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The next day was long and boring. That was until I got a call from Emmett form 11 at night. Seriously who calls people then.

"Belly! I have amazing news." He just might be more excited tonight than last night.

"Emmett I am really not in the mood for this. I have had a long day and am tired. Can't you call tomorrow." I complained.

"NO! This is important! Jasper got the part! He and Edward Cullen are the leads and I am the stunt double! Though I don't really understand why chose me, because we look nothing alike he is like 4 inches shorter than me and not nearly as buff." He just kept on talking, not even caring that Rose's brother get to meet and act with Edward Cullen.

"Emmett you have to let me meet him! Please! Please! Please!"

"Bells we talked about this last night."

"I know. But you really shouldn't call and tease me with him. It's not fair! Why don't you go and bother your girlfriend." I said knowing it would make him upset.

"Rose isn't my girlfriend." For years Rose and Emmett have had crushes on each other but are too obtuse to realize that they both like each other.

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Whatever. Now leave me alone and let me sleep." I didn't even wait for him to answer I just hung up, rolled over and went to sleep.

"BELLA! BELLA! WAKE UP!" That was what I woke up to, Rose yelling in my ear while sitting on top of me.

"I am up now! Get off of me you freak."

"Guess what!" She cried after successfully getting me dressed and into the living room.

"What?" This had better be important.

"I saw our brothers on Entertainment Tonight, last night!" She replied

"And this is important because?" I don't really care if they were on TV. ET was probably just talking about casting for the movie.

"Because they were eating lunch with Edward Cullen!" I am starting to believe that no one called and told Rose that Jasper is co-starring in a movie with him.

"No one told you did they?" I asked just to be sure.

"Told me what?" She asked confused and slightly pissed off, because Rose hates it when people don't tell her things.

"That Emmett and Jasper are in the Leap movies with him." I replied. I have a feeling that she is going to kick Jasper's butt for not telling her. "Emmett is a stunt double and Jasper is co-starring"


"Rose! I know what you are thinking and going down just to meet Edward is not the right course of action" Being friends as long as we have we are pretty good at knowing what the other is thinking. I know my efforts were futile though.

"Bella we are driving to L.A. to kick their butts and make it fair." She said like she didn't even hear me.

And that is how I found myself on the way to L.A.

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