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Brief Summary: During the sealing, Shinigami was supposed to take away Minato's and Kyuubi's soul. But what if he decided to do something different? What if the Kyuubi wasn't the exactly the only Kyuubi, more specifically what if that kyuubi was just a child? Looks like Naruto won't be alone for a long while. An answer to my own challenge. Constructive criticism is welcomed, flamers can help cook my food.

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Oh just to point things out, here Kushina and Mito Uzumaki had never been the Kyuubi Junchurik and Kyuubi had never been sealed to anyone.


Power. Carnage. Chaos. The powerful and melevolent Kyuubi no Kitsune, the nine tailed fox. Legend has it that the Kyuubi was the strongest of the nine biju's that were created from the original powers of the Juubi by the Rikudo no Sennin, the Sage of the Six Paths. Part of the Myth had also stated that the body of the Juubi itself was sealed to the moon. No one can deny nor prove that and up till now it remains a mystery. What is also debated is how a Human being, no matter how powerful, managed to defeat such a creature. Did he really defeat it? Or was this just a total lie that the victor of war created? This are all debated questions present in the elemental nations, but to a certain Blond haired blue eyed Hokage there was a more important question:

"Why in Kami's name is the Kyuubi attacking Konoha!"

This man was the Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato, and known to his enemies as Konoha's Yellow Flash. He was known as an 'S' Rank Shinobi, and some even argue that he should be 'SS' rank because of his achievements in the 3rd Shinobi war. He had single-handedly decimated the shinobi force of Iwa and had been one of the Key main factors of Iwa's surrender. He had Married Kushina Uzumaki which had just gone to labor with his first son, Naruto who had looked very similar to himself.

For now though, this man was having a difficult time in defending his home. He had kept asking the same question, trying to think of an answer as to why this demon or creature or thing, was busy going on a random rampage and effectively killed numerous amounts of shinobi. He dodged a massive tail while making sure that little Naruto was protected in his arms. The Kyuubi had no reason to attack Konoha. Minato had made it perfectly clear to all his shinobi, that once this creature is seen, flee and avoid it at all cost.

Yet, it was still attacking his village. 'To think this day started so we-'

"I can't keep dodging this overgrown stuff toy you know!" yelled the giant toad, which effectively severed his train of thought. He was Gamabunta the toad chief. Gamabunta jumped up but got hit in the face with one of the tails and he shouted "Minato! If you don't snap out of your day dreaming and Start acting, so help me I WILL CRUSH YOU MYSELF!"

This seemed to work as Minato gulped loudly and adjusted Naruto to a more comfortable position in his arms. He looked solemnly at his son and kissed his forehead. "I'm sorry I can't be there for you and that my first and last gift as a father is a demon. I will understand if you won't forgive me, but as long as you grow to be a fine young man, I will be happy." he whispered to his son "Don't worry your mother will be there for you." Minato took a deep shaky breath as he ordered "Gamabunta! Just get close enough and I'll do the rest!"

"YOU GOT IT!" Gamabunta replied. He jumped to one side and in one powerful leap closed in to the Kyuubi "NOW MINATO!"

Making all the necessary handseals Minato yelled out "Sealing Jutsu: Reaper Death Seal!" Everything seemed to become silent as Minato closed his eyes waiting for his inevitable death.

He felt a cold chill run up his spine and could hear the Kyuubi and some metal clashing but after waiting for a couple of minutes, he opened his tear stained eyes. He didn't even notice that he was crying, perhaps leaving his son really affected him more than he had thought. He was even more surprised when a soft hand wipe away some of his tears and stayed there. It felt weird to Minato. Nothing bad though, in fact it felt very warm and he didn't want the feeling to go away. Being an orphan himself he never experienced something as welcoming as this. The feeling he got from this hand was stronger than what he felt for Kushina. Still though, as much as he wanted to continue feeling the warmth he had to find out if the village and, more importantly, if his son was okay. With great reluctance he stepped back and managed to fully open his eyes as he saw one of the most beautiful person in the world. She had a long golden wavy hair that seemed to dance and glow with radiance. Her soft forestgreen eyes carried an inviting aura that Minato felt secure just be looking at them. Her pure white Kimono was also breathtaking as the pictures of different animals seemed to move along the sleeves and edges. What caught his attention he most was the two golden wolf ears sticking on top of her head, a golden tiara sitting on her forehead and the ten tails waving behind her...wait...ten tails?

"Wh-who are you?" Minato whispered a bit incoherently as he appeared to be stuck in a slight daze. The goddess in front of him, as he thought that she couldn't be anything else BUT a goddess, only smiled and giggled. It made Minato happy as well for some reason. "I see you have questions..." she said "All will be answered soon, however now is not the time as I have a son to save myself. " She looked back and Minato saw a redhaired man that was about his age, if not older, struggling against dark chains that came from the spectral image of a Black haired man that radiated power even greater than the Kyuubi and the woman before him. He also noticed that the redhaired man had nine crimson red tails and 2 kitsune ears. He was snarling and growling and his eyes seemed to be chaotic and wild. What surprised Minato even further was that the right eye of the man had the image of the Sharingan except it had a singular black shuriken instead of the regular Sharingan eye. "Calm yourself Kurama!" ordered the Black haired man wielding the chains "Fight off that treacherous eye!" The man seemed to struggle even further but this time against himself and not the chains. He grabbed his head with both hand and the lady in front of Minato walked toward the human version of Kyuubi.

"Do not worry my child, I will free you of this curse" she said as she placed her hand over the man's eyes and a golden aura engulfed the Kyuubi. He screamed and tears fell from his eyes. When he stopped struggling he seemed to shrink, much to Minato's surprise, into a younger version of himself that could be around 14 in Human years. His mother, Minato deduced, removed her hand and embraced him as he hugged tightly like his life depended on it. "I-I'm so-sorry." he stuttered "I d-didn' me-mea(sniff) mean to hurt anyone! It was Madara's fault. He caught me of guard with his sh-sharingan." Minato didn't trust him at first but now, couldn't really feel any resentment towards this Kyuubi as he wasn't in control over his actions. It also seemed that he was heartbroken for killing so many people. It was completely different from all the things that were said about the kyuubi being a cold heartless monster.

"Minato Namikaze" Called the black haired individual who became the focus of Minato's attention "Normally your soul would have been mine now, but I and the rest of the gods deemed you worthy of gaining a second chance to be with your son." A second chance! That was too good to be true for Minato "However, there will no longer be a Minato Namikaze in the world. Nor will there be a Kyuubi."This part had Minato confused; maybe he can understand not having his old self, but what about the kyuubi?

"I see that you're confused" said the man, which is probably the Shinigami by the things that he said "What I am trying to say is that my son here Kurama, or kyuubi as you named him, and yourself will become two different beings with no memories of your past lives, and before you interrupt me allow me to explain. There cannot be 2 people of the same identity in a timeline, whether their original identity had already died or not. If someone were to do that I will make them my personal toys!"

Shinigami cackled madly and the lady palmed her face in exasperation while Kurama giggled like the kid he represents. "I think I'll continue the explanations while my husband there day-dreams of the torture that he'll do to anyone who plans to resurrect someone who was supposed to stay dead." She said "Both you and Kurama will be sealed inside Naruto as infants and be at the same age as he is. The seal will be made by me, the Juubi if you didn't know it yet, and Shinigami that will allow each of you to temporarily take control of the body. The new seal will also allow for both of you and Kurama to be able to manifest outside the seal and be completely released in the future while still being connected to each other. But you will need to figure out how by yourselves."

When Shinigami finally calmed and become sane as he can be anyways... he and Juubi created a very complex seal array that even Minato couldn't understand and released a huge amount to chakra. Minato and Kurama started to become smaller and Minato could feel himself forget everything. 'What was that again? I-I'm confused...Where is this place...wh-who am I...I-I don't remember...?' His eyes felt heavy as he heard one last whisper from the Juubi "Sleep well my children... I will be with you soon"

With that time resumed on the battlefield and Minato Namikaze and Kurama, the Kyuubi no Kitsune was no more. All that was left in the battlefield was a small blond boy with 2 fuzzy fox ears on top of his head, 6 whisker marks on his face and a different seal surrounding his torso and hands.

No one will ever know about the change of Kurama and Minato, and no one else will know how Arashi and Kitsu were born inside a seal. That is all for the gods alone, a place where no mortal is able to reach on their own...not even those with God Complexes and immortality issues

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