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Step 1: The 4th tail connects

In a forest filled with lush green foliage and plant life, a red blur can be seen running silently along the forest floor. It stopped and looked around with its fox like eyes, looking for its prey. The fuzzy red ears on the top of its head twitched before the creature ran once again. It ran left, right, forward and all other directions before it stopped behind a thick bush.

His victim was unaware as it continues to lie down on the ground with closed eyes. Its yellow hair, white shirt, and red shorts swaying with the gentle breeze as it snored lightly. The red creature smirked showing his sharp canines and pounced on the unsuspecting blond. His victim was startled when it felt red tackle him before they stumbled and tried to overpower one another.

With a few growls, twists, and turns red finally managed to pin the blond to the ground panting. The blond was also growling at him as both of them glared at each other, although red's facial expression has a smug look on his face.

"What are you doing? Arashi-nii, Kyo-nii?" Came a voice from another blond, which looked very similar to the one pinned under the red except for the whisker marks present on each cheek and the two furry blond fox ears on his head.

The other blond grunted and kicked the distracted red to let go of his body sending red stumbling to the ground. The blond stood up and dusted himself. "Don't blame me Naruto-kun, fuzzy-nii here pounced on me while I was taking a nap."

Red stood up finally allowing him to be seen properly. He was taller than the blondes but not by much, he had red hair and red slitted eyes with a red fox tail with a white tip. His eyebrow and right ear twitched at the nickname before muttering, "I told you not to call me that Arashi-nii, besides I was bored..." Kyo smirked as he added "Besides, no matter how much you deny it you had fun doing that."

Arashi blushed in embarrassment as Naruto tried to stifle his laughter to his brothers antics. Arashi composed himself before turning to Naruto, with the blush still quite visible and present on his face. "A-anyways, what bring you here to your head?"

Naruto looked excited as he replied. "Oh! Well I wanted to ask if Mom arrived yet." Kyo replied "Hate to break it you Naru, but mom hasn't arrived yet." Naruto seemed to deflate while Arashi and Kyo cheered him up.

All of a sudden Arashi's eye widened. "WAIT!" He shouted hurting Kyo's and Naruto's sensitive vulpine ears."Our birthday is today right? Well did you find a hiding place yet?" Naruto and Kyo realized what Arashi was implying and Kyo literally pushed Naruto out of his mindscape as he sensed something. "GO!" he shouted "I can sense at least three shinobi outside and their drunk!"

Naruto, back outside to his room, took a second to recollect himself and stood up. True to Kyo's word he can hear a couple of people approaching his apartment. Judging from the strong scent of alcohol they were heavily intoxicated. His ears can also hear snippets of their conversation like Revenge, kill, and punish. There was also the Kill the Kyuubi muttered almost every second.

He quickly went under the bed and opened a hidden escape tunnel as he heard the door banging. He quickly crawled quietly as he placed the lid back. He didn't even bother to check if the exploding sound he heard was his door being opened. He crawled quickly as he knew that Ninjas can sense his internal energy... "Was it called Catchra? chakra? Chaka? Paka? Whatever…"

He had no intention of getting caught so it was pretty obvious that he would panic when he ran along an alleyway and collided with a leg.

'Shi- OW!' Kyo yelled in his mind as Arashi had bopped his head 'Language Kyo' said boy growled as Naruto heard him mutter 'Not the time Arashi!'

Naruto remembered that he bumped into someone. He slowly opened his eyes and started his gaze from bottom to top. Mental checklist:

Shinobi sandals : Check

Common shinobi standard legwear: Check

Scent of alcohol: Check

Empty sake bottle: Check

Now Naruto was very scared as he continued his checklist

Flak jacket: Check

Bloodthirsty grin with disheveled appearance: Check

And last but not least.

A standard Konoha Headband: Check

Yep... there was a shinobi in front of him, an intoxicated one even.

Naruto gulped nervously as he slowly backed off. But the man wouldn't have that. He grabbed Naruto by his clothes and brought him to his eye level where Naruto can smell the scent of alcohol at an unbearable level.

The man raised the sake bottle as if to hit him and Naruto closed his eyes waiting for the incoming pain.

Normally sober civilian would simply mock him , raise store prices, or outright kick him out of stores, while shinobi would use him as a training dummy for low level genjutsus, blunt kunais and shurikens and even some low level ninjutsu. Luckily for him, or unlucky, he never got hurt too badly. However, intoxicated civilians and shinobi gang up on him, especially the less... intellectual shinobi... They won't hold back on their anger anymore and would really try to harm him. It was only because of pure luck that Naruto always manages to escape them, but there are still occasions where he couldn't escape thus ending up in the hospital treated with minimal care.

He knew, well Kyo noticed and just told Arashi and Naruto, that he had bodyguards, or at least high level shinobi who watches him. Unfortunately they couldn't really care less about him except for a few members, but they were usually given numerous high ranking missions so they can never really watch him all the time.

Back to the man, his gin seemed to get wider, not that Naruto can see, as he was finally getting his own revenge to the 'demon-fox'. Inside Naruto's mindscape the two other boys were cursing themselves for being helpless as they feel their rage towards the man. What they didn't notice was that their bodies were leaking different colored chakras. Around Arashi's body was a yellow colored aura forming the silhouette of a winged-creature, while Kyo's was red and more malevolent with its foxlike image.

Naruto waited for a while and heard a sound of breaking glass. He wasn't hurt however so he took a small peak and was surprised when he saw the man holding him to be kicked in the face by a small figure. He fell to the floor, somehow landing on his feet, and was surprised when he saw that his savior was just about as old as he is, if not a year older.

The kid had spiky black hair under a grey tattered bandanna. He also had a pair of bright purple eyes and wore a worn out black t-shirt and shorts. His feet were bare and had a couple of scars.

The boy grabbed Naruto hand as he ran calling "Come on!" He pulled Naruto away to a different direction, away from the cursing shinobi. Naruto wouldn't exactly trust his life to a stranger so easily but for now, his survival would be increased by following the boy for now. He led Naruto in different alleyways, tunnels and even some hidden passageways that Naruto never knew about. Not even the more observant Arashi had known about these.

They ran and ran, until they were standing in a clearing on the outskirts of Konoha. They thankfully managed to escape the drunkard so they sat down at the bottom of a tree and panted really hard.

After a couple of minutes the boy asked him "Hey, you okay? That guy was about to hurt you."

Naruto decided whether or not he could trust this stranger, but oddly enough he felt that he could. So he answered "Yeah, I'm fine...who are you?"

The boy gave a sheepish chuckle as he answered truthfully. "To be honest, I don't have a single clue" Which surprised the trio, although he could only see Naruto. "Why?" Naruto asked

"Well I was never given one, never knew who my parents were, never been with anyone but me as far as I can remember. Plus I couldn't think of a good name."

"No one?"

The boy simply shook his head slowly "Well, there is this one person... I don't really know her face. I only know that she was a girl since she had a light and beautiful voice. I can only see her in a shadow but I always loved it when she comes. She also calls me "My little blade" Whatever that means..."

The two sat there in silence gazing at the floating clouds and treetops.

It looked like they had been running for a long period of time. The sun wasn't that high when they started but it's at its peak right now. The two chose to keep the silence and relax for a bit listening to the chirping birds and the quiet sounds of nature.

"Saito..." Naruto mumbled after a couple of minutes, which the nameless boy responded with an obvious "Huh?"

Naruto jumped up and faced the confused boy. "From now on your name is Saito!" He proclaimed while pointing at him.

"What do you mean?" Naruto grinned and replied rather happily as he simply replied without missing a beat "Everyone needs a name it gives them an ade- idenf- " he had a bit of trouble until he heard Arashi correcting him from his mind "-identity! Besides, if we're going to be friends I need to call you something, ne Sa - i - to?"

To say that 'Saito' was surprised would be an understatement. Here he was, a complete stranger getting befriended by a kid about his age who, in all things that happened, should be really cautious and careful. "You'll be friends with someone like me just like that?"

"Of course!" was Naruto's exuberant reply, before he mellowed down a bit and looked down in sadness "Unless... you don't want to be my friend..." Saito quickly stood up and stuttered looking panicky as Tears started to form in Naruto's eyes. "A-a n-no I would love to be your friend! It's just... well… it's all too sudden... I've never had a friend before… ehehe..." Saito calmed down as he finally remembered that he received a name. "…" he muttered to himself as Naruto looked at him seeing his newfound friend all quiet and lost "Saito... my Saito.."

He could practically hear Saito say his name with a joyful tone to it. Especially when Saito smiled, he knew that somehow a name managed to give Saito the identity that he didn't know he had. 'I guess... having a name was really important to him...' said a surprisingly solemn Kyo

Naruto beamed with joy as he reached out to Saito with his right hand like some of the adults that he'd seen do. "Nice to meet ya! My name is Naruto I hope we can be close friends!" Saito looked at the hand before uncharacteristically reaching out with his own hand, ever moving so slowly. When his own hand grabbed Naruto's he relaxed as he said with a firm and happy tone. "Nice to meet you too Naruto... my name... is Saito... your new best friend"

With this fateful encounter starts a fast and strong friendship that will come in the future. Whether or not they remain strong enough to handle the tasks will soon find out, for the wheel of fate may be fragile, but encounters and actions shape it for future generations to remember and return to... perhaps Saito and Naruto will find their own place for happiness...but the road to that paradise remains to be seen as the wheel of starting to turn...

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