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Chapter 1: It's Really Happening

"It's really happening," Rachel whispered to Finn as the wheels of the plane touched down. "I'm going to be on Broadway!"

Finn kissed Rachel. "Yes you are, baby! And I'm so proud of you!"

Rachel squealed with excitement, reminding herself that she was 35, not five. But she'd been dreaming of this day her whole life. For a year, she'd be living in New York, her favorite city on earth, to play two of her dream roles on Broadway. The Hudson family had begun the summer with a week in the Outer Banks in North Carolina, and when they got back, they'd packed up their house in Cleveland for the move. The house would be rented for the year, as they'd be back next July.

Rachel looked down at Zoe, who was now nearly three months old, sleeping in her lap. Zoe was already a much better flyer than the now four year old Grant, who'd spent most of the flight wanting to get up and walk around the plane and begging the flight attendants for snacks. Only Grant and Zoe would be in New York with Finn and Rachel for the beginning. They had agreed to let Ryan, Emma and Sarah spend six weeks with friends in Cleveland, since they all had such close friends in Cleveland and would definitely miss them during the year in New York. The three older kids would then spend two weeks at camp after their six weeks with their friends, then join the family in New York.

"It's finally time to get off the plane," Finn said to Grant as the plane came to a stop.

"Good," Grant pouted. "I do not like planes."

"Sorry, honey," Rachel said. "But it's a much longer drive to New York."

Finn, Rachel, Grant and Zoe got off the plane and went outside to wait for a taxi. Rachel had arranged for a moving van to take their luggage to the apartment, simply because it would be too expensive to fly so much baggage.

"It won't be a long ride, right?" Grant asked.

"It won't," Finn said.

Rachel tried to hold in more excitement as they got in the taxi and Finn gave the driver directions to their building. When they arrived, it was even more impressive than it had been in the photos. It was a few blocks from Broadway and Times Square, a few blocks from Central Park - the perfect location. The schools the kids would be attending were not too far away.

"It's so tall!" Grant declared when they got there.

"It is," Finn said. "The building's 45 floors."

"Wow!" Grant said.

"We'll be living in the 21st floor," Rachel said proudly. She knew which apartment they were in, Apartment 2155. They'd searched all over New York to find the perfect building. Rather, one with enough bedrooms for everyone to get their own room. This building not only had six bedroom apartments, but it was a state of the art facility with a fitness center, entertainment center, wireless internet and social activities. It also wasn't too far from the apartment building where Kurt and Blaine lived.

As Finn checked in, Rachel looked at the photos of landmarks in New York in the lobby. They'd be seeing these every day now.

"Are you ready?" Finn asked Rachel, holding up the key.

"Of course!" Rachel cried. Boarding the elevator with their kids, they rode up twenty one levels before they arrived on their floor.

They went into their apartment, where lots of boxes were. Rachel immediately sat down to feed Zoe, then opened Zoe's crib so she could go down for a nap. She and Finn put on the TV for Grant so they'd have minimal distractions as they unpacked.

"We should text the older kids to say that we're here," Finn told Rachel. "And our parents."

Rachel nodded as she got out her phone and sent a quick text. She felt slight guilt, thinking of her two oldest children, eight hours away back in Cleveland. They were all accepting, but she knew deep down they had their resentments about the move. She had a feeling they'd be even less open if they hadn't allowed them to spend most of the summer back home.

Finn patted Rachel's back, seeming to know what she was thinking. "It'll be okay. Everything will be okay."

Rachel smiled and looked up at Finn. She never needed to tell him what she was thinking, he always just knew. "I do miss them," Finn admitted.

"Hey, they'll be joining us in eight weeks," Rachel said. "I have a feeling they'll really miss everyone back home once they get here."

Finn nodded as he continued to unpack. They both worked tiredlessly for the rest of the day to get the apartment set up, taking breaks to spend with Grant and Zoe. After setting up the living room and the kitchen, they set up the bedrooms for the two kids who were with them now. Grant "helped" a little with setting up his room. When it came time for bed for the little kids, they set up their three oldest kids' bedrooms, then the one for the two of them. When they'd finally finished unpacking, they went to sit on the balcony and check out their view. It was a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline.

"Are you excited to start rehearsals tomorrow?" Finn asked Rachel.

Rachel smiled at Finn. "Very!" Her Broadway debut wouldn't be for another two weeks, but she was starting to practice with the other cast members tomorrow. Finn would be a stay at home dad this year.

Rachel looked around the skyline. "We're really here Finn. Here in New York. I've waited my whole life for this."

"You deserve it, Rach," Finn said. "You deserve it more than anyone."

"I love you so much," Rachel said. "You are the best husband, you are the best father."

"I'm going to be there for your debut, you know," Finn said. "Me and Kurt and Blaine."

"My mom and my dads said that they're going to come in for my debut, too," Rachel said.

"I'll try to get my parents to come, too," Finn said. "I'm so proud of you, Rachel. Barbra would be proud if she could come and see you."

"She was who inspired me to go into Broadway," Rachel said. "And Glee inspired me a lot in high school."

"Mr. Schue told me that he and Mrs. Schue will come see you at some point, too," Finn said. "I bet lots of our friends will, too."

"I feel so special," Rachel giggled.

"You ARE special," Finn said, giving Rachel a hug.


Emma looked in the mirror in the changing room at the water park. Never in her life had she worn a two piece swimsuit. On the family trip to the Outer Banks, she and Sarah had each bought a two piece suit (a tankini for Sarah, a bikini for Emma) but Emma was scared to wear her bikini. This was the first time she'd ever worn it in public. She was nervous about wearing it. What if Nick thought she looked fat in a bikini?

"Hey, you okay?" Ava asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Emma said, fiddling with the strap of the suit. She'd been the only girl in the show choir to wear a one piece suit when they went to the pool at Nationals. She turned to her best friend. "Ava, do I look bad in a bikini?"

Ava laughed. "Of course you don't! Let's just go join our boyfriends."

Emma smiled and walked out with her friend. Her parents had arrived in New York last night with Grant and Zoe, and by the end of the summer, she'd be there, too. She was nervous to be moving, but she knew that it would only be for a year, and that this was something her mom had been dreaming of her whole life.

"Hey," Nick said when Ava and Emma came out of the locker room.

"Hey," Emma said. "So, which ride do you want to go on?" She noticed her boyfriend staring at her body. "Um, Nick, my face is up here."

"Sorry baby," Nick said. "I just am so lucky that the hottest girl at the park today is mine."

Emma smiled to herself. She would miss Nick like crazy when they arrived in New York, but she just wanted to enjoy her time at the waterpark today with her boyfriend, her best friend and her brother.

"Yeah Nick, when we were in North Carolina, she and Sarah went two piece suit shopping, and according to Sarah, Emma tried on like, twenty suits!" Ryan laughed.

Emma groaned. She did not need her brother sharing her personal information.

"So, you were asking me which ride I wanted to go on?" Nick asked Emma, seeming to notice the swimsuit discussion was making her uncomfortable.

"Yeah," Emma said.

"I think we should go on the water coaster," Ryan said.

"Yeah, that would be awesome," Nick said. The four of them went to line up for the water coaster, which ended up being faster and scarier than most roller coasters. Emma, Nick, Ryan and Ava shared a tube, and Emma was tempted to grab Nick, but the lifeguard had told them before the ride took off that they had to hold on to the handles the whole time. At the bottom of the slide, the tube flipped over, dropping them into twelve foot deep water.

"That was terrifying," Ava said as they popped out of the water and swam to the exit for the ride.

"Are you kidding? That was awesome!" Ryan said.

"Let the girls pick the next ride," Emma said.

"Fine, which one do you two want to go on?" Nick asked.

"Pick the next scariest one," Ryan smirked.

Emma sighed. "Fine. If you two want a scary one, we'll go down the haunted slide." The haunted slide was completely dark and had creaky noises playing as they went down it. They could only go down this one in pairs on the innertubes, so the girls went together and the boys did. After going on some more rides, as well as hanging out in the lazy river and the wave pool, the four of them went to the swim up restaurant for dinner.

"Did your parents settle in okay?" Ava asked.

"Yeah, that's what it sounds like," Ryan said. "Our mom starts rehearsals today."

"They said we can bring you two out to see a show."

"That would be awesome!" Ava said.

"I'm just trying to enjoy our weeks here this summer as much as I can," Emma said.

"Yeah, I'm glad your parents let you guys spend the summer here," Ava said. "You are a really awesome roommate!" Emma was staying at Ava's house and Ryan was staying at Nick's, while Sarah was staying with one of her friends from school.

"The four of us are going to have to do LOTS of things together," Nick said.

"Well, we are planning a few girls nights!" Emma said, looking at Ava. She'd miss her group of girls she hung out with a lot.

"You two should come for New Year's Eve, New York's AMAZING then," Ryan said. "Or at least some time during the holiday season."

She did have the summer to spend with her boyfriend and her friends, but Emma still was worried about once the school year started. She wanted to enjoy the summer as much as possible, but there was no denying what would happen come fall. They really were moving. It was really happening.

Chapter 2 preview: Rachel's opening night on Broadway. Emma and Ryan talk to their friends about what the move may mean for their relationships.