Okay, so I really didn't want to start writing anything else (or even start updating current stories) before I left for my cruise on Wednesday, but see, I was listening to 'Diary of Jane' and thought of writing for some odd reason and BOOM! This was born. Flash-backs will be written in italics. You know, this was originally going to be a DxC story…

(This is an AU fic, so TD never happened)
Alejandro and Heather have known each other for years. They've been rivals for years, but Alejandro secretly had always had feelings for Heather, and always wondered if she felt the same way. The rest is classified under 'spoilers'.

Heather had been pushing me away; I knew that; I'd have to be some kind of idiot to not know that. But I had never thought that this was why.

I flipped through the pages of her diary. Sure, not the most gentlemanly thing to do, but I had to know. Who would have thought that a girl like Heather could be hiding a depression? Especially one as extreme as this one?

I flipped another page. I was becoming angry. So many playful arguments, her knowing how I felt about her…and not one word about me so far.

I pushed my shift-stick into 'drive' and sped down the road. I was dressed in black dress pants and a white dress shirt. I looked at Courtney, a friend of mine, and also a friend of Heather's.

I ripped out a page. I then stared at it, tattered in my hand. I regretted that, but I couldn't let guilt get in the way. I looked away.

And then there was the last page she'd written, halfway through the book she'd first written in in September. It was rather bone-chilling to read. I got halfway through and threw it across the room. I stared at it from where I was. I crawled, desperate to read the rest. I picked it up and instantly wished I hadn't. An entry that made me want to hang myself and the most recent picture of her. I wondered how I hadn't seen the sadness in her eyes that was so blatantly obvious to me now.

I parked out in front of my desired location, Heather's diary in one hand and a single red rose in the other, Courtney behind me. We walked through the first archway to go and find her.

I looked up from the book and around the bedroom. I wondered why her parents had let me up here. She had been extremely rich. A fireplace along the wall opposite to her bed, mirrors everywhere, her own bathroom complete with one of those tubs with the feet-like things. The fireplace was still lit from the last time she had been in here.

We passed by maybe hundreds of people. I wondered why they all were here. There had to be a few here for the same reason as Heather was.

I saw the page I had ripped sitting next to me. I was so angry. I crumpled it in my hand and threw it into the flames. I looked away from the burning page. I knew that I had to move on. She had never loved me the way I loved her.

We stopped in front of her. I left with her the remaining piece of the diary, the page with the photo marked with the rose. I looked to Courtney. She cried into my shoulder. I offered a comforting pat on the back. I had cried myself dry yesterday.

We stepped away, and walked slowly, sadly out of the graveyard, saying our final goodbyes to Heather.

A/N: DAMN! What is it with me and suicide, lately? I wrote "What I've done", this story, and I'm sure there will be more soon.
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