[Disclaimer: I don't own anything, not even the shirt on my back... I really love Lil' Mama so plz listen to her album it's great ;) This parody just for fun! Enjoy!]

Allen's rap part 3: Poppin!

(song: lip gloss by Lil' Mama ^_^)

After a long and *entertaining* slam with Dilandau and Dornkirk, Allen came back to new Fanelia to find some peace. Walking through the hallways of the rebuilt palace, he suddenly heard noise coming from a room. He walked over to the room and took a peak inside, and was very surprised to find there none other than the cat girl Merle, trying on Hitomi's tracksuit. She dug into the bag and pulled out a lip gloss. She examined the curious item and then applied it to her lips, and suddenly...

[Music starts...]

Merle: "Whatchu know 'bout me? Whatchu know 'bout me?

They said my lip gloss is cruel, my lip gloss be poppin

I'm lickin uh my lips oh, and all the boys keep *******ing!

Allen (jumping in and swinging his hips):

"Whatchu know 'bout me? Whatchu know 'bout me?

They said my hip thrust is magic, my hip thrust is true

All the girls on Gaea are starving, they chase me like some food!

Merle: "Oh - Oh Oh my cat eyes so vicious

The way I spice up Escaflowne with my sexy cat poses

Sunrise studio got'em writers high on sake

That's probably the reason why my character ended up with a bird's name..."

Allen: "And I, when it's time for battle my guymelef THRUST

My super duper sword into Van's banana CUP

Cherry, Vanilla, that's boy Van's next on my menu

LOVIN white pants universal!

Jap girls fantasize on blond haired Americans

(Why else in the world would every animé have a guy named ALLEN?)

It ain't my fault, but I can update you

Show you how to sell my image 'n make lots'a dollars!"

[Short break, Merle and Allen do the hip thrust together then start break dancing on the floor. Van walks in, looking angry]

Merle: "And now at the last moment here I am in trouble!

Van walkin' in on me thinks I'm on a double!

I step to him like 'Yes, Master Van'; he say 'Girl didn't know you could dance uh,

TELL ME how you do your thang cuz I must admit

That kitty gloss IS POPPIN!"

Merle: "Is poppin?"

Van: "Is poppin!"

Allen: "He ain't frontin'!"

Hitomi (walking into the room): "Who the hell stole my lip gloss now? And my... clothes?" (stares wide eyed at the scene)

All: ...

~to be continued~