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"Cato! Cato!" Clove cried, trying desperately to get away from Thresh. He walked towards her with a rock in his hand.

"Clove!" Cato called back. He was terrified when he heard her. He thought she wouldn't need his help, he was too far away, he wouldn't make it in time.
No! Clove hold on! I'm almost there!

"Why did you kill the little girl?" Thresh asked angrily, raising his hand.

"No! I didn't kill her! I swear! It wasn't me!" Clove said, looking at him wiht her big hazel eyes, silently pleading he would spare her life. She couldn't defend herself in the position she was in.

Thresh was about to hit her, when a spear was stuck in his shoulder resulting in him dropping the rock. It wasn't fatal, but enough to distract Thresh for one valuable moment.

Cato was at Clove's side in an instant, helping her up, "Are you alright?" He received a nod in reply. He smiled at Clove warmly, and she smiled back at him. They got lost in each others eyes for only one brief moment, when the sickening sound of flesh being torn apart was what snapped them back into reality. Thresh had pulled the spear out of his shoulder and was now fuming with anger.

Clove pulled out one of her knives and handed one to Cato. Thresh lunged at Cato but he stepped out of the way and expertly stabbed Thresh's chest, making him fall to the ground.

And only seconds later the sound of the canon could be heard, signaling Thresh's death.

Clove and Cato stood there for a moment, not doing anything, but then Clove threw herself at Cato and hugged him as if he was her lifeline.

"Thank you Cato."

Cato hugged her back, a little perplexed he asked, "For what?"

"For saving me," she said tightening her arms around him, afraid he would disappear, afraid of losing him.

Cato chuckled softly.

"No problem Clove. Considering I can't live without you I had to save you."

Clove blushed.

"You can't live without me?"

Cato smiled at her.

"Yeah I can't live without you. I couldn't, even if I tried."

"Okay... who are you and what have you done to the real Cato?" Clove said jokingly.

"I am the real Cato, I just decided to finally tell you that I'm madly in love with you, ever s-"

"Cato, shut up and kiss me." Clove said, grabbing his shirt and pulling him down into a sweet kiss.

The end?