contact with her lap. "Your foot is a little high, don't you think?" Kim grunted.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Princess," the villainess chuckled, her smirk giving her away. "My feet are right where they're supposed to be."

Kim rolled her eyes and reached a hand down, gently stroking her fingers along Shego's calf. The woman opposite her gasped and Kim smirked wickedly. "Does that feel nice?" she asked quietly.

"Well, well, didn't think you'd be so bad in public, Kimmie," Shego laughed quietly, tugging her leg from Kim's grip.

"You started it," Kim responded, sitting back up.

"Yes, but I'm always bad." Shego's face darkened just slightly and Kim gulped. It was suddenly much warmer in the restaurant.

Thankfully, the waiter reappeared at that moment and saved Kim from having to reply. "Your drinks," he said softly, setting the water in front of Kim and the wine in front of Shego. "Are you ready to order?"

"Yes," Shego replied. Kim nodded as well, both of them placing their orders and watching the waiter leave.

"So, how's hero duty these days?" Shego inquired, keeping her body parts to herself… for now.

"Not too bad," Kim shrugged. "Just Duff and Monkey Fist being idiots. I take it you're the one keeping Drakken in line?"

Shego shot her a grin. "You got it, Pumpkin. I told him that if he did anything to sabotage our date, I'd give him a new scar to match his face."

Kim laughed. "I can just imagine how he took that. A grand speech about how I'm a hero and you're a villain?"

"Exactly," Shego snickered, shaking her head. "It went on for three hours."

"I don't know how you manage to work for him," the redhead told her.

"Pay's good," her date shrugged. "If the pay's good, I'll put up with almost anything."

Kim hummed in response and they both glanced up as the waiter returned with their meals. "Thank you," Kim murmured as Shego asked for a refill on her wine.

Once the waiter was gone, the pair of them lapsed into companionable silence while they ate. If Kim was honest, this was one of the best dates she'd ever been on so far. No interruptions, no friends tagging along, no undercover plot. It was just her and Shego sharing dinner. Looking across at the green-skinned woman, Kim had to admit that being with Shego this way, not fighting or taunting one another, but just having fun together, was something she wouldn't mind doing again.

Shego felt the gaze on her. She was a thief, so of course she felt it. She wondered what Kim was thinking. The silence wasn't awkward or tense or anything like that, so it was probably just a string of random thoughts. Still, Shego enjoyed the silence. They weren't trading blows or mocking one another, they were just eating. It was oddly… normal. To be honest, Shego liked this, if only because it was with Kimmie. They'd known each other so long, she couldn't think of anyone else that made her feel this relaxed. She'd definitely have to invite Kim out again sometime.

As they went on eating, one of them would break the silence to mention something that came to mind and it sparked an entire conversation. Kim told Shego about her encounters with both Monique and Bonnie, the brunette's lip curling at the second one. Shego informed Kim of Drakken's latest plan and they laughed over the possible ways it would likely fail. By the time they left the restaurant, the two of them were breathless with giggles.

The drive back was slower than the ride to the restaurant. They took the time to play twenty questions and tease each other over their interests. Shego especially poked fun at Kim having a cuddlebuddy, relishing in the blush matching the smaller woman's hair. They pulled up to the Possible residence with five minutes to spare before the curfew.

Kim glanced over with a shy smile. "Thanks, Shego," she said quietly. "This was definitely one of the best dates I've ever been on. It's been a while since I had that much fun."

"Same here, Kim," Shego replied, saying Kim's name for the first time in… ever. "Maybe we could do this again sometime. You know, when I'm not running from the law and you're not kicking by boss into the dirt."

"Sounds like a plan to me," Kim giggled.

Before she could get out, Shego smirked and hooked a finger in her collar, bringing her closer. Their lips met in a warm kiss, Kim gasping against Shego's mouth. The villainess pulled back after a few seconds and licked her lips.

"Not bad, Kimmie," she laughed. "Though, maybe next time, we could go for longer, and without as much surprise on your part."

Kim blinked before shaking her head with a smile. "Maybe I'll take you by surprise next time," she joked, opening the door.

"We'll see, Princess," Shego smirked. She watched Kim get to the front door before driving off.

Kim's gaze followed the car before she stepped into her house, locking the door behind her. Pausing in the front way, the redheaded hero touched her lips with a small smile. Yes, they could do that again sometime.

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