Chapter 2

Yi Jung, who was still hugging Ga Eul, his phone suddenly started to ring, Yi Jung finally released

Ga Eul .He got his phone from his pocket and saw the number it was Woo Bin .


Yi Jung where are you at, I heard that you were back like an hour ago and you didn't come and see me.

Yah, Woo Bin I'm sorry but I had promised someone that when I come back that person will be the first one I see.

Ahh, by that person you mean Ga… Eul?

Woo Bin ah , Why did you call me for?

Ah that's right ,you have to come by the beach, Jun Pyo is going to propose to Jan Di and we have to be here.

Araso , I will be there.

Yah Yi Jung, say hi to Ga Eul for me araso …See you later, Bro.

Yi Jung put his phone back into his pocket. Ga Eul was standing there in front of him, waiting for him to say something. Yi Jung smiled at Ga Eul, seeing her shy made him feel happy.

Ga Eul, what are you going to do later on.

Umm ….why?

Let's go on a date.

Sunbae, don't you want to spend time with your friends first.

Why should I spend time with them first, we could catch up later on, but tonight I want to spend a date with you.

Okay …. I will see you later, but where are you going right now.

Don't worry about it, Jan Di will tell you later on (wink) just go home and rest for a little and then get ready by 6:30.


Do you want me to give you a ride to your house?

No its okay I will just take a cab.

No way, come on I will give you a ride ….Lets go.

Yi Jung dropped off Ga Eul to her apartment and they both said goodbye to each other. Yi Jung was on his way to the beach with a big smile on his face. Yi Jung was also happy because he couldn't wait to see his best friend's faces. And well we know what happens next.

Sorry that my story is short but that's all I have but I will still continue no matter what =)

Well I will see you next time.