Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer


BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Ugh! Stupid alarm! I didn't even bother to bring my head out from under my pillow. I just threw my arm out feeling around blindly for that STUPID CLOCK! Once my hand hit something I picked it up and threw it, but sadly that didn't make the beeping stop. By this point I was getting head- ache just wanted to make it stop so I could go back to sleep. With a groan I sat up only to see my giant clock, courtesy of Rose, staring right at me.

"I thought I threw you." I muttered. I quickly hit the alarm to make it stop. After wiping the sleep out of my eyes I looked at the clock. Which read: 8:15. "SHOOT! I need to go!" I hopped out of bed and threw on the first thing in sight which just happened to be my Edward Cullen t-shirt!

"Really Bella!" I ask myself. I probably should change but I don't have time. I dash out of my room and into the kitchen.

"You're late." Said my roommate and best friend. Rosalie Hale and I met at daycare when we were three. We became friends when a little boy named mike said I had cooties and made me cry. Rose saw it happen came over and kicked Mike where it hurts. We have been best friends ever since.

"I know. The clock and I were having an argument." I told her while grabbing a granola bar for breakfast. She just rolled her eyes. "Why on earth did I schedule a class for 9:00 in the morning?" I asked. "Don't answer that." I told her when I saw her smirk. She just laughed.

"Go! Enjoy your Shakespeare class." She yelled as I ran out the door. God , I hate her.

I made it to class with 3 minutes to spare. One would think that after being in college for 3 years that I would get used to the campus and not having to be in class if I don't want to, but no I am still convinced that I will be punished for not showing up to class. Silly I know. I walk into the class room and take my seat. A few minutes later none other than Jessica Stanley walks over and sit down.

"Hey Bella." She said in her way to cheery voice for 9 in the morning. Like most people here at the University of Washington Jess is from Washington. I mean seriously who would want to come to rainy Washington for college. She is from the same little town as Rose and I; Forks. I swear that it is the tiniest town on earth because everybody knows everybody.

"Hey" I replied.

"So how was your summer?" Seriously you ask that you were practically attached to my hip all summer so you could flirt with my brother, Emmett and try to catch with his shirt and/or pants off.

"Good. How was yours?" I ask only out of politeness and knowing that once she started talking about herself she wouldn't stop.

"Amazing! I am like 90% sure your brother is developing a crush on me because he wouldn't stop looking at me…" Of course he wouldn't stop looking at you, you wouldn't leave him alone. My brother just happens to be Forks town hottie. I don't consider him handsome, but I am his sister. Emmett has curly black hair, and big brown eyes like my own and these huge muscles. He works in LA as a stunt actor. Just then the teacher calls the class to order.

Lucky for me I only have one class this morning and one in the afternoon, so I was planning to go home and sleep, but Rose called and asked me if I wanted to go and see the new Edward Cullen movie with. Ha! Like I would pass that. I have been dying to see the new movie since it came out a week ago but my schedule has been too hectic to see it. Edward Cullen is my favorite actor ever. He is amazing with those emerald green eyes and chiseled chest. God, he is so handsome. I may just be the tiniest bit obsessed with him. It's not like I have a shrine in my room or anything I just see and own every movie he is in and watch or read every interview. I know everything from his favorite color to his most embarrassing moment.